• Chapter 2
    As Mysti and Kiara find there way round crystilia, Kiara tries to get her head round all the craziness that has happened on her 16th birthday.
    MYSTI:“ wow, Kiara, I can’t believe that we are roomies its so cool right?”
    KIARA: “yeah I know, I mean a few hours ago I was on earth and now…”
    MYSTI: “now your on crystilia with me, I know its great, …hey who’s that?”
    The two girls stop in there tracks at the sight of a girl with long green hair, and a white flower on her top, she was crying in the corner and looked like a little lost puppy.
    KIARA: “hey are you ok?”
    GIRL: “*sob* yeah I’m just confused you see, *sob* I’m new and I’ve never been away from my family before… *sob* *hic**sob*”
    KIARA: “hey it’s ok, I’m new too, we both are I’m Kiara and this