• The mistaken girl

    Its June 11, 2007 I'm 15 years old and my name is Joe. Another day in a city that gets no sleep getting ready for school dressing up nice because its picture day. The bus arrives i get on toke a seat by my best bud Sean he asks me if i heard about the girl who's doing drugs and getting abused by her parents i said no, i changed the subject after i heard that but he keeps on talking her names Miranda shes a b***h he said i told him i don't care but something inside me wants to know more about this girl.
    Ive arrived at school i'm in the 9th grade freshman still rumors about that girl... I'm in my 5th period class science, People are saying that's the girl but i hear even more rude comments about her cutting herself being a huge emo i try to ignore them. The girl named Miranda walks into the class room everyone whispering i am silent.
    School is over YAY! the halls start to crowd and people start emptying the building i get home my sister messing with my stuff so i kicked her out of my room for the time being i dont like her....
    School again, there alot of commotion about the Girl Miranda missing some people say she was kidnapped other say she ran away from her house because her parents were abusing her. I get home from the bus i just lay on my bed i should do my homework.
    My dad got me a car today since i got my license.
    I'm bored im going to take a ride i hit downtown i see a person on a bench i think its Miranda i cant believe it she's sleeping on a bus stop bench i get out of my car i slightly touch her she freaks out on me saying stay away and dont hurt me, i said im not going to hurt you she strayed away from me so i parked the car and came back i sit on the other side of the bench she looks pal and wiry it looks like she hasn't ate in a day so i pull out some crackers she quickly takes them, i look at her she looks at me and says i remember you from my 5th period class umm i think science i say yea i am in your class. Why arnt you at school i asked she goes silent, we go for a walk and i ask her if the rumors are true she starts to cry and mumbles a slight yes and i just cant believe it, we walk.
    It starts to rain i give her my jacket we both were by a store i said wait here i went in a bought bottled water and warmed it up i went back outside and toke her hands and put them on the warm water bottle. she smiles she starting to tell me stuff that had happen to her she said she was beaten by her dad and is doing drugs, i get all teary eyed but i don't tear she starts to cry and without any warning she hugs me i hugged her back, saying u can let go now i just stay and say i dont want to. We walk in the endless rain together thinking why do people hate her so much?.
    Its morning i get up i came over to pick up Miranda i knock on the door her dad opens up and yells STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER i quickly step back a few but Miranda comes running out and says STOP! she gets in my car and i drove away. we get to the high school we walk in the halls i slowly put my hand to her hand and held them she held back but people in the hall and staring at us like she is a stranger to these people, they just stare....
    its been 2 weeks now and Miranda seems to have her life back she switches classes so she can be in my classes even weights i thought it was funny when she showed up her face turned red. Its night time and we decide to go for a walk we see a park bench and we sit down, i slowly creep my head towards her, she leans and kisses me i wasnt expecting it she smiles because my face turned all red.
    Another day im excited for the last day of school i met with all my friends so we can plan what we are going to do summer break. Its lunch time and i walk outside i turn And i see Miranda and another guy kissing and doing drugs i filled up with hate and anger i just left and slammed the door i walk in the middle of the lunch room, Miranda yells JOE! i keep walking slowly she runs and hugs me from behind and says PLEASE forgive me Joe im sorry i don't know what i was thinking please stay with me, i release her arms around me and say its to late and i walk slowly out the school doors i look back she's crying, the people saw everything and just stand there silent i walk away walking away from someone i loved.

    to be continued......

    I hoped you enjoyed reading