• Naminé closed the light and went in her bed, when she remembered something, “Oh yeah, I never got your name.”

    “It’s Ro…” he was already going into deep sleep.

    “I guess I have to figure out his name tomorrow,” Naminé thought as she went into a deep slumber.

    “Naminé?” a little boy said.

    “Yeah?” the little version of Naminé lifted her head to look at the boy’s face, but it was a blur when she saw him.

    “You don’t remember me do you?” he asked with a sad expression.

    “I do…your name is…is…” Naminé tried her hardest to remember, but the name wouldn’t come back to her.

    “I knew it, you were going to break our promise…” the boy turned around and started walking away. Naminé tried running after him but she couldn’t catch up.

    “Wait! I do remember, it’s-”

    “Beep! Beep! Beep!” the alarm clock went off.

    “Damn, I was just to find out too,” Naminé turned her head to read the time, “8:20…CRAP! I only have twenty minutes to get ready!”

    She cleaned up and put on her school uniform which her parents bought for her a few weeks before she moved into Twilight High. It was a white blouse with a blue plaid skirt, and a matching navy blue tie. Her navy blue socks were right below her knees and she wore dark brown dress shoes. She grabbed her white back pack and ran to school.

    When she got to her locker to grab her books she looked at her watch, “Okay I have seven minutes to get to class, good,” she thought. When she closed her locker she saw Kairi running up to her with two boys following behind.

    One had chocolate brown hair with blue eyes; Naminé had to admit he was kind of cute, not hot, but kind of like when you see a puppy and you say ‘Aww…it’s so cute!’ kind of way. And the other boy was…

    “YOU!” The blonde boy and Naminé yelled in unison, pointing at each other like in the movies.

    “And here I thought I was going to get some relief at school,” the boy said sarcastically.

    “Why you…” Naminé had her fist clenched and was about to burst until Kairi stepped in.

    “So I guess you already met Roxas! This is Sora, they're cousins,” Kairi intervened hoping to stop the fight.

    “Hi, so your Naminé right?” the brown haired boy cheerfully greeted.

    “Yeah, at least your way nicer than this guy here,” Naminé said pointing at Roxas.

    “I have a name you know!” Roxas yelled.

    “What! You wanna start something!” Naminé snapped back.

    “Uh, Sora! Help me out here!” Kairi said trying to hold down her new friend.

    “Right! Roxas, you shouldn’t be fighting with a girl! And either way its five minutes till History class and Ms.Tsuyoshi will be really mad if you’re late again!” Sora exclaimed holding down his blonde cousin.

    “Fine!” Roxas said as Sora let go.

    “You too Naminé!” Kairi said.

    “Fine!” Naminé did the same as they walking towards History class.

    As the four students reached class Sora, Kairi, and Roxas took their seats, leaving Naminé at the door.

    “Umm…” Naminé tried to get the teacher's attention at the door and soon got it.

    “Hello there, I’m Ms.Tsuyoshi. You must be the new student.”

    “Yes, I’m Naminé,” she said, Naminé was usually shy, but went crazy on people like Roxas. She had what you called a split personality.

    “Nice to meet you,” Ms.Tsuyoshi smiled, “Class we have a new student, her name is Naminé. Please take the empty seat beside Roxas. He’s the one with the spiky blonde hair.”

    “Oh, I know…” Naminé stated a bit darkly. As she was walking towards her seat, heard whispers and winks from the guys and glares from the girls. Naminé nervously sat at her assigned seat, “What is wrong with these people!” she thought.

    Naminé felt someone nudge her from the side. She turned to see Kairi, “Hey!”

    “Hehe, looks like female population of this class officially hate you!” Kairi whispered.

    “Why? I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?” Naminé whispered back.

    “Sitting beside Roxas is what you did. Haha!” Sora laughed from behind Kairi.

    “What’s so great about sitting beside him?” Naminé said dryly.

    “Hey!” Roxas interrupted.

    “You see Roxas, Sora, Riku, Cloud, and Leon are proclaimed the hottest guys in the whole school from the girls,” Kairi laughed, “You could say Tidus and Hayner are too, but they’re more like second raters! Hehe.”

    “Who are Riku, Cloud, Leon, Tidus and Hayner?” Naminé asked.

    “Well Cloud and Leon are seniors and we don’t really interact with them,” Sora stated.

    “The rest you’ll meet them at lunch, except for Tidus who you’ll see at next period in English,” Kairi added.

    Naminé just nodded her head pretending she got every piece of information from the two, “This school is too confusing,” she thought.

    “Class, please quiet down or else I’ll double the assignment tonight’s homework!” The teacher intervened. The class quickly shushed and listened to the lesson with a few whispers every now and then.

    Class soon ended with a sigh of relief from every student in the class when the bell rang.

    “Well, see you guys later at lunch!” Sora waved goodbye walking away from his group of friends.

    “Bye Sora!” Kairi waved off too.

    Naminé at this point could totally tell what was going on and at instinct decided to ask Roxas, “Do those two like each other or something?”

    “Yeah, but they won’t admit it,” Roxas replied.

    “I see…” Naminé said.

    “Hey, what are you two talking about?” Kairi asked as she walked towards them.

    “N-nothing!” the said in unison.

    They soon reached English class where Naminé had to sit beside a brunette haired girl, “Hiya! I’m Selphie!”

    “Oh, I’m Naminé. Kairi told me about you.”

    “So your Kairi’s new buddy,” Selphie smiled.

    “Hey who’s the new girl?” A blonde boy said butting in from behind Selphie.

    “Naminé this is Tidus. Tidus meet Naminé!” Selphie said hyperly.

    “Nice to meet new people!” Tidus said grabbing Naminé’s hand and shaking it kind of vigorously.

    “Just ignore them, they’re always like this!” Kairi laughed. She was sitting beside Tidus.

    “Yup! And I’m proud to be this way!” Selphie smiled and Tidus was nodding in agreement.

    Naminé soon claimed that these two to be officially sugar high. Naminé had a pretty entertaining class except for the homework.

    The bell rang signaling that it was third period. Tidus parted ways since it was geography class for him. The rest had Science, where Naminé had to introduce herself for the third time, but in this class she was allowed to sit beside anyone. The only spot left was in between some blonde guy and Roxas. Naminé sighed for the fact Roxas was there, but still sat at the spot.

    “Hey new girl, I’m Seifer,” the boy introduced giving his hand, which Naminé took as a signal to shake his hand.

    “Hi…I’m Naminé…” she said shaking his hand, Naminé had to admit there was something suspicious about this guy.

    Roxas began mumbling a few words and glared at Seifer, who just smirked back. Naminé was confused by this gesture but she left it alone and listened to the rest of lesson.

    The time quickly flied by and the bell rang signaling the students that it was lunch time.