• In a large forest, known as Mandonin Forest, within the land of Tera Two lay the small but widely renowned village, Dirrinsir. Dirrinsir was maintained by two families of royalty. One family was the Riyona Family, the other was the Strut Family. The Riyona Family was made up of the King Manin Riyona, a strong man, with kind eyes, broad shoulders, and had an air of command about him. His hair was grey, or what was left of it. His wife, Queen Mina, was a slender woman, with a gentle face but fierce eyes, with long flowing black hair, and their only daughter, Princess Bajahria Ohimi Riyona, who was only four, already becoming fair, a childish face, but eyes like a wise woman. She had her mother’s long black flowing hair and her father’s air of command.
    The Strut Family consisted of the King Star as he was called, a tall, slender man with long silver hair, fierce and proud eyes but kind, and a strong face. He didn’t seem strong, he didn’t have nearly as broad shoulders as King Manin, but the air around him seemed to command obedience, his eyes seemed as though he was looking straight through you, into your very soul. His wife Lafiel, who was a stunning young woman, long flowing blue hair, like that of a river, and eyes that seemed as vast as the blue ocean, that could be calm, but in the very instant can change to become a raging storm. A young, but strong face, and her own air of command. And last, their son Gerenma Jerome Strut. He had his mother’s flowing blue hair, her calm, intelligent, innocent eyes, but his father’s strange and commanding air, and the feeling that as he looked at you, that he was looking into your soul. He was only three.

    Both families ruled together, a kind and prosperous rule, their village was just as prosperous, and everyone kind. Humans and the race Vext Hita living as one, not fighting, getting along. Vext Hita is a race of creatures much like that of humans mixed with animals. Each sub-race represents a different animal, and each individual has different attributes and abilities. And just as things seemed that they were entering a golden age, a dark shadow spread itself across the land, in the form of the D.Army, an army of Vext Hita, ruthless and powerful. They were many, their numbers around the tens of thousands. All lead by a powerful, ruthless, and cold leader. Stegarah, Demon of the Black Fire, a Wolf Vext Hita. He seemed human; except for his eyes were a cold yellow, his pupils’ thin black slits. His long black hair trailing behind him, three purple scars ran from his ears to his cheeks on either side of his face and on his forehead a crescent blue moon. He did not have broad shoulders, or bulging muscles, but the very look of his cold, fiery eyes, the thin cold air around him, everything about him was enough to have grown men cower in fear. He seemed to only be around the age of seventeen, but he had the appearance of a man who had served his whole life to battle and war. At the end of his boney hands his nails were sharpened claws.
    Behind him, in his command, were the tens of thousands of different forms of Vext Hita, all different shapes, types, sizes. Vext Hita of every shade, of various sizes, races that wouldn’t have gotten along otherwise. All formed into this army. All under his control, the control of this cunning, ruthless, powerful overlord who looked so much like a man.

    As the D.Army marched, the thunderous beats of the many assembled bodies could be heard for miles around. Their roars and screams filled with the want and promise of blood.

    In the double sized courtroom, wherein sat the two family Kings and Queens on their own thrones, a breathless scout came bursting through the doors, followed by ten armed guards. The court room was vast, able to fit four hundred people with room to roam, with pillars that stretched to the high ceiling, inlaid with gold trimmings, the ceiling was a dome. Altogether, its vastness was worth an amazing amount. King Manin sat up in his throne, everyone remained calm. The guards poised by the scout who was slumped over, attempting to catch his breath. Finally, after several moments, he stood up straight and announced to both families,
    “The D.Army is on the march! They will be within range of us within three days.” Everyone except for King Star took in a gasp of surprise. King Manin shouted to the guards,
    “Assemble our troops and our defenses. Bring in the surrounding farmland owners, reinforce…” He was cut off quickly by King Star,
    “Excuse me my good friend, but it won’t matter if we bring everyone entrapped inside.” He stood up slowly, calmly, his eyes met King Manin’s, who seemed to calm at his gaze,
    “We must send everyone who won’t battle to other towns, towns where the D.Army won’t readily attack. Send them south maybe, to the village Eruct, or east to the village Bojiima. Or even over the western ocean, into the ‘other side.’” King Manin seemed to take in his words like a thirst of water. King Manin seemed to ponder on these suggestions, and then he said,
    “We should do all of that. Send our villagers to all of those towns, so that Dirrinsir won’t be completely lost to history. They will carry everything on.” King Star seemed impressed with this answer, his eyes brightened and he smiled and nodded,
    “Very well, we shall do this.” He turned to one half of the guards,
    “Go, spread the word, and may wings push you faster to deliver your message.” Then he turned to the other half,
    “And you, bring us our officers.” The remaining guards bowed and jogged out of the court room. The two queens turned to each other grasped their hands together, and wept together, the two kings pondered on their predicament. They both seemed to be in very deep thought.

