• Chapter 2 - Shimaru Chinto

    As Drakutha and his two Friends were walking down Addorinack,They heard someone walking behind them.Seirta turned around.
    "Drakutha,Seirta,Elrokk!",Said Kiro-Suan,Drakutha's old friend."Hey,Well guess what?I was at the orphanage when I saw you guys' mothers!They all told me to give you these letters,I dunno what they are for..Open 'em!",They read the letters.
    Dear Elrokk,Seirta,and Drakutha.You have all been accepted into Jalkwia.The academy of sorcerey.Please arrive to the train station at precisely 11:00 am next saturday.The password to the portrait in the train station is Barfowl.Get all of your sorcerer wands,transports,and cloaks ready before next saturday.If you do not come,You will get your powers taken away."
    "Well,I ought to get going mates! Good Bye!",Said Kiro-Suan.Elrokk stared at The letter,"Me..You guys..Awsome.",He said quietly.

    "Okay guys.We need to get to Propendensce..",Said Drakutha.Propendensce was the next town north,Drakutha,Seirta,and Elrokk arrived in Propendensce 20 minutes later."We need to get our wands.",Said Drakutha,Leading Seirta and Elrokk into the want shop on the corner,Orkans.Orkan spinned around as he heard footsteps.He looked at us and pulled out three wands."Drakutha,10 inch Dragon scale and Mermaid hair.Seirta,10 inch aswell..a sliver of unicorn horn and Orc fingernail.Elrokk,11 inch,2 mermaid hairs and a mermaid scale.",Orkan said as he handed them their new wands.

    Drakutha flicked his wand towards a dirty bookcase,As soon as it was pointed near the bookcase it was clean.Elrokk pointed his wand at a lamp,it turned on immediantly.Seirta swished her wand through the air,pointing at a skeleton of an Orc,3 seconds later..The orc was alive."Rawwrrghhh",It moaned."Polenius Orcus!",Shouted Seirta.The orc then was killed and placed back as a skeleton.
    As they left,Drakutha bumped into Shumaro Chinto,A Very powerful sorcerer."Err..Fremellios!",Said Shumaro."Tansigorus Meltius!",Shouted Seirta after Shimaru freezed Drakutha."Ill see you next friday...",Said Shumaro evily."Man!He is going to battle you Drakutha..",Said Elrokk."Y-y-y-ya t-t-think?",Said Drakutha."Brrrr"

    They arrived at the Cloak shop."Pleasure To meet you,I am Madam Malkfren.Jalkwia,Chambriel,or Frincent?",said the shop owner."Jalkwia Academy please.",Said Seirta."There you go,Carry on! First cloaks are free!",Drakutha,Seirta,and Elrokk then carried onto the Magical Creature shop."What are you going to get Drakutha?",Asked Seirta."Maybe a Dredlim Baby Dragon.",Said Drakutha."Im probably getting a Flying Chimier.",Said Seirta."Im getting a Bawltew.They look like black bunnies,Messenger Black bunnies.",Said Elrokk.They arrived at the Magical Creature shop.Drakutha fell in love with a grey Dredlim Baby dragon,Seirta and Elrokk got their choices aswell.

    "How about we get a room at Halgrid Inn?",Asked Drakutha."Sure..Ok.",Said Seirta.Halgrid Inn was next to the Bank,They rented a room for This Friday to Next Saturday.They unpacked their clothes and souvenirs and fell asleep."Good night everyone..",Said Drakutha."Good night.",Seirta and Elrokk said in a Chorus.