• There was a boyish cuteness in Frankie that Adam couldn't shy away from, no matter how hard he tried. But he wasn't gonna lie; that wasn't the only thing about Frankie that Adam couldn't escape. There was the way he walked, and the way he talked, and the way his goddamned lips- Frankie's exsistance in Adam's world- it just made him unavoidable.

    And there was still that goddamned doorway kiss. Even better yet, the damn countertop kiss. After Adam'd gone off to his room to call it a night, he could still feel how his hands slid up Frankie's legs and to his sides. Lying in his bed, staring up at the ceiling, Adam crossed his arms acrossed his bare chest and sighed. 'I can't shake the feeling.'

    Laying there just a touch longer, Adam finally growled. "Goddamnit!" he groaned, as he cast the blanket which had been covering his lower body to the side. Both hands making their way up to the top of his head and through his hair, Adam closed his eyes. "What the ******** is going on in my brain right now?" he asked himself as his hair messily fell back before his eyes. "What the ******** am I feeling?"

    Adam bit his lip softly, and blinked. He could still taste the honey in Frankie's tea on his own lips. This caused Adam to curse again, and for one vicious shiver to work it's way through his body. Taking a deep breath, Adam stalked off to the bathroom across the hall, and locked the door behind him. Turning on the water for a quick shower, Adam's mind began racing.

    He had the thought to just go back and find Frankie, and put him against that door-frame again. Then he thought about the way's to make Frankie shiver, which caused him to let out a pathetic little moan. "********." he cursed, removing what little clothes he'd had left on (A pair of jeans and boxers...), and stepped into the cold jet of water. Hissing slightly at the feel of the water on his skin, Adam closed his eyes, feeling the water roll down his body.

    "I don't know what it is about you... but ********..." he whispered as a final unpleasant shiver made it's way through his body.

    Cold Shower's didn't cure thoughts. Only the physical want he had for the other man.