• No, even so…we have to respect Roxas’ feelings! You know why, it’s just too…too personal…” Yuffie shouted. It seemed to Naminé that Yuffie really cared about Roxas.

    “I-Its okay, you don’t have to tell me anymore…I understand,” Naminé assured with a smile.

    “I’m sorry Naminé, but it’s just between the people who were there…” Olette said.

    Everyone soon had to leave because Yuffie’s parent didn’t want her friends to stay past eight at their house. On the way home as Naminé walked around the puddles from the rain that had passed she started thinking of her memories. Memories of that photo of Roxas and that green eyed girl, memories when she first met Roxas, and her memories of her promise…

    December had soon fallen upon Twilight Town, and its residences. Everyday it’s always seemed to be colder and colder from the winter season. Even though many weeks passed since Yuffie’s birthday party, Naminé could never forget why Roxas just ran like that, but her relationship with Roxas didn’t really get affected by it though.

    “I can’t believe it’s finally winter break!” Naminé sighed happily as she sat on Kairi’s bed. She and Olette were hanging out in Kairi and Selphie’s room as usual.

    “Oh yeah Naminé, are you spending Christmas with your family this year?” Kairi asked.

    “No, they’ve got a lot of business trips this holiday. Why?”

    “Well, since Selphie’s and Kairi’s parents are stinkin’ rich, we’re wondering if you wanted to spend the whole holiday with us and the rest of the gang,” Olette smiled.

    “Yeah, on an all expense paid trip!” Selphie added.

    “Sure, I’ll come.” Naminé smiled, “But where are we going?”

    “Just on the other side of Twilight Town,” Selphie giggled for some unknown reason, "Today’s Friday, so if you plan on coming you have to finish packing on Sunday, cause were leaving on that day!”

    “Okay, I will.” Naminé was really looking forward to this.

    It was soon Sunday (A/N: Time flies by quickly doesn't it? XD), the day of the Winter Break trip for Naminé and friends.

    “How much luggage are you bringing Selphie!” Olette exclaimed seeing that the trunk of her car was over loaded.

    “Just a little bit more!” Selphie laughed nervously as she continued stuffing in her bags.

    “So how are the guys going to the hotel?” Naminé asked.

    “Well Olette, Hayner, and Riku got all their licenses…but Hayner does have his car in a repair shop, so they’re their all probably gonna cram up in Riku’s car…” Kairi replied.

    “Oh I see,” Naminé said, "but isn't there like seven of them?"

    “Hey people!” Roxas greeted, walking up to the girls with his bags.

    “Hi Roxas, shouldn’t you be with the guys?” Olette asked.

    “Yeah…um, you see…Riku’s car is only has five seats and they’re already having trouble with fitting all of them. And then they pushed me out saying that I should ride with you guys...So can I?” Roxas begged.

    “Yeah sure, but that’s only if you don’t have too much luggage,” Olette said pointing at Selphie’s overloaded cargo.

    “Okay, thanks!” Roxas thanked Olette as he put his bags away before going into the car.

    In the seats, Kairi was the navigator, Olette the driver and in the back staring from the left were Roxas, Naminé (being in the middle), and Selphie.

    Earlier before the seating plan…

    “C’mon Selphie, just switch seats with me! I don’t wanna sit beside this jerk!” Naminé begged. Roxas heard this and just shot her a quick glare.

    “Nope, sorry. But I feel uncomfortable without the window, and I know Roxas feels the same way. And think of it this way…You get to sit beside Roxas!”

    “You are soo mean!” Naminé glared.

    Throughout the whole ride, Naminé and Roxas were silent. But Selphie kept talking away while Olette ignored everything and Kairi just read the map to help navigate.

    “This is soo boring!” Naminé thought.

    Roxas was fast asleep and was leaning on the window. Naminé just stared at the boy.

    “How can he sleep like that?” she said quietly to herself.

    Olette made a sudden turn in the road causing Roxas to fall on his side, making him fall onto Naminé’s shoulder.

    “Eek!” Naminé began blushing madly.

    “Aww...you two look like a real couple!” Selphie squealed.

    “Shut up!”

    Roxas began opened his eyes slowly, but still had a dazed look on his face. He just stared at Naminé who gave him a glare/if-you-don’t-get-off-I’m-gonna-kill-you kind of look. Roxas didn’t even say a word he just leaned back to his side and continued leaning on the window as support.

    “Idiot…” Naminé mumbled.

    As Roxas fell into his deep slumber, he began to dream.

    “Namie, wait!” Roxas begged as he ran for the blonde haired girl through the park.

    She suddenly stopped with her back still turned towards Roxas.

