• "It was a dark nig-" mid sentence Mas looks up. The alarm has gone off and it means that it is time for him to go to school.
    "God damn it..." Mas says quietly.
    "What was that dear? Are you swearing again?"
    "No, Mother. Just thinking about class."
    As he gathers up his things he shortly climbs in to the car with his older brother. The ride is filled with the same boring scenery that he sees every day, neighbor walking his dog, kids walking to class... he starts to think about his childhood and the things he wishes were different. Pulls out some paper and starts writing...
    "There was a girl I once knew with flaming red hair and the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen. Se was the nicest person that I knew (not all that surprising because I was 7) and we played together every day with our vivid imaginations running with colors never seen and stories to rival that of even Shakespeare. Then, one day she was not at school. I did not think anything of it assuming that she was sick. I have not seen her since. I have one question now. Why do I remember that when there are other things that I wish that I had not forgotten?"
    As he writes this out on paper his brother pulls up to school.
    "Well little brother. Ready to be back in school?" William, his brother, says.
    "You know damn well I hate school, but at least I will be able to talk to my friends again."
    "Heh, just don't get lost like you did last year you little dunce."
    "Don't call me that..."
    Mas steps out of the car and takes a deep breath, "school", he thinks,"this is the last year."
    He didn't get a chance to talk to his friends before school and his first to periods, math and English, were boring and easy as usual. Now it has gotten to first break. His friends are at their usual spot in the 500 wing of the school for some reason the topic of Final Fantasy came up...
    "The 'ell are you talking about now you bloody imbeciles, the only good Final Fantasy was 5, 7 was waaaaaaay overrated." Mas says to Ray and Rachel
    "No it wasn't!", Ray yells,"It was the best game EVER!!!!"
    "No, It was not the best, and even if it was you don't have to get all but hurt over the fact that someone disagrees with you, numb nuts..."
    "Thank you Mas, Ray never lets things go unless you shut him up, too bad you weren't here this morning." Rachel laughs.
    "If that's the case then I am glad I was late."
    "Hey, aren't you guys forgetting me? Why does no one talk to me anymore *mock cry*"
    "Shut up Anthem, I saw you last week and I don't really need to talk to you, plus you weren't in the argument."
    "Nice to see you too, Mas"
    "Anyways," Rachel says,"Mas how are you doing? I didn't see you all summer."
    Hugging Rachel,"I am fine doin' great, except that my computer has been taken away."
    "Really? That sucks!"
    "I know but I found some other things to amuse me,"
    "Blasphemy!" Anthem exclaims.