• Kazz was coming on the town of Morthos,(thx to gaia guildmember I got the name xd ) and was dissapointed,for there were no Titan nests near the town. "Can't we stop???My chubby legs can't go any longer!" Yang said. The small panda collapsed on the grass, and Yin the dragon agreed for once with him. "Okay,you guys stay here. The townsfolk would be freaked out by a talking panda and a dragon." Kazz said. So Kazz moved in to the town of Morthos.

    "Ugh, no info on any titans..."Kazz said. The dissapointed man sat down on a bench,which was barely holding up his robotic legs. But then he heard a beutiful voice. "Can't someone tell me where the titans are?" He looked up to see a beautiful girl asking everyone the same question. Kazz walked up to her and said,"I need to know where the titans are too." Kazz started to stare at her,but she did not notice. "Well,we have much in common."The woman replied. They both blushed and started to stutter. "I-I-I..."Kazz started to try to say. "I'm Kazz. It's nice to meet you..." "Anna." She replied.

    Suddenly, the conversation was over when a titan attacked. It looked like a giant cloud. "Fifth Rune!!!" Anna sauid. "Sari-Oni-To!" A blue energy blast came from her hands, and shot it's stomach. Kazz ran up to the beast and slashed it's heart and killed it. "W-We make a good team.."Kazz said. "Would you like to help me kill titans? I'm on a journey." "Well,we do have much in common." Anna replied. "I am avenging my family." "Then we should journey together!" Kazz said,making any excuse to stay with this beautiful woman. "Y-Yeah!" Anna said,making any excuse to stay with this beautiful man. So the "couple" headed to the nearest inn to stay the night,to get ready for the big adventure tommorow.