• I don’t remember
    What her hair looks like
    I don’t remember
    What he sounded like
    And I know I don’t remember
    How her lips felt on mine
    But I’ll always remember
    How your smile froze time

    Funny how
    My mem’ry’s like a leaky sieve
    Losing names and dates
    And places that I’ve seen
    Funny how
    In spite of that
    It’s all stuck in my mind
    Every smile,
    Every kiss
    Time after time

    It’s funny how I love you
    I can’t deny I do
    That I pour everything I am
    Into my love for you

    I Never thought I’d find
    Someone who loves me
    Like you do
    And so I thank you

    Because you love me
    Because I love you
    We love each other
    And we both know it’s true
    That it’s changed us forever
    And I’ll never
    Find someone who loves me
    Like you do

    No matter what
    No matter when
    Or how long it takes
    I know we’ll be together again
    We’re much too tough to break
    And after all that’s come to pass
    All we’ve had to do
    Know this one simple fact:
    I’ll always love you