• Prologue

    Aya looked around, pondering how she got where she was. Of course she knew where she was. The absolute nothingness around her told her that. And the fact that she was standing on a floor of stained glass. But the image on it wasn’t that of one of the Princesses of Heart, as it had been for Sora. Nor was it of Sora, as it had been for Roxas. She was standing on top on an image of one of her best friends, Alex. The face was unmistakable. She had brown hair that sometimes fell into her large green eyes, and if that didn’t clue you into who it was the style that Alex dressed in would be enough. A loilita style skirt from Hot Topic over faded and ripped blue jeans that were probably 2 sizes too big, being held up only by the mismatched red belt. Add in black fingerless gloves and any shirt with a saying you could find and you had Alex. The four circles nearest the picture of Alex showed Aya, Misa, a Shadow Heartless, and a Nobody Symbol. 13 other circles lined the outside, displaying the members of Organization XIII. This whole thing was made up of different shades of black and purple. The peaceful surrounding left her off guard, though, and so she was startled when shimmering words appeared in front of her.

    Welcome, Aya. Please, step forward.

    She gave a small gulp, before walking forward. Three platforms appeared around her. On one of them was a sword, on another stood a staff, and on the last there was a shield.

    You should know what to do.

    She nodded, having played Kingdom Hearts enough to know exactly what to do. ‘Well, it might be a dream, but I might as well…’ she thought, as she stepped towards the sword, and jumped onto the platform to reach it.

    The power of the warrior.
    Invincible Courage.
    A sword of terrible destruction.

    Is this what you choose?

    Aya nodded, and as soon as she did it disappeared in her hand, ‘Now I have to give one up.’ She thought, looking between the staff and the shield, stepping towards the staff she touched it, and it disappeared as well. She stumbled as the platform collapsed, and no sooner did she regain her balance did the glass under her shatter, sending her plummeting through endless nothingness. Aya landed on the next platform gently, now standing on Misa’s stained glass. Misa is someone who you could easily not pay any attention to. She looked, in all aspects, like a Barbie doll. She had Blonde hair that went down to the middle of her back, and eyes that showed just how spacey she was. Her normal outfit was any kind of dress she could find (one that wasn’t too long, but not too short either), and a pair of platform boots. The four circles nearest her showed pictures of Alex, Aya, a Tiara, and a Jewel that looked like it was from MySims. The 13 circles around the edges of the platform has pictures of people from Radiant Gardens, and the color scheme was that of Misa’s favorite colors: Green and Pink.

    Do you know how to fight? If you don’t this is going to be a really short story…

    “What are you talking about?” Aya asked, looking around in confusion.

    Nothing. Nothing at all. But do you know how to fight?

    The letters asked her, as a Heartless appeared in front of her, and the sword appeared in her hand. She held it awkwardly, since she wasn’t used to the weight, but she managed it, and the Heartless was soon gone.


    A door appeared out of nowhere, and Aya pulled it open, light pouring out of it, she stepped through to find herself on the Boardwalk that led to the beach on Dauphin Island. Joey, her mother Ringo, and Alex stood together talking until Aya came up to them.

    “Ah! There she is! Hey Aya, can I ask you something?” Joey, an Asian boy with dyed spiky red hair asked.

    Aya blinked, “Er... sure. What is it?” she asked, shrugging.

    “What do you want to do when you’re done with school?” he asked.

    “I’ve already told you, Joey, I want to travel! I want to see the world!” she said, rolling her eyes, “Did the Heartless come and steal your memory or something?” she asked, laughing.
    Alex looked up from an uncharacteristically girly magazine, “Hey, what is your biggest fear, Aya?” she asked, taking out a pen.

    “… Being alone. Wait, are you reading one of those stupid personality quizzes?” Aya asked, snatching the magazine away from her and looking at the page she was on in disgust.

    “What’s most important to you, sweetie?” Ringo asked, breaking Aya’s concentration away from Alex.

    “Friends and Family, Mom.” Aya told her, smiling.

    The day you connect everyone is both far off and very near. Are you prepared?

    ‘Prepared for what?’ she wondered, as another light engulfed her, and she fell onto a platform like the ones Roxas had, with Sora on it. A small path led up to the next platform, and after making sure she wasn’t missing anything she was supposed to do on this platform, she ran up the path onto one with her on it. If Misa was easily overlooked, then Aya was the attention grabber. Not only for her eccentric personality, but for her looks. Her bright red hair was hidden under a blue hat that had two zippers on it, running different directions. In the position she was in on the platform, you couldn’t see her topaz eyes staring out at you. Her outfit consisted of a yellow dress (with one sleeve longer than the other) with zippers all over it, and a pair of red boots with 3 zippers on it. The four circles near her picture were of Alex, Misa, a Keyblade, and in the last one was a picture of 3 weapons: A Chakram, a Keyblade, and a Sitar. Around the edges were people and things from Dauphin Island and Destiny Island. She couldn’t dwell on the floor too much longer, though, for the letters started again, quoting the first game back to her now.

    The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

    She turned to face her shadow, a monstrous creature with spiked hair sticking out from under a beanie hat, and large glowing yellow eyes. She gasped.

    But don’t be afraid.
    And don’t forget…

    She reflexively started to run away, nearly falling off the edge of the platform. Turning to face the Darkside, the Dream Sword appeared in her hand again, now used to the weight; she was easily able to hold it up. She ran up to the gigantic Heartless, starting to bash at it’s hand, until she found a way up to it’s head, and dealt a final blow to it. Falling off, the sword disappeared, and she was stunned with fright as she fell on top of a portal of Darkness.

    -But don’t be afraid.
    You hold the mightiest weapon of all.

    She began to disappear, and the last message left her as confused as ever.

    So don’t forget:
    You are the one who will connect us all.

    --Author's Comments/--

    Ahh! Okay, so this is actually version Two of the Prolouge! I shuffled some things around and gave Aya her own Awakening sequence! So, yeah... I'm pretty sure that that's all I wanted to say here. I hope you enjoy This story, as it will be my first well written coherent fanfiction EVER! Good luck to me! The picture below is one I edited on Photobucket to look like Aya! It was originally from Invader Zim: Manifest Doom on Snafu Comics. All credit goes to their awesome skills. I just recolored it. ^^;;