• Randomness

    I forced a slim smile on my face. The figure in front of me, only a dark silhouette against the cloudy backdrop was slowly approaching. The smile faded, but I forced it on again, remembering that this person said he liked it when I smiled.
    I knew the day was cold, but I could feel nothing. I wanted to shiver and hug myself, but for some unknown reason, I felt no need to. All I could see was gray, spreading out for miles, or maybe only inches. It made no difference to me. All that mattered was the dark silhouette, come closer, always closer…
    Finally, it seemed like seconds, but hours at the same time, the gray began to become more detailed. The man had a strong built, you could tell as he came closer. He was in his thirties, still fairly young. His brown hair was cut short, underneath his huge green eyes stared down at me, and he too had a smile on his face as he approached.
    The man’s clothing was simple, a pair of jeans along with a t-shirt and pair of tennis shoes. I made sure the grin, small but genuine, was still on my face. I didn’t want to disappoint the man again. I wanted to get up and walk over to him, so he would get there quicker, but I really didn’t know how to. I was subconsciously aware that I had a body, but where it was, and how to move it was unknown to me.
    At last, the man arrived. His strong hand reached up and tousled what seemed to be my head.
    “Hello, Miss,” the man grinned, a happy, carefree grin. I was proud of myself for smiling at him, though mine was shy like a child’s. Or was it? I really couldn’t feel my own mouth; I only knew that I was smiling.
    “Hi,” I don’t know how I said the words, but they came out, in something too much like music to be my own voice.
    “How are you today?” the man asked.
    “I’m fine,” I felt my body shift. The green eyes were gazing down on me, I felt uncomfortable. I turned my head down, and for the first time saw my own body. Two hands clasped tightly together, sitting on a pair of jeans that I must be wearing. The hands were clammy and cold looking.
    “Where am I?” I knew this must be the hundredth time I asked this question; I had been here so many times before. But had I really? I couldn’t remember, only sensed it.
    “I’ll tell you later,” he promised, the hundredth time, the same answer…