Vampiro Draft 1
    By: Karisha

    As her body lay in my bed, million of things rushed through my head; the light bulb that had millions of colors, the smell of perfume and all its chemicals lingered in the air. Her body laid still, only her stomach moving as she took in air and let it out. Was it called breathing? It’s been awhile since I was human, 100 or 200 years, which I can’t recall. I never watched any of my victims long enough to notice anything, but she had a marvelous body, beautiful black curly hair, light tan skin. But with all these attributes she was still in my bed as food, her scent was beneath the lingering perfume but it smelled delightful! As if my hunger was not enough, as if her beauty was not enough, it was her scent, the scent of plasma in her cruorum streams made my throat ache in such a cold burning pain. Yet over all I could still notice her independent smell of many flowers but mainly roses and tulips. She was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, I feel bad that she will not see the daylight ever again nor the moon. I stepped closer, in less than a second I was next to her. I touched her dark hair; the scent boomed in the air, the intoxicating smell of roses and a baby, a baby girl.

    Such bad luck that child will no longer have a mother, poor child, bear the pain I once beard. She moaned ever so lightly that if I were a mere human I would have missed. Her dark brown eyes flattered open exposing confusion and then comfort. Our eyes met, for a minute; she must be wandering how my eyes changed from Light Azone to a Ruby red. “Sorry…my beauty did I wake you?” I smiled the last smile she will see in order to draw her attention away from my eyes. She flinched probably at the sound of my voice that was the most seductive sound to humans but her face was composed as quick as a human can manage. “No, you didn’t wake me up…” Her voice was nervous and a hint of confusion was ringing. She bit her lip and looked up to me from my bed. “Did I sleep long?” Her fragile body was tangled in my sheets; I can see the outline of her curves and the shape of her hand holding the sheet. “No, you slept for two hours my love.” It was time or so I told myself, I must feed now or the cold burning will become unbearable. I touched her face, her body shivered as my hot fingers brushed ever so lightly against her cheekbone. I decided to finish it quick, with pleasure and no pain. She’ll die happy I told myself, made the feeding easier. I lay on her, her body felt warmer and tender against mine. I lightly pushed her back as I kissed down to her belly button then back up. I paused at the neck the whispered in her ear “Your scent is incredibly intoxicating and exotic.” My lips brushed her neck then in an eighth of a second my lips rolled back to expose my white fangs, I bit her. My teeth penetrated her soft skin, going in deep enough to open two small wounds on her neck. The warmth of her cruorum felt on its peak, exotic. She did not fight; her body fell under my lips, limp as if she was satisfied. She pulled me closer, her body couldn’t tell I was taking her cruorum. She was dipped in the ecstasy my venom gives. The taste of plasma lingered on my tongue as if millions of bugs were dancing. Then the warming liquid pored down my throat easing the cold burning, I continued to pull cruorum out of her veins. In less then a minute her body was colder than my own body when I have not fed.

    Her hand lightly brushed my face. The touch made me flinch and pull away, was she not dead? Had I not consumed if all, most of her blood? Her lips were trembling, as if nervous and she smiled at me. Was she insane? I am her murder and she touches my face then gives me a smile? Her lips trembled; she was no longer that lovely tan now she was a pale brown. She whispered “Why…me?” Her voice was weak and growing weaker. I was stun, in my brain I was calculating how much strength she should have left and it came down to death. I composed my face before she could see and gave her the best answer I could “You were lovely, you still are.” Her reaction was odd and slow, as her eyes closed, a tear feel. I felt a beating come to a slow stop Bum Bum Bum…Bum Bum… Bum… then silence replaced the beating. Something was burning inside me; it was not the cold burn but a really flaming one it felt hotter than my own body once I was feeding, it made me wish for death. In my chest, I let her cold body slide out my fingers on to the bed as I gripped my chest. Her body fell on the bed, the wound already healing and her body turning to dust in the matter of seconds. But my chest, it hurt in one place but what used to be in that place? I remember hearing a beating sound from her that would go wild when I touched her and then would return to a steady beat. The heart is the spot where I am now gripping and its pain is causing me to cry my own blood from my eyes. My heart stopped beating long ago, why do I feel this burning, a sob broke out and I cried in pain for hours on end. In my imagination I can see my eyes changing too Sapphire blue as the pain and sadness consumed me.

    Chapter 2   

    Morning already? Damn. The sun is out and I don’t want to go out side until sunset, that is when the fun starts. I remember the first time I set foot in the sun as a night walker. It was many years ago, just the odd sensation of that heat touch my hard and cold body was abnormal. It was my first daylight that I have ever seen as a night walker and I was thirsty which meant my body was cold, from that painful transformation. I decided to feed, but once I seen how bright the sun was fear took over my hunger. Yet I wanted to test these new abilities I had. I was wondering whether the stories I herd of ‘vampires’ would apply to what I have now become. I took a step, the sun didn’t send me into physical pain it just dulled my senses to a point that I was almost like an average human. I decided that feeding during the day was too dangerous so I continued to walk towards the park, where I once did normal human activities that no longer applied to me. I could still hear the faint heartbeats, whispers, and sounds going on around me, to think that tonight one of these unlucky people would be dinner for me. I laughed at the memory; never again did I feel a fear that horrible again.

