• As Kevin waited for Jessica to come out, he surveyed every one else come out of the class. Hey saw his friend, Gavin, a russet colored husky. After greeting his friend, he looked over himself, a black wolf with messy fur and a little patch on his chest that stuck up through his shirt. To snap him out of his thoughts, Roy, a golden-brown otter with smooth fur walked out of the class with a smile that radiated goofy.

    “Hey Roy! Is Jessica there?” Kevin asked, due to the fact that Jessica hasn’t come out yet.

    “Oh! Hey Kevin! Jessica? Um… No. She wasn’t in class today.”

    “Oh. Ok thanks. See you later then.”

    “Alright. See ya.”

    “That’s weird. she told me on Gaia she would be at school.” Kevin thought, remembering their rock, paper scissors game that went horribly off topic.

    The fact that Jessica wasn’t at school today bugged him al day. He stopped at the office on his way to his next class to ask the attendant if Jessica Cune had called in sick today.

    “No.. Sorry hun. no Jessica Cune called about being sick.”

    This worried Kevin. He thought something might of happened to her last night. He feared for the worst. “Gaaaaah. I’m overreacting.” he thought.

    He was happy for multimedia though. It helped him take his mind off those horrible thoughts. He had to make his own name on fire and then make the fire move. It was quite easy. And just to impress the teacher her added all sorts of hues and gradients to the fire. After he was content with it, he retired to his Ipod, happily listening to Def Leopard.

    After a week of absence and no call to the school, Kevin became more and more paranoid about Jessica by the minuet. he couldn't call her because he didn't have her phone number. Every possible idea of what happened came into his head. After eight days of missing school, Kevin finally decided to drive to Jessica to check on her.

    After that day of school, Kevin got into his car, a 1998 black Subaru Forester, and took a turn he normally doesn’t take to head over to Jessica’s house. After calling his mom, telling her he would be late getting home, he pulled into Jessica’s neighborhood. Pulling up next to the house, he saw her parent’s cars still parked in the drive way, so he just walked up to the front door.

    “Hello?” he called.

    He rang the doorbell several times to make sure if someone was home, they would hear him. After 5 minuets, he looked into the window to try and see any activity. What he saw shocked him and supported his fears.

    Inside the house, it looked like someone had raided the place. But he saw signs of struggle, such as claw marks on the walls and blood on the carpet. But what horrified him the most was the item in the middle of the living room, a snow white feather laying on the ground. This confirmed his worst fear.

    Without even bothering to knock he tried to open the door, but it was locked. He knew he had to get in, so he simply kicked the door open. It opened with a loud bang as Kevin ran inside. He used his natural ability to track, being a wolf, to find Jessica. Once he found her trail, he realized that since the attack, Jessica never left the house. That meant she still had to be inside. He followed her trail up the stairs and into a closet which had a surprising amount of room. There he found the fox, dashed with blood, cuts and bruises. Kevin immediately recognized the fox as Jessica. Her fur was matted, which was not normal. She had a beautiful coat of red fur with a perfect spot of white on the tip of her tail. Her muzzle was a perfect white that led down to her chest and stomach. Her cloths where ripped and torn, but still in once piece. Her muzzle was covered in blood, making little splotches on her white fur, like she had bitten someone.

    “Jessica?” Kevin ask quietly, trying not to startle the Kitsune.

    She just looked up and stared at him, with her brown eyes red, puffy and full of tears, before letting her gaze fall back down whispering, “they came, they came”, over and over. Not understanding her, he helped her up to find that her wings where full exposed. Then it struck him, he knew who “they” was. He quickly removed part of her shirt revealing her lower left shoulder. There he found the mark, the mark of the freaks. It was a simple mark, a filed in figure eight with a line going straight through the middle and through the middle.

