• Chapter 1: The Creation
    Part 1
    In the begining there was a star. This star was a very powerful being; so powerful, that with this star, a very strange and grand tale was spun. He was all alone in the galaxy one day when he came across another star. She was beautiful. But beauty is only skin deep. The star did not know that this beautiful star was actually a very deceitfull person. She had a dream: a universe that she ruled. All she needed was a guy that could make it possible.

    The two stars were very happy for the next melinium. Then one day, while the boy star was asleep, the girl kissed the boy. Then she began to draw. She drew planets, stars, plants, and people. As she drew, the boy star began to change shape. He bagan to take the form of her dream universe.

    Suddenly, he woke up, and saw what she was doing. He threw a plasma ball at her and she was no more than a ball of gasses.

    Heartbroken, he took the remains of her, and made a new star, one that was powerful, beautiful, and nice. Once she was finished, she fell in love with him. They lived together for the next two mellinia.

    Then, the boy star became sick. He knew that he was going to die. The new girl star was sad, and she also knew what was going to happen. Before he died, she confessed to him that she was with child, and that she was happy to have spent her whole life thus far with him. Moments before he died, he asked a favor of her: "Go to the universe that the evil star made out of part of me. Rule over it. Let the child rule over part of it too." She agreed. Suddenly, he faded into space. The girl star suddenly found herself flying toward the largest planet in the universe.

    Once she got there, she realized that she was not a star anymore. She was a human like all the others on the planet. Suddenly, she was being taken into the palace. Everyone began to bow down to her, saying, "My Queen, we are at your service."