• Lieutenant Kyle Roadworn hid behind the marble counter in his kitchen as he
    shielded himself from the rain of broken glass and plaster, the loud gunshot
    echoed inside his head for a moment then dissipated.

    He slowly looked around the counter, searching for a sign of everything being
    OK but all he could see was the young boy cowering in the corner, then he saw
    what he feared the most, 'That Man,' That man struck fear deep with in Kyle,
    right to the core, 'That Man' stood with a shotgun, first he pointed it at the young boy then
    at Kyle.

    A glint of hope shone through as Kyle heard a click then the subsequent clatter
    of the shotgun hitting the tile floor but that hope was destroyed when Kyle heard
    the slide of a handgun click, most likely a handgun of the 12mm Deagle type that
    'That Man' was duly noted to carry.

    Kyle slowly ejected the clip of his police issue 9mm Smith and Wesson,
    checked the remanding rounds, 4, the slowly and gently reinserted the clip back in, in the
    quiet room the click was like a shotgun going off in a toilet, Kyle knew
    that the man knew that Kyle was vulnerable for just a few seconds so he quickly pulled the slide back
    making another what seemed like shotgun blast.

    Kyle jumped up and took a wild shot into the darkness but stopped dead
    in his tracks, the pain was unbearable, not the pain of a bullet but the pain of pure stupidity as
    he felt the cold steal barrel of a SMG pressed up against the back of his head.

    "Lieutenant Kyle Roadworn, you are under arrest for the murder of Lieutenant Mike Holdsworth and
    the kidnapping of Giles Holdsworth, do you understand the charges placed against you?" That Man's
    partner asked Kyle after he dropped his gun,
    "Yes" Kyle replied.