• Reluctance: Namea leaves the bloodlust
    Their eyes met, and Namea trembled, the only visible sign iof fear she had ever shown, he charged, and the fight was on.

    Namea remembered that day with tremors, the fight had been brutal, but his strength had won out, he had carried her away, his prisoner for so long it seemed...Finally he'd brought her back to the forgotten faith bar nearly dead, to where a friend had managed to save her, she owed Dark her life for that. Now she was not whole...she could no longer speak but luckily, her mindspeech was good enough to be heard by all she wished to hear it..so Namea was back, recovering slowly. Death was still her lover, but it seemed..he was being unfaithful.

    The assassin slid into place slowly as the knife sank hilt deep into her stomache, but she smiled, spinning and slitting her attackers throat, having been prepared. the leaf on her skin healed the wound immediately and she turned, with a wave of her hand, the body burned. She had to go kill again it seemed.

    Namea left the bar, and the town, not knowing when she would return to the place she now knew as home.

    All the while she traveled, one place called to her, as always, the Bloodlust, and her mind wandered back to those she cared for there. Only three people could claim to know her truly well there, Diolo Sentinal, his wife, Ikaru sentinal, and a friend named Sevvy. Would they miss her as she left? Most likely not, she decided as she walked from the town in the mixed lights of Twilight.