• The word Love is used so often we sometimes lose the meaning of it.
    Some people use it every day, some it is hard to say it at all.
    If someone who has never experienced affection before, then how can they know what what "Love" really is.
    Someone who is kind, loyal and caring... Ironically has never had any further relations than a friend, parents or kin, so I ask how is this possible.
    A person who has morals is a person with his or her own law.
    The love Moral are the hardest to grasp, the emotion is sometimes so overwhelming it is almost impossible to stand by your morals.
    One situation I will now use is Mr. X.
    Mr.X "Loves" Miss Y but Miss Y is in a relationship, until that relationship has ended suddenly. One would assume that Mr.X would move in but his moral stand in the way, he would think he is taking advantage of Miss Y so he waits. But "Love" is a powerful emotion, so he is in a Moral vs. Love conflict.
    Mr.X has never had relation before, yet this emotion - never experienced by Mr.X is fighting with the law he has trusted his whole life.
    So how is this possible, and why is such a cruel irony thrust upon poor Mr.X