• Name: Akira Uzumaki
    Age: 18 (Itachi is 18 )
    Looks: Long red hair that curls at the ends up in pig-tails and bright ocean blue eyes
    Clothes: clothes
    Past: She is Naruto's older sister. Akira was very devoted to her father and mother. She was out training one night while her father was away. All of a sudden a loud crash, screams and a horribly (?) growling/howling sound could be heard throught out the village. Akira (she was 5 at the time) grew worried for her parents and little brother as more ninja's ran towards the noise. Soon enough though she found out the cause of the sounds. The Nine-tailed fox demon was attacking the Village! Akira ran towards the demon and hid in the bushes watching Cheif Toad and her father...all of a sudden a bright light came from father and every thing was quiet....