• "hey." Gale stared blankly at the huge figure in front of her. "D-David?"tears nearly ran down her cheeks as he chuckled at her emotional breakdown. "DON'T LAUGH!" she screamed out as she punched his chest. He looked at her competitively, grabbing her hands before she could hit him again." Did you really miss me that much?"he said much more seriously. she looked up at him through misty eyes and bent her head to hide the tears that formed on her bottom eyelid. she blinked repeatedly and looked back up at him. " You were my best friend and you never even hinted you were leaving for three years." the last time David saw Gale...she was shorter...more quiet...she was cuter now. David was so zoned out he nearly forgot to answer her question." it was short minute..i never meant any harm...I couldn't contact you in any..." Gale sprung out of his arms, anger hot in her system. " How last minute?!" Gale screeched, tears streaming down her crimson. "...i had to leave in a hour..WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?!" Gale's eyes went wide in fury. "you have no right to yell at me! I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO SCREAM!" she bellowed."why?!" he said defiantly, standing face to face with her. " because I lo--" she stopped herself consciously before she uttered her most most sacred secret. "what?" he asked,his expression lighter now,his voice twice as serious.
    CH. 2 L8TR