• Chpt 1 Excerpt

    It was a bright day, a sunny day. A day when all the care in the world was lost for...at least two months or so. It was the start of summer vacation, and young 15 year old Yuri Tenho and his sister Yuki were to clean up the School Library for next year. As they walked into the dimly lit interior of the building they had both agreed it had an eerie effect to it. The Circular dome up above grew strange disfigured shadows, The rows and rows of books seemed like the dark alleyways of Shibuya at night, and the brightly lit student help desk was the philosophical shelter in this blank darkness.

    Yuri sighed. As a freshman at Shibuya High, he would've liked to start out his vacation at his home playing Final Fantasy XII...again. He was physically fit, but lazy at heart. He kept fit BECAUSE of his heart. He was diagnosed with a rare heart condition that caused him to suffer anemic comas if his pulse should ever slow. So in any case, he had gotten one of those crazy anime styled haircuts, and proceeded down his path to an active life.

    Yuki was different. She was an optimist and saw every good point in life. Thats not to say she didn't have her fun playing her own share of video games, specifically House of the Dead, but she wasn't the lazy person at heart, and encouraged her brother to be active and help around, even joining Yuri on some of his more adventurous Outdoor excursions.

    "Yuri, come on!", Yuki called out to her brother. "The faster we finish this, the earlier we can start our vacation!"

    "I know, I know...", said Yuri. "But did you HAVE to get us working in the library, when anyone else could?"

    "Come on, Yuri. Its for the good of us both! We both need to live an active lifestyle!", she said brushing her long black hair back behind her head.

    "Technically you're not the one with an anemic condition.", said Yuri as he started packing books onto the library cart.

    "Well...I want to keep fit, too, you know."

    "yeah, to have more guys gawking at you.", he snickered silently. Then he felt a large thud on the back of his head and turned to see his sister glaring at him.

    "I heard that.", she said then walked away.

    Again, Yuri sighed. He admitted her sister was beautiful, and that, he, too, found himself looking at her once in a while...then immediately turned away when he realized what the hell he was doing.

    The job took about an hour and 30 minutes, but who is keeping the time? Not the characters thats for sure, NOOOOO. The Narrator has to do all this crap, and does ANYONE thank me?! no I think not! but I digress...

    "Yuri! I think theres a book left! I saw one on the table.", said Yuki.

    "Alright, I'll check!", he replied.

    And so, Yuri walked out to the information desk and found an old, dusty book on the table.

    Odd,, he thought. I've never seen a book like this here before...

    He opened the book and found pages and pictures of mystical creatures, mighty warriors and spellcasting wizards.. What surprised him was that they looked slightly familiar. Then, he turned the page and couldn't believe his eyes.

    "Yuki," he called out. "you'd better come look at this!"

    Yuki came as soon as she heard her brother's voice and gasped in awe. On the page, words were shifting around , creating jumbled letters, ancient languages, and occasionally clear cut sentences.

    "Wh-what is this?!", asked Yuki.

    "The book you wanted me to put away.", replied Yuri.

    Suddenly the words were aligning themselves to make a passage:
    The hour is nigh,
    The world in mortal peril,
    A hero is sought out.
    Do ye know his name?

    "'Do ye know his name?'", She started. "What kind of passage is--Yuri, what are you doing?"

    Yuri was caught with a lead pencil and was about to write his name in the book.

    "Just...writing in my name.", he meekly replied.

    "Do you have any Idea what the heck could happen?"

    "No...but no harm ever came from writing in a book, right?"

    "Thats what they said in 'The Mummy'"

    "They were READING an ancient book on how to bring people back to life."

    "My point is lets be cauti--Yuri, Wait!"

    It was done in his mind before it even happened. Yuri scrawled out his name on the parchment

    ~___Yuri Tenho___~

    Suddenly, a flash of light erupted from the book. Yuki found herself clenching tightly on Yuri's arm. Then suddenly a loud Thud.

    "Oy! Oy!", said a voice. "You're not dead, are you?"

    Yuri and Yuki sat up a bit disoriented. In front of them was a young boy, about their age with short blond hair with bangs spiking forwards, and blue eyes, with a cheerful personality. He was dressed in a white shirt, a blazing red vest. and white cargoes. His shoes were dark gray sneakers, and had a small pocketbag hang on his side by a thread that wrapped around his waist.

    "Wh-where are we?", asked Yuri.

    "You're on the southern continent, Cornelia, in the world of MUGEN."

    Thus began the duo's new journey.