There’s a black vantage Cadillac driving down the dark road. There’s a man in the dark car he has a cigarette in his right hand. The man takes the cigarette to his lips and inhales. The light from the cigarette lightens up his face and just like that it goes away. The car keeps on driving down the road until it passes a sign that says WELCOME TO LAS VAGES.

    His name is Bobby.


    There is a fat un bathed man standing out side of the hotel pasing and smoking a cigar. The same black Cadillac pulls up a little away from the door. The fat un bathed man drops his cigar on the ground and runs into the hotel.


    He runs to the elevator door and presses the up button and he keeps on pressing it. The fat man looks back at the door and he can see the bobby getting out of his Cadillac. The fat man looks over at the door that leads to the stairs. He runs to the door that leads to the stairs. he tries to open it but its locked so he kicks it open and falls in.

    The fat man is moaning in pain.

    FATMAN- s**t!!

    Bobby walks into the hotel and walks straight to the elevator. he presses the up button and whale waiting for the elevator he looks over at the stare door. He walks over to the stair were he sees the door is knocked out. Bobby steps over the door and starts walking up.

    The fat man is hobbling up the stair he might have broken his leg. He looks down the stairs and can see bobby’s hand going up the stairs railing. The fat man goes even faster up the stairs.

    Bobby starts skipping steps.

    The fat man gets to the sixth floor. He starts hobbling down the hall way until he stops at a door and starts banging on it.

    FAT MAN- sir open up sir… sir


    The fat man pulls out a door key and throws the door open.


    The room is small bed, couch, chair, coffee table, and a bath room.

    A women screams when he opens the door.

    She falls off the bed with nothing but panties on. She runs into the bath room and slams the door shut. Therese a old short pot belly man with a gray comb over. His name is Charlie.

    CHARLIE- goddamn it what the fu

    He’s interrupted

    FAT MAN- he’s hear sir

    The fat man is shot in the head and falls to the floor. Bobby walks into the room casually like nothing happened.

    CHARLIE- what the ******** bobby

    Charlie stand up off the bed all he has on is a pock a doted boxers. Bobby walk over to the couch and sits down. He pulls out a long silver barrel gun. And sets it on the coffee table and then puts his feet on it to. Bobby lights a cigarette. Charlie walks over to the chair and sits down.

    CHARLIE- what is it you want it has to be something big for you to go off and kill my best man.

    BOBBY-that fat a** was your best man you couldn’t get any muscle

    CHARLIE- muscle isn’t everything we had history. Any way I was in the middle of something could we make this quick.

    BOBBY- that’s your choice Charlie. see I came here for the bounty on your head so the way I see it is that you have two choices 1 I ******** blow your brains out take the hooker in the bathroom and collect all the money or 2 you give me twice the bounty on you head I take the hooker and you keep your life and go home to your wife and kids.

    CHARLIE- see bobby its s**t heads like you who make’s a men cheat on there wife’s.

    Charlie stands up back up and goes over to a the side table next to the bed. He pulls out a cigar and a lights it with a match.

    CHARLIE- 2 ill take #2 but I don’t have the money right now

    BOBBY- ******** you I know that you keep at least twenty thousand in you god damn safe in the wall that’s more than enough to pay me. So stop playing around before I pump your head full of lead.

    Charlie inhales and exhales a couple of times then walks over to the safe in the wall grabs three full bags of poker chips and money then puts on the table.

    BOBBY- I got a question

    BOBBY- whose the one ordering bounties on the bounty hunters.

    Bobby stands up

    CHARLIE- some guy in Japan he started a group a while back. and know the bounty hunters are becoming the bounty heads.

    BOBBY- thanks you were a real help

    Bobby walks over to the bathroom. He takes off his long coat and gives it to the Asian women she puts it on and ties it. Asian women’s name is yuki. Bobby grabs yuki’s hand and walks to the table and grabs the bags.

    CHARLIE- come on give me five minutes with her. That’s it five come on my wife wont even look at me.

    Bobby and yuki walk out of the room. Yuki kind of hops over the fat man.


    Bobby opens the door for yuki. Bobby gets in the driver side and they speeds off


    Charlie is putting his pants on. After he put he’s pants on he walks over to the bathroom but before he can get in he notices the there’s a poker chip left on the floor under the coffee table. He gets on his knees and grabs it. He looks over at the couch there’s a ball with a count down on it with 3 sec on it.

    CHARLIE- a ********


    Bobby’s situating the rearview mirror. Its looking at the hotel. The hotel room blows up glass is hitting the ground and people a screaming. bobby situates the mirror back. Yuki grabs a engagement ring out of the cup holder and puts it on. She’s staring at it and moving around on her finger.

    YUKI- when’s it going to end?

    BOBBY- what?

    YUKI- you know. All of this. We cant do this forever. And now the bounty heads have got us running.

    BOBBY- I know but I think I might have a lead.

    YUKI- where

    BOBBY- Japan

    YUKI- who

    BOBBY- we can talk more tomorrow. But now we should be thinking about a place to sleep.

    Yuki is smiling staring at her ring. As they drive off in the city. They stop at a small store yuki grabs some red high hells out of the back seat. She runs inside the store.