    He quickly knew exactly what happened. Due to a genetic screw-up, some furries had special abilities that can either be destructive or progressive. The government tries to track down as many freaks as possible and administer the treatment. The treatment was a shot to make it so they cannot have a litter of their own so this “disease” can’t spread. Everyone calls this “sterilizing”. The government hasn’t been able to completely take away the genetic code, only minimize it. To warn anyone around a freak, the government marks them with this symbol, always 3 inches down from the left shoulder blade and 2 inches from the armpit. The treatment not only leaves the patient traumatized, but also makes it so it is near impossible to conceal their “diseases”. Kevin knew since they met that Jessica was a Fricandeaus Maxium, or freak for short. He learned when he was going through one of his phases, a full moon was happening and all wolves are easily distracted, and walked into the girls bathroom. Coincidentally, Jessica was also in the bathroom, with her wings fully exposed. She tried to explain, but Kevin understood why she had wings. She was a freak. Her wings were an off white color, with hundreds of feathers. As Jessica became more and more fearful that Kevin would tell, Kevin became more and more mesmerized by the perfection of the wings. They perfect symmetry, the hundreds of perfect feathers. Her wings looked they belonged on an angle

    “Kevin, I..” she tried to say but she couldn’t think of the words to use

    “Kevin… I’m a freak,” she told him, dreading each word that escaped her muzzle.

    Kevin was speechless as what to say next. He tried to think of the best way to defuse the problem.

    “Well? Aren’t you shock or something?” she asked puzzled by the looks she saw on his wolfy face.

    “Um… Jessica…”

    “Please promise me you won’t tell anyone”

    Kevin saw the concern of the vixen’s face. Then he realized, she doesn’t understand.

    “Jessica. Don’t worry, I won’t tell” he replied

    The Kitsune looked relived. But then she thought it over. Why would the wolf who found out what she is not use it to his advantage? He had all the power in the world over her, yet he wouldn’t use it.

    The wolf saw her puzzled expression and decided to come clean.

    “You see…. I’m… alsoafreak,” he mumbled

    “I’m sorry, what was that?” she asked

    “I’m…… also a freak”

    The vixen understood why he wouldn’t tell. He could risk others finding out about his secret as well. After talking for a while about each others, as they call it, “gifts”, Jessica realized why the government treated Kevin at such a young age of 2. He could control something that could easily destroy cities with one attack, he could control all electricity. That is how they found him. At birth he was producing enough electricity to power New York for a month, which was picked up on the Governments sensors. Jessica asked if the wolf knew any other freaks. To her surprise, Roy, the golden otter from her Japanese class was actually a freak. He could turn invisible at whim, which is why the government hasn’t caught him yet.

    Kevin learned that the vixen could sprout or retract her wings, like claws, into her back to conceal her gift.

    After snapping out of the flashback, Kevin Tried to get a response out of the Kitsune.

    “Jessica, it’s me Kevin.”

    She just still stared at the ground whispering, “they came, they came,”

    Realizing he had no other choice, he made a small electrical arc on his thumb and pointer finger, essentially a tazzer. He stuck the arc on her hand to try and snap her out of this trance.

    “Ow,” she yelped, pulling her hand back in an instinctive manner.

    “Kevin? Is that you?” she asked trying to see through the dark of the closet.

    “Yes. Are you alright now?”

    “Yes. They came. They took my parents for questioning about why they did not turn me over when they first realized I was a freak. Then they held me down and did this,” gesturing to the mark on her shoulder, “I fear for their safety.”

    “Don’t worry. The most the Government can do is fine them.”

    “Alright. You know, nnngh, more about this stuff than I do.” she said trying to bring her wings back in.

    “Here, let me help,” he said getting the right charge and frequency.

    He let loose the charge into her nerves, trying to find the muscles that controlled her wings. After finding the muscles, he relaxed and activated them, making the vixens wings retract back into her back.

    “Thank you,” she said.

    “No problem. You can stay at my place if you want? I can drive you there? My parents would totally understand considering the circumstances.”

    “Ok, I guess. Considering the circumstances.”

    They both laughed at there little joke as Kevin helped Jessica up and both of them got into the car