    “Leave me alone…” Namie said quietly.

    “Namie, just tell me what’s wrong. I feel like I did something wrong when I watched you run off like that…”

    “Just go away!” She yelled.

    “No Namie, I love you. And I can’t just watch you continue sulking like this…” Roxas put his hand on her shoulder.

    Namie turned around from this gesture and stared at his oceanic blue eyes with a mad expression. When she did, Roxas could see her emerald green eyes shining as the tears continued to fall. He felt so much guilt as he watch the girl cry.

    “Liar!” she exclaimed, “You’re such a liar you know that? You don’t love me. I’m just a replacement for that girl and you know it! You keep on saying that it isn’t true, but it is!”

    Roxas was shocked, “Namie! W-what are you talking about?”

    “Roxas…I loved you for as long as I can remember…but I know now that you don’t even care about me that much,” Namie put her head down as the tears still continued to fall.

    “H-how can you say that? I love you way more than her. She’s just in the past now!”

    “What are you talking about? I see the way you are when you talk about her. And when you smile at me, that smile isn’t even for me…it’s for the girl that looks like me…I know you still think about her, and you’re still waiting for her to come back!”

    Roxas just stood there…what could he say to her? He realized that everything she just said was true…he could never forget about his childhood friend.

    Tear still continued to flow from Namie’s eyes. She wiped it off with the back of her hand, then tried her hardest to smile, “Roxas…I hope you find her again someday,” more tears began to begin spilling again as she dashed off away from the blonde boy, leaving him standing there alone.

    “Namie…I can't belive lost you too...” Roxas said as he stared into the direction where Namie could no longer be seen. He fell on his knees and began to cry too… “I’m so stupid. First that girl, and now her too…what’s wrong with me?”

    “Roxas…”a little girl’s voice called out from the distance.

    “Huh?” he lifted up his head and began looking around.

    “Here I am!” Roxas turned around to see a little girl with short blonde hair and innocent sapphire blue eyes in front of him.

    “Hey, aren’t you that girl I made my promise to?"

    “Yup, that’s me! So are you still gonna keep it?” she asked innocently.

    “I don’t think I can…I mean, it’s been like what eleven years? And I even broke Namie’s heart because of this…”

    “Aww…don’t worry you find me soon enough if try looking harder!” She smiled.

    Just then everything began to fade away into a white oblivion.

    "W-what's happening?" Roxas said standing up.

    “Roxas…” a feminine voice pierced through the emptiness.

    “Huh? Who are you?”

    “Roxas…hello?” she continued to call out.

    “Namie? No it can’t be Namie it’s-”

    “HOLY CRAP! Just wake up already!” someone began shaking Roxas vigorously.

    Roxas jolted from his slumber and turned his head to see Naminé’s face closer than usual. Naminé blushed at Roxas' sudden reaction, but snapped out of it and pushed the boy.

    “Jeez…how can you sleep like that? Everyone’s already in thier rooms, and here I am being forced to wake you up for the last twenty minutes and its cold!” Naminé ranted.

    Roxas just stared at her with and arched eyebrow.

    “Ugh! I give up, I’m going in the hotel,” Naminé said shivering as she went out of the car to grab her bags.

    Roxas soon came out of the car and grabbed his belongings too and followed Naminé towards the elevator.

    In the elevator, Naminé was just standing as she continued to look at the numbers go higher as the elevator went up, while Roxas was deep in thought as he leaned against the wall.

    “That dream…when I woke up I saw Naminé. Could my promise girl be Naminé? Naa…she couldn’t be, Naminé told me she moved to Destiny Islands…but still…” Roxas began stealing glances at the quiet girl beside him.

    Naminé began getting ticked off seeing what the boy was doing at the corner of her eye, “What are you looking at?”

    “N-nothing!” Roxas exclaimed quickly as a blush crept on to his face.

    “Whatever…” Naminé turned her face to look at a different direction, “he’s just as weird as usual…” she thought.

    Soon the elevator stopped signaling the two that it was their stop. The two separated ways, seeing that their rooms were at the opposite sides of the hallway. Naminé was rooming with Olette, Kairi with Selphie, Sora with Riku, Wakka with Tidus, and Roxas, Hayner and Pence shared a room for three.

    When Naminé reached the room she dropped her bags near the bed she claimed as hers and just fell down backwards on the huge bed, “Finally, no Roxas!” She thought.

    The bathroom door opened causing Naminé to sit up straight.

    “Hey Naminé!” Olette greeted.

    “Hi,” Naminé smiled.

