• He sat on the floor, the room dark and curtain’s drawn shut. The room was dark but he made no move to change this, no move to do anything.

    He stared down at the picture's that surrounded him, picking up a few to look at the two happy people displayed in color, forever smiling, he put it down as fresh tears gathered in his eyes and he shut them tightly, gripping onto his raven hair in a fruitless attempt to stop the oncoming tears.

    They fell anyway, falling onto the blonde haired blue eyed angel that was staring back up at him though the picture, that goofy smile on his face and blue eyes twinkling merrily.

    Uchiha Sasuke was crying over his lost lover, one Uzumaki Naruto. The Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure.

    He looked up when he felt a cold wisp of air blow though his raven hair, as if pushing the silky black locks away, more tears spilled down his cheeks as he looked at the blackness his room created, it was all most as if he could feel the blonde there.

    Indeed he WAS there, kneeling right in front of the raven with a pained expression was one Uzumaki Naruto, or at least his ghost. Transparent fingers danced lightly across the raven's face, brushing back his hair with the gentlest of touches, "...Sasuke..." he said then quietly, knowing the raven couldn't hear him, and even if he could, he wouldn't see him.

    Sasuke's head jerked up slightly as he thought he heard his name being called softly, almost painfully, he moved forward a bit, looking around.

    And oh how Naruto prayed, prayed that the raven would stop crying over him, to move one... He wished for the ability to tell him this, to tell him that he loved him, and for once, the gods were kind to this unfortunate soul as his transparent body gained a form.

    Sasuke's eyes widened as the area in front of him began to be occupied by another person, but not just any person, a boy with bright blonde hair that put the sun to shame and eyes that clouded even the bluest of skies, he watched as his lost lover appeared before him with a golden halo above his head... His angel had turned into a REAL angel.

    "...n-naruto...?" he breathed and the angel smiled and that was all it took for Sasuke to collapse with new found sobs, but he didn't fall onto the floor, he fell against a surprisingly WARM chest and felt the gentlest of touches on his back as the blonde wrapped his arms around him tightly, "...Sasuke... I'm sorry." he said softly, voice ghosting over the raven's ears and into his mind.

    Sasuke just sobbed quietly into the blonde's chest, not caring that this was so unlike him, not caring if he was a Uchiha, or an ANBU captain. Right now, he was just Sasuke, right now it was just him and Naruto and that was all that mattered, all that he cared about. He hugged onto the blonde tightly, afraid that he'd fade away again too quickly.

    He felt finger's gently ghost though his hair as they stroked the raven locks and then felt a kiss placed on his forehead and he looked up and into bright blue eyes that were clouding over with his own tears. "Sasuke... I missed you." he said then.

    "I missed you too Naruto... So much..." he said and pressed his lips against the blonde's desperate to feel him again, desperate to show how much he'd missed him, how much he loved him. How much he DID love him.

    Naruto kissed him back just as desperately, burying his hands in raven locks in an attempt to draw them closer, he pulled back then, "...Sasuke... Sasuke wait for me... Please wait for me..." he said then and Sasuke looked up at him in confusion, "Naruto what do you mean-?"

    "...Just live a bit longer, and you'll understand... just keep living... please?"

    "But... Naruto I can't live without you, I'm not ME without YOU anymore...!"

    ".... Please... do it for me Sasuke..." he said then and the raven nodded, "...Okay... for you, and only you..." he said then and watched as his blonde angel began to fade again, hee reached out and touched his cheek just as he disappeared fully.

    "...Naruto... I love you..."

    -Two years later-

    Sasuke Uchiha was just walking home from a mission, the 17 year old raven was now 19 years old and had never forgotten Naruto, he never married, never dated. He just went though his life with his lover's words in his mind and his necklace around his neck.

    "Oi! Watch out!" said a voice then as he found himself being knocked down, about to yell at whoever had knocked them over he found himself staring up at a 16 year old boy with shocking blonde hair and bright blue eyes, but the whiskers... The whisker marks were-


    The 16 year old blonde smiled warmly then, his head tilted to the side, "...Hey Sasuke..." he said then and was soon enveloped in the raven's strong arms, never to leave again.