• Flashes of the subway train's lights dance on the wall of the terminal as it passes by. The station is empty for all except a lone woman. She stands with her head down with hollow eyes and a cold face. A piece of paper cartwheels by her feet as she slowly lifts her head to the presence of another.

    Emotionlessly she stares off down the subway tunnel as the red lights of the cart slowly fade away. Her eyes that were once a dark brown are now as black as the night it's self. The woman blinks a few times as if something were irritating her eyes. As if not understanding what was happening, bloody tears began to fall from her eyes.

    Footsteps echoed behind her. She whipped her head around causing her wispy black hair to get caught in the tiny trails of blood her tears had left behind. Then she laid her eyes on him. Her lover.

    Fear mixed with joy swirled within her being. Could this really be? Was it really him? A small smile grew on her plump pink lips. Without hesitation, she ran for his open arms. Closer and closer she got to his reach. Tripping she fell into his arms.

    Smirking he said, "I've got you," and with that she fell to him. Light faded around her as her body went numb. The man holds her limp body in his arms for a minute. Backing away from her, he let her cold body hit the floor of the terminal.

    In his right hand he held a revolver, still hot. Standing up strait, he backed away from his lover; now gone. His breath was ridged as if he couldn't believe what he had just done. His eyes scanned over her body and he nodded a few times. "I've got you," he repeated. Lifting the gun, he turned it on himself, "Forever…….."