    “Oh, were supposed to meet the others right now in the lobby. Sora and Kairi arranged the group meeting.”

    “What’s it about?”

    “Something about Christmas I think, anyways let’s go before we’re late!” Olette smiled as she opened the door.

    “Okay then,” Naminé stood up and followed the brunette girl out the room.

    “Now then everyone…since our group is starting to get bigger now with our latest addition, Naminé. Me and Sora came up with the idea that this year we should do a Kris Kringle!” Kairi announced. (A/N: For those of you who don't know what a Kris Kringle is, it's an event for Christmas where you pick a name out of a hat and you only have to give a present to that person. But of course it has to be a secret! XD)

    Everyone thought it was cool idea to save money and everything, so they all agreed.

    “Okay that’s good. So, two weeks from now is Christmas. And obviously that’s your dead line, now line up in front of me and get your names then go to Kairi so she can record it,” Sora stated.

    Since everyone was too lazy to line up in an orderly fashion they trampled poor little Sora in order to get the names out of the white baseball cap that he was holding. They all did this because either; 1) It was just plain old fun to do that, and 2) they were all too lazy to go in a line. But mostly they were all going for choice number one.

    They all took a piece of paper and read the name to themselves before they went up to Kairi (A/N: Oh yeah if you want to find out who they all got for their Kris Kringle thing, you can see it at the author’s note at the end of the chapter! XD). When Naminé unfolded the piece of paper she began glaring at it.

    “How come I knew this was going to happen?” She thought as she stared at the paper which read ‘Roxas.’

    Roxas did the same as he stared at the paper, “Why is it always her?”

    They all soon showed the papers that showed their Kris Kringle names to Kairi before chatting away in the lobby room.

    “Hey guys, since Roxas, Hayner, and Pence’s room is the biggest why don’t we hang out there!” Tidus suggested getting ready to go to the elevator.

    “Yeah!” They all agreed with Tidus.

    “Hey! Don’t we get a say in this!” Hayner exclaimed, but he was actually the only one protesting against it, “Fine then!” He joined the rest in the elevator.

    “So what do we do?” Selphie asked sitting on the floor like most of them.

    “I know, how about Monopoly?” Roxas said pulling the board game from under his bed.

    “Yeah sure, I’m so gonna own you all!” Tidus exclaimed.

    “I don’t really wanna play. So I’ll just be banker,” Wakka said.

    They all agreed and chose thier pieces. It was about six o’clock when they all started playing, but around eight Tidus, Selphie, Pence and Hayner were all bankrupt; followed by Riku and Olette by nine.

    “This game is taking to long! I give up,” Sora sighed.

    “Okay then,” Roxas said putting away all of his cousin’s pieces.

    “My roll,” Naminé got an eight, “Okay, I land on community chest. Alright, collect fifty dollars from every player!”

    Roxas gave his money away like it was nothing, but Kairi on the other hand sighed.

    “That’s it Naminé, I have no places to mortgage. So I’m totally bankrupt!” she smiled in defeat.

    “Aww…can’t you just get a loan?” Naminé pouted.

    Kairi shook her head, “Sora’s right this game is taking too long,” Kairi sat beside her cute brunette boyfriend and watched the two blondes game.

    “Suit your self then,” Naminé shrugged.

    “So it’s just you and me, Naminé,” Roxas smirked as he grabbed the dice.

    “I guess so,” Naminé smirked back at her competition.

    The dice began to roll and stopped at six, “Okay, one, two, three, four, five, six…Boardwalk, damn!” Roxas exclaimed.

    “Hah! Since I have hotel that adds up to two thousand dollars! Now pay up!” Naminé laughed triumphantly.

    “Eh, that’s nothing. I still have another five thousand you know!”

    “Whatever, with your money, I have officially six thousand five hundred!”

    The game got more intense now that the others were out of the game. Every place was soon bought by the two blondes and they wouldn’t give up. Tidus, Selphie, Hayner, Sora, Pence, and even their banker Wakka were all asleep.

    “Jeez, give it up already! It’s two in the morning!” Riku exclaimed.

    “Never!” Roxas stated glaring at the silver haired boy.

    “Yeah, you’re just a soar loser!” Naminé added.

    “I don’t care anymore! C’mon Kairi!” Olette and Kairi just flipped the game board over and mixed up all the pieces.

    “You people are crazy!” Roxas exclaimed.

    “What was that for?” Naminé yelled.

    “Who cares? We all just wanna sleep, and you two need it too!” Kairi exclaimed waking up the others from all the yelling.

    Everyone was going back to their rooms while Roxas and Naminé sighed. The two just put back all the pieces before Naminé went back to her room.