• Malachai rubbed his temples as he stared at the stack of papers. "Why me? Why is it always me?" He reached for the top paper and read through it. He shuddered.
    "We of the Happy-GoGo are going to press charges against one Vocara for insighting a riot and injuring many of our patrons.........Unless compensated with a grand sum of $10 million for damages these charges will be made." He pinched the bridge of his nose. He remembered too well what the manager was writing him about. Vocara had gone into the local topless bar in her usual garb. Said garb was almost on the same lines as the dancers but had more modesty to it than most expect to see. A group of the regulars thought she was a new employee and decided to make her feel welcome. They ended up in the hospital with third degree burns and an innate fear of shadows.
    He reached for the next sheet. "We of Autozone are going to press charges against one Balatro for stealing company property, harrassing our female workers........., and destroying our customer's property. Unless paid $25 million we will press these charges and have him arrested with no possibility of parole." Malachai put his head in his hands. Balatro had simply wandered in and thought to lend a hand. First mistake, the employees let him. Second mistake, they didn't bother to tell him that the gas and oil lines shouldn't mix so close to the batter. How he managed to get those lines to hook up next to the starter, Mal would never know. Balatro tried to start the vehicle and it exploded taking half the establishment with it. Luckily there were no injuries.