    There is no need to expose and dull my scenes at the moment I do not require anything but the memory of that lovely tan woman still lingered in my mind from 19 years ago. It was vivid, this was also something that happened to me once I became a night walker; I can remember whatever pain I caused or I endure. The sex before her death was blissful, as a vampire my body can feel even the smallest particle of dust as it lands on my skin. So sexually it feels magnificent not only do I feel that way but also so does my sexual companion, she feels as if her body had a race of ecstasy going on inside her veins. I decided to go outside, in broad daylight; I had nothing else to do. I might pick my dinner a bit early; I haven’t fed since last week.

    A girl passed next to me, smelling like cake and other sweet things; like my senses were dull I couldn’t pick out every smell. The girl looked at me, probably at the color of my eyes; my eyes sadly stood out for the odd color they posses every day. As the girl kept her phase even I could see a hint of surprise in her pink face, I didn’t even need to look for more than a tenth of a second to see it. After the girl turned the corner behind me and our distance grew farther apart her scent faded in the background. As I walked my eyes made contact with a broken mirror laying in a pile of garbage, my eyes are a ruby red with a tiny hint of gold which meant I had at least a day to feed before the horrible cold burning came to pay a visit. I am quite picky with my dinner; the way I pick is by their scent. If her cruorum does not smell like pure plasma then she is sick or does some kind of drug, perhaps medication. As a daredevil that I am, I have drank many different types of cruorum, the female that use drugs directly into their veins don’t taste as well as the clean ones. The females that take drugs like pills or inhale it are bearable but after a few minutes I began to feel a bit high. Females on medication have a hint of morphine or a light trace of whatever medication they use. Once I tried a male, which was the worse experience ever; the sex is not pleasing nor is it painful is actually really plain. Women are much more sexually attractive; they have such soft skin and marvelous scent.  

    I walk into a familiar alley between the Strip Club and The Liquor shop. I must visit the underground Vampire Clan that have taken me in and taught me all I should have known about this new life. Since my creator never took responsibilities after turning me into this, I was left to wonder the city of New York on my own. Not that I was new in New York but my instincts were taking over what little moral I had left from being a human. That first daylight was the beginning of my new life yet the ending of my human life. I knew something was wrong with me so I abandoned all my human friends and family over 200 years ago. I ran into this Vampire Clan while I was feeding on a young maiden about 50 years into becoming whatever I was. I remember the first time I ever met someone with deep red ruby eyes aside from myself, it was a female that is called Crystal. She was also hunting and we picked up on each others scents, her smell was the most delightful mix of lavender and cherries but not in a eatable way. Her scent made my mind race and made my thirst burn with more cold then it ever did, I lost tack of my dinner that night but I met something fascinating. Our speed made a bullet look sad but I was still not able to control my stop as well as she did, she looked graceful but I looked clumsy and naïve. She was the most beautiful creature that walked the earth, dark brown hair with a wave to it at the tips as it fell down her back, dark ruby eyes that would send a human to a full panic attack, curves that made models look square, the appearance of a runaway goddess in a really expensive sky blue dress that complemented her nice light brown skin. Our red hungry eyes met then her face became full of shock and full of wonder. I had felt this desire to have sex with her, I wanted her to have sex with me. I wouldn’t have to be careful with her, not at all. This woman didn’t look older than 20 yet I didn’t look older than 23 myself, we were both frozen in our twenties so she must be the same age as me. She broke my train of thought when she spoke with the most heavenly voice I ever herd in my 200 years of wandering the earth on my own. “Why do your eyes change color…?” She was crouched in a defensive position, as a leopard ready back away and attack with a strong blow to the neck. I had not noticed that I was also crouched in such manner and I could hear a menacing growl grow bigger from somewhere in my body. I stain up my body to express peace then I tilted my head to the right. I had not thought about what she asked; don‘t all our eyes change? “My lady…don’t your eyes change as well depending on your mood?” She strained out from her crouch as well, apparently our defensive mechanism was on auto once we encounter our own species. She took a cautious step closer to me and I fought my defense back down and remained standing. Her lips would not have been visible to a human in such a darkness and speaking with such speed “My family and I only have Ruby Red and Emerald Green…your eyes are Gold? You might be a gifted vampire, only seen in legends of our kind.” This made me want to die of laughter, how can she see this as a gift? “My dear lady, my eyes have little if ever helped me. This is a burden, to be an undead with multiple color eyes. My prey may find it sensual and appealing because they do have lovely colors. Yet they can give me away.”