• Ichigo's secret

    Rukia came back from soul society and only ichigo waited for her the others were busy "hey rukia..long time no see its been like...5 years"said ichigo glancing at her silver-grayish eye's Rukia looked up at him "hello strawberry...yeah i suppose it has"said rukia
    "midget.."ichigo mummbled they walked to ichigo's new appartment,rukia was looking around walking upstairs then downstairs to the living room "lovely place,ichigo"she said with a smile
    "oh ya rukia you can stay in my room i dont mind at all...i can sleep on the couch oh and i bought you some p.j's for you're stay here"said ichigo showing her a pair of red chappy p.j's
    rukia's eye's lit up "wow! ichigo thanks"she said giving his arm a little dig(punch)
    ichigo nodded and walked her to his room the door was closed,she opened it and kon jumped at her "nee-saaan!"the lion plush screamed only to get booted by rukia's heel. their was a blue backback on a computer chair next to a computer on a desk it looked like ichigo's room back with his dad, yuzu and karin ,ichigo got out his drawing pad then started drawing rukia ,he started with her figure then face features then hair ,when rukia came to look he closed the pad quickly like he dident want her to see,his cheeks turned red a little she looked away from him then she walked into the living room and sat on the couch watching t.v it was getting late they were watching alvin and the chipmunks they both laughed at the funny bits when it finished they watched a scary film aliens vs predator 2:requiem rukia looked scared she snuggled into ichigo for comfort when an alien jumped at the screen she screamed "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Ichigo looked at her "its only special effects its not real" "as if i dont know that its just scarey close up..especialy the pred-alien"she said a little irritated while she was watching the film ichigo looked at her the film had finished rukia got up and went to get changed but before she did ichigo grabbed kon by on of the spikes on his head and took the pervey bear out the room "you're all clear to get changed"said ichigo kon screaming at him to let go of him ,rukia walked into the room and got her chappy p.j's on then came out of the room ichigo's face flushed at how pretty she looked in them he quickly looked away trying to hide the blush on his cheeks
    rukia looked at him she walked back into the livingroom
    ichigo put kon back into the room he looked at rukia "want anything to drink or anything?"he asked "uh water or somethin would do me.."she said she seemed a bit sad about something
    ichigo looked at her a look of concern on his face he went over and sat next to her "whats wrong?"he asked
    rukia just looked away from him not meeting his gaze "i'm a burden to everyone...even my brother...and you..."she said sadly tears began to roll down her cheeks
    ichigo shook his head and cupped her cheek and wiped away the tears with the back of his thumb gently "no you're not you're brother is just looking out for you...and me well,i'll protect you with my life"he said
    rukia looked up at him her silver-grayish eye's meeting his amber ones they stayed silent for a moment before rukia snuggled into ichigo's chest "thank you ichigo if it wernt for you coming to save me when i was going to be execuited i wouldent be here today..."said rukia
    ichigo put his arm around her waist "rukia the reason i wanted to save you was because you mean alot to me not just as a friend as way more.."he said his face a bit red ,rukia looked at him trying to find what to say she just mummbled something "thanks...strawberry.."she said kindly,ichigo smiled "no problem midget...."he mummbled
    rukia went into ichigo's room and fell asleep on the bed
    ichigo got a blanket out of the cuboard and laid it on the couch then laid down staring at the ceiling he got up and went over to the room and tip toes being careful not to wake her up he grabbed his drawingpad and drew rukia sleeping then he wrote 3 words that said "i love you" on the side of the picture he placed it on the desk beside the bed then went of back to the living room to sleep...

    the end ~ hoped you liked it!~