• Undine is my … She’s… well… she’s just a unique individual. That’s the best and only way I can think to put her into words. She’s just very… different. Different is a good word for her. Just… Not like anybody else.

    She’s around, but not very often.

    I first met Undine a couple of months ago. When I relocated to a more “tranquil” neighborhood by the ocean. Seattle, Washington. Maybe “met” isn’t quite the best word to use.


    At first, I thought it was some kind of joke. There was a girl with long blond hair, wearing jeans and a red t-shirt laying face down below the pier. Naturally, I made a huge moron out of myself. Screaming, “There’s a dead girl under us!” I have trouble making friends as is, yet alone with the entire student body thinking I’m some kind of freak trying to scare everybody. Two weeks after I’d moved in, and only one person would even talk to me. Apparently nobody else could see the body drifting underneath their feet.

    My assigned field trip buddy gave me a shove off the pier, and then stormed off mumbling about that damned delinquent who was just another attention whore. Needless to say it was not my day.

    So, just in time to bring in another ray of sunshine to my merry outing, the corpse was about a foot away. By this time I was sure it was dead, no movement since I’d spotted it 5 minuets ago. But then again, it was my special day; so a stone cold hand just had to reach out and grasp my arm in a painfully firm manner so I couldn’t swim away.

    I screamed so hard I thought my lungs would burst. Luckily, this time it was to a deserted pier. I thrashed till my body was went numb from the icy waters encompassing me. I finally gave up from sheer exhaustion, but continued to tread water so the sea wouldn’t flood into my lungs. The hand was still clamped firmly on my wrist.

    About 30 seconds after I had resigned to my watery fate, the blond head snapped up at me and said, “Do you mind? I was just going about business when you started screaming bloody murder.”

    This would be the point in time where I began to flail about so avidly I neglected to keep my head above water. Naturally, since everything else had been so peachy keen up to that point, I blacked out from snuffing half the ocean up my nose.

    Next thing I new I was soaking wet, covered in a heap of sand, and completely alone. On the pier. Yeah, you read that right. On the pier! I couldn’t decide if I was more baffled at a) being alive or b) coated in sand on a wooden wharf.

    At a later date both mysteries would be revealed, but the answers were not so pleasant.


    “Wait. Can you say that one more time? I must have misheard you.”

    “Well, after you started flipping around under the big wooded structure, you hit me in the face. That made me angry. So then I threw you onto the dock, and dumped a few buckets of sand on you to teach you a lesson about keeping you hands to yourself.”

    I guess I didn’t mishear. “So… Just a quick re-cap on our situation, you threw me some 20 odd feet up onto the dock, while swimming in the ocean, then went around and dumped sand on me? A complete stranger?” I really wished someone had stuck around to see this.


    “Exactly how many buckets of sand did you dump on me?” this was defiantly not the typical conversation you had on a swing set.

    “Oh, just about forty-eight.”

    A horror stricken look took over my previously composed face.

    “Well, I figured you would be out for a while before you woke up, and wanted to make sure there was plenty of sand left when you finally did.”

    Mission accomplished. It took me twenty minuets just to get off the pier after I woke up.
    “Well, it’s been mildly entertaining Human. I’m Undine of Middle Earth, I will find you later, Elizabeth Rowley of California,” then she ran like hell into some bushes, while I slowly came to a stop on the swing.

    Umm… What to say? Some creepy girl called “Undine” who thinks she’s from Middle Earth knows my name, that I never told her.

    What a freak. I brushed aside the whole encounter. After a week, I had finally rid myself of all the sand. No more get tangled up in whatever that girl was up to.
    At least that’s what I told myself. A small self-consolation in the face of some enormous unknown horror. Stranger danger!