• Once upon a time,
    there was a young girl named Meralain. She live on the low level
    of Ilnar. Meralain wasn't sure that she ever had any parents. Ilnar
    use to be a very lovely place. Full of flowers and leaves. Now Ilnar
    was a very terrifiying place. No more flowers and leaves, only terror
    heaves. There ruler wasn't Rikou anymore. It's was Ulrus. Ruler of
    Orellqan(o-rell-kAN). Meanwhile Meralain sat down on her Chair Stump
    for a quick snack.She had to clean the houses o f 4 rich Ilnarains.
    Ilnarains are Ilnar's people. The 4 rich Ilnarains were cruel and mean.
    Meralain only had to clean their houses but they made her make dinner
    for the day.Rikou lived in the edge of Meralain's house. Meralain
    never knew that their king was just right next to them.