• "ARGH!!!" A battle cry could be heard from miles and miles away, the sky's themselves looked like they we're stained with blood. The clouds were black, smog from the charred ashes of the rotting burning bodies. The foul stench of death stained the nose of anyone who walked near the battlefield....No, 'Graveyard'. The annihilation was to much for even a sane nin. to bare, the slumps of bodies were crowded 'round, being burnt one after another.

    The nins. burning the bodies wanted to cover this up.....but only one Shinobi truely knews what events took place that night.

    From the bodies a Crimson Head boy emerged, his clothing tattered and torn up dangling from his shoulders, falling off from his skin bit by bit. His entire body exposed as he arose from the corpses, there had to be some sort of explosion that caused this hellish site, the boys body was stained in blood of both his foes and allies. In war there is nothing...his back was turned to a brown haired girl, she was one of the nins. burning the piles of bodies. He turned around slowly his hair drenched in blood, dripping from the tips of his hair, the red liquid entered his mouth and all he could taste was metal and dirt. His eye's looked saddened as his stare was directed to the girl, he lifted himself from a slump of bodies and slowly walked down the hill of corpses, reaching out to her, the shadows of the night covering his gential., He stood infront of her putting a blood stained hand on her cheek, it was difficult for him to feel her smooth skin with the red liquid covering his hands, he knelt down in a slump his hand dragging down her face leaving a trail of blood behind. His exhausted body leaned against hers, his seaphome eye's closing slowly....out of all this carnage, his gleaming seaphome hue's were probably the only thing that seemed innocent....from there on....darkness befell him, causing him to fall into a deep slumber.....

    He stood there in the blank, dark void of his mind, the darkness covering his genitals as he floated in place ....Wha.... his voice echoed through the endless abyss HELLO!! his mouth did not even open, when he spoke, they felt like they were sown shut. He wasn’t speaking, these were the thoughts from the confinds of his own mind "Mmm!" he grumbled as he put a finger to the crevice between both shut lips.
    There had to be an end to the abyss.

    There it was....a faint sign of color in the darkness, from where he stood it looked liked a small dot....before he moved to go to it, it began spreading forward and all around him, the sun was up and the clouds floating by while the birds sang their song, he stood in the middle of this once beautiful field then the resonating sounds of kunai clashing stained the air, the bird fluttering around and flying away….this was the battlefield before anybodies blood touched the rich soil. The ground began shaking as though a earthquake was about to begin.

    No.... he looked to the side seeing the oncoming swarm of foes, and then turned his gaze to the other side of the field, seeing his own allies coming in waves.

    This is....

    The two waves, both allie and foe, clashed together, the grunts and battlecries of those who were victorious and those who had lost more than just their fights, resonated through the air, the clouds becoming very ominous , in the middle of the battefield, crowds and crowds of foes and allies alike were being thrown around like ragdolls into the air; one of his own allies, he had previously talked to before the battle, landed at the toes of the Red Headed Boy, the man’s eyes open with a look of terror in them and blood streaming from his caved in cranium, Gaara stared aimlessly at body, then looked up seeing another blow against the wall enemies and allies making them fly back, a opening was seen through the wall of people,there in the middle stood......


    .....No....... the otherself spun around the sand coming from his gourd that was firmly planted on his back hitting back all the enemies, the sand had taken a weird form on his otherself it was like a tail but huge spikes were coming out from it causing lethal blows to the body.

    He ran towards the monster STOP!!! the otherselves back was turned to the Red Headed Boy, he came closer and closer towards himself, the Red Headed Boy’s fist cranked back then was sent forward to hit the monster that stood before him, before he was able to land one hit, the monster turned around quickly towards him with the most synical and crazed grin from ear to ear, whacking him with the sand like tail that sprouted from the gourd on his back, sending him to the ground with such a lethal blow, the impact when falling to the ground caused blood to spout out of his mouth, he sat up slightly, blood flowing from his mouth, as the monster stood over him, blocking the sun from the Red Headed Boys view, the monster turned pitch black, only his wide synical grin and his ‘innocent’ seafome eye's were visible, the monster began growing its eye’s changing into beastlike eyes, the clouds began turning black and the sky turning red as it grew taller, and taller....bodies already everywhere, the cackling laughter of the ‘demon’ was heard throughout the battlefield, the blood that was already spilt from many began to slither itself onto the Red Headed Boy’s body as if trying to sufficate him No... he struggled but it only caused the blood to swallow him up even quicker....now only his eye was visible, with fear but for some odd reason his seaphome hue’s still kept its innocence, the blood creeping closer and closer as it soon covered the remaining flesh that was visible.....

    He fell through the blood as if he were in water, and now back into the black void, it was what previously happened .....it wasn’t a dream afterall.....he shook with fear, alone....isolated from the others…..was he to become a animal.

    He shook and shook until the fear over whelmed him "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" the sown shut lips of his finally let out words....words of dejection.....

    His eye's were shut closed, his body still unconscious but the words yelled out anyways, the last battlecry of that night, the words of the beast, filled the air "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" the girl was able to hear him, it felt like even the whole world was able to hear it as well.

    ‘Don’t Fight With Monsters……Lest You Become One’