    Later that night, a long table had been set in the middle of the court room. Many seats were placed around the table, on either side of the long table sat the Kings, around them were many aged men dressed in heavy, light or no armor. All of the officers were in a loud discussion, until King Star stood, whereupon everyone was silent and sat down. King Star waited for a moment, then said,
    “Gentlemen, we seem to have a doom set upon us. The D.Army marches upon Dirrinsir.” At this, everyone broke out into their loud discussions. King Star waited for a moment until he gave a simple cough, and everyone quieted down again. King Star resumed,
    “We are sending our farmers, elders, women and children who cannot fight to distant villages and cities. Places we feel that the D.Army won’t readily go after for some time. If we can hold them here, whether we end up winning, or losing, at least our loved one’s would have escaped.” Everyone around him seemed to be surprised, then impressed, and all agreed with a nod, all except one,
    “But was it not you who brought this upon us!” The accuser stood and pointed his finger at King Star. It was a middle-aged man wearing heavy armor, fierce eyes, short red hair, and an axe at his side. King Star starred at the accuser for a moment, then said,
    “Ah yes, Captain Veloce, the voice of racism.” The man seemed taken aback for a moment, then continued,
    “I am not racist, but it was because of you and your kind that that man, that creature is alive and raging against us!” Everyone around the room was quiet with shock, all except King Star. Star lowered his eyes and seemed almost ashamed of himself, then his wife, Queen Lafiel stepped from the shadows and to her husband’s side,
    “Excuse me Captain, but Star has done many a great deeds for this village and for our people, we should not dwell on what race he is, but rather what he’s done for us.” Her voice was calm, cool, she reflected so much like that of the ocean, beautiful yet powerful. Captain Veloce backed down as though he had been stung, seating himself in his chair. King Star nodded thankfully to his wife, then returned his attention to the officers, however, he was now lost for words, and seated himself.
    In his steed, King Manin stood up,
    “Queen Lafiel has a point, as always. Star was not titled as king just for his race, but for what he is able to accomplish. He may be different in one sense, but in another, he is better then most of us because of his ability to overcome that difference and treat us the same, if not kinder.” The room seemed to be filled with tension, waiting for more wondrous words, but at that point King Manin became lost for words. His face showed his searching, but he sat down in defeat of his own mind. King Star, who had till this point listened with his hands folded in front of him, nodded to his fellow ruler and sat up once more,
    “I am sorry you feel that my race has anything to do with how I treat people, but as King Manin has so kindly said, I have overcome our differences and wish nothing but the betterment of all kinds. Now, back to matters of moving our families.”
    The night went on, wearing into the early hours of the morn. Finally, the court room was filled with agreements, they would send their family members who were either women or their sons under the age of sixteen away to distant villages.
    Later that day, the village was alive with fear, sorrow, and crying coming from mothers and wives. As disturbed as a beehive, the village of Dirrinsir was buzzing, families gathering their valuable possessions, mothers kissing their sons goodbye, wives their husbands, sons receiving their father’s blessings, and though it was never said, everyone knew they would probably never be reunited in this lifetime.
    Just as the village was alive with everyone packing up, so were the bellows and blacksmiths, officers giving one last training to their troops, men being suited for armor and weapons. An army of around seven able-bodied men and demons alike were assembled within the end of the day. By night, the thunderous beats of the D.Army could just be heard approaching from the northeast. The last few families were being shepherded out of Dirrinsir. King Manin stood with his wife at the rivers edge, sending their daughter off in a boat. Bajahria clung to her mother’s side, tears flowing freely down her face, crying out, “Why do I have to go!? Why aren’t you coming with!?” Finally Queen Mina was able to pry Bajahria off of her and looked tearfully into her daughter’s eyes,
    “Oh, you’ll come to understand someday, but for now, you just have to trust us. You’ll be going to live with your uncle across the seas. There you’ll be able to receive the best schooling, a better, more comfortable life. You’ve always said you had fun at your uncle’s.” Her voice became a little bit more sustained,
    “We need you to be strong now, never show fear, never give in.” Bajahria seemed to become a little more calm, her breathing slowed and her tears stopped flowing, she nodded her head, faced her father, gave him a hug, and he bent down, scooped her up in his giant arms, gave her a great hug, set her down, and she wandered into the small boat, accompanied by three guards. The guards saluted the king and queen, then pushed off shore and down the river. Bajahria looked back, waved, and when she saw her parents give their final wave, she turned around, tears flowing, but her face strong in concentration of trying not to cry.
    Two figures snuck off into the darkness of the surrounding forest, heading barely northeast, just across the river five miles away, then another ten, running with amazing speed. Sometimes, the male-like figure would have to slow up a bit for the female-like figure, the female-figure carrying a small bundle in her arms.
    When they finally stopped, they were in a small clearing, a seemingly quiet place. The male figure bent over, searching the ground for level land, then he pitched a tent and placed a sleeping bag inside of it. The female placed the bundle into the tent, on top of the bag. She stepped back, the male placed an arm on her shoulders, she cried silently, then after a few more minutes, they both turned and left, slipping silently into the shadows of the forest.
    In the middle of the night, the bundle they had left, moved, and when it did, the blanket it had been wrapped in fell away a bit, and revealed a small boy, one piece of long hair covering his left eye, his mouth open, sleep had a strong grip on him. He tossed and turned a little, then was still, finally comfortable, unaware of the unfolding battle.