• Chapter One

    A fresh breeze blowing through the Party City of Miami in Florida blew right past Me as I walked to school.I lived about a block or Two from school and I walked everyday.Gladly my school has No uniforms,But sadly it's a Snotty Rich-Kid school,And yes,I'm rich,But not snotty.Currently my outfit consisted of something that is perfect for me.A long Red and White top that had a hoddie and two pockets at the end like a jacket.Her red and Black tie lied straight against her chest and ended right above her hips,Don't you dare Forget about my highlights,Purple and Red,My favorite colors.My skinny jeans ended right at my Ankles and had skulls imprinted on the bottom,So cute right? My Shoes were the obvious thing that could ever exist,Converse Boots! But the cool thing was they had Flyleaf Lyrics on the side,Like the Kurt Cobain ones,But these were custom made and costs a fortune.I couldn't forget the Narutard side of me,My messenger bag had all of the Naruto class on it,and in the inside I had a Pushie of my Favorite guy Character,Well,My two favorite Guy characters,Shikumaru and my little Sasuke! I'm not obsessed,Even if on my headband a clip was there that had Naruto Shippuden on it.At the corner of my eye was a little Purple star sticker.My black rimmed square glasses stood at the edge of my nose,But I pushed them up.By now you would Lable me as Emo,Or a Nerd,Without the Tucking in the Pants,But I'm actually Scean.Scean means that I'm every Lable ,Jock,Prep,emo,Nerd,Weirdo,And ever other one.I have been hiding a Secret from my Friends,But only of my So-called Enemy's know about my Secret,My Name's Nicole,And I am a Mermaid,But I can transform Freely,So if I get wet,I can chose to Transform.My mind was to full of everything about me that I bumped into something hard,Muscular and soft.I looked up,Apparently My Boyfriend Magically appeared in front of me."How are you,My little Sea-Creature?"Sea-Creature has been my Nickname ever since I joined the swim team,The dive team and the Save the Aquatic Animals program.He asked me that question all the time he saw me,Apparently he was every over-protective.My answer was as clear and simple as I kissed him softly on the cheek."Same Question,Same Answer,I'm fine."I ruffled his surfer hair a bit and smirked,Yeah he was a Surfer,During the summer he teched me how to surf,And now I'm starting to get better than him."Fine isn't always your answer,Usually you Don't have a Answer."I smirked at his Retort,He bit his bottom lip a bit and I just looked at him,Admiring his perfection,Through my Naturally purple,Well,Violet eyes.His ash like hair glowed with a hint of fire still in it.His clothes were as simple as my Pajamas,A long Blue and Black T-Shirt with a small penguin embedded on the left upper sleeve.His shorts were beigh and had pockets all over.I looked into his Hazel eyes that right now held the color silver,Just like how my Tail shines in the water,Right when the sun passes over it,And he looked into my Violet Hinata Hyuuga eyes,No wounder I Cosplay as her.We kissed,But some how it was different then ever before.My arms went around his neck by instinct and his went around my waist.We separated and I whispered through my naturally ruby lips,Our foreheads touching and looking into each other's eyes."I love you and your Hair,You know that?"He nodded and pecked me one last time on the lips and pushed my Purple,Red and Brown hair out of my left eye and replied as he put his arm around my shoulders and we walked in sync to the school of our dreams."Of course I know that,And remember the Anime Convention at FIU."Yasumicon was held every year on August 1st Through August 3rd and I was going at Hinata,And I had my costume and everything! I smirked and said as I reached the school with Evan,Oh,And Even was his name,Sorry I didn't mention that."I'll See you later for P.E,Kay?"He nodded and I walked off.My locker stood out the most since it was my Favorite color of purple,My aunt was the Principle and she said I can paint it what ever I wanted.I grabbed a few books and I smiled,At the side of my locker was all the pictures with me and my friends.I kissed the photo of my Boyfriend and kissed Alex Evan,He rocks,His pictures are so Kawaii! I closed my locker and a Pair of lips just collided with mine."I thought I was only going to see you in P.E." I said as I opened my eyes."Jason! What The Hell!"Jason was my Best Friend,He flirts with me,I play Hard to Get,You know,The works.I rolled my eyes and ruffled his Raven Black hair of his.He was just like me,Except her Wasn't a Naruto Series Cosplayer,He worked more on Fruits Basket and Kingdom Hearts,Witch I do the Same.He looked at me with his Sharp Red eyes,He wore contacts to say he's a Vampire.His hair covered his Left eye and went down up to where his neck started.He smirked and grabbed my Chained Belt from one of the Squared Loops.I was pulled towards him and I said as he held on tighter to the Belt Loop."Hey,Come on Jason,Let me go."I sighed and pulled from his grip."Jason I'm Not in the Mood!"I walked away and I was just pushed into the little Broom Closet.I screamed and a Mouth covered my mouth."Shut up! I wanna tell you something."I heard someone say,I didn't know who,It was just to Dark."Your in Danger,Someone is searching for the Mermaids,They already toke a few of them,Tell your other Mermaid Friends,Now,Before it's to late."The Hand disappeared from my mouth and the person disappeared.I was shocked and walked out,Still replaying the Words of the Guy in my Mind.