• Continuation of Murder's Witness

    January 8, if anything worse could happen, it was this. Ian’s disappearance. It was a little past four before anyone realized Ian had gone. The first to find out was Ian’s friend James Takani, who realized the disappearance of his new friend when he did not show up at afternoon classes or at their soccer practice. At first he thought that Ian must be sick or had to go home early. However, a phone call and further investigation proved otherwise. James notified Miss O’Light of her son’s disappearance, who, in turn, called the police. There were many questions about the disappearance of Ian. Many thought he just left for awhile, after all, he has been very traumatized. Many kids commit suicide or just disappear for awhile. But Ian wasn’t the type of boy to wander off somewhere, especially alone, nor was he the type that thought about suicide. Another question arose. Perhaps he had been kidnapped, which lead to questioning peoples’ loyalties. Who would want to kidnap Ian? Why Ian? Why such a sweet boy?

    After piecing together what they could, the police concluded that Ian had left school, of his will or another’s- that was yet to be determined , at about ten minutes before twelve- around twenty minutes before lunch had ended and Jason discovered Ian missing. The longer Ian was gone, the more fears surfaced in Miss O’Light’s mind. There was no hope for her youngest daughter, her husband could not comfort her, and Ian was now gone! This new blow threw Miss O’Light into shock. She went home after receiving the news, went into her room and just sat there. She did nothing but sit there staring blankly for eight days. She did not speak, she did not eat. There really was no hope.

    January 12, There was still no leads on her son’s disappearance, but there was now hope. Miss O’Light had received a mysterious phone call and envelope in the mail containing a great sum of money, money specifically for Cassandra. What was more strange was that the letter had been sighed: ‘All knowing’ Though she didn’t think much of it at the time it would be later proved more important than she could have imagined. The day after she had received the envelope she went to the hospital and paid for the operation. Apparently she was just in time for if she had not gotten it sooner Cassandra would have had her life end the next day. Miss O’Light could not help to contain her happiness. Things were starting to turn around for them.

    It was ten days after Ian had been kidnapped when they finally got a lead. A bystander saw Ian in the park with another person, talking together in hushed voices. She merely passed them, giving them a nod and smile before walking on. At first the witness did not think much of it until she had remembered seeing the boy’s picture on the news, saying he had gone missing. When she turned to stare back at them both disappeared. She immediately informed the police and they soon arrived on scene, but who was this other figure? This person in the shadows? A friend? Or perhaps the kidnapper?

    The trama caused by all events was too much for Miss O'light. Her dreams became nightmares, her hopes became fears, every waking moment thinking, remembering...

    Murder’s Witness Memories…

    It was Tuesday- September 4, 2001. The day was like any other. Mr. and Mrs. O'Light went to work and Ian and Emilia went to school as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary, except around 5:18 P.M. That was when the fire started. No one was home- no one was supposed to be home. Ian was at soccer practice, Emilia was at a friend’s house, Cassandra and Mrs. Blake were at the park, and Mr. and Mrs. O’Light would still be at work, so the fire should not have effected the family so badly. Everyone did not find out about the blaze until it had already been put out by the local fire department. Their neighbor Mr. Cassie had phoned in about the fire. The first family member to discover what had happened was Mrs. O’Light, who had left work early. Then Ian, Emilia, Cassandra, and Mrs. Blake arrived shortly after. The only one not there was Mr. O’Light. After taking it all in, Mrs. O’Light told Mrs. Blake to take the children to their grandmother’s house until they could sort out the mess. She then called her husband, who she thought must be running late getting home. She dialed then listened. A short while after she could hear a cell phone go off near by, perhaps behind the bushes. And there, she found someone, but it wasn’t someone she expected. Although the figure was unidentifiable. Miss O’Light knew at once who the figure was. It was Mr. O’Light- as black as ash. She let out a terrible scream, then slumped to the ground- motionless.