• Life is hard.Life is cruel.But what can you do?Nothing.

    Every person feels betrayed somehow,but loved though. You can do something to protect yourself but nothing against god.You see yourself,dead and mad.However,you can do nothing.Your heart is crushing you and hurting you,and before you know.BOOM!!!Your heart's dead.For I experienced that.You can't see me,but I'm right beside you. You can't feel me but air is gushing through your hair.I am the sea,the land your standing on.But most of all...I am God.
    That is god.That is what he said.It ain't in the bible nor in your minds but it is in your hearts somewhere, If you don't believe in him then explain how the big bang was made? There must have some life form before the big bang.As you can see all this is a lie.Everything is a lie as long as you are alive when you are dead.You can see yourself.That is all I can tell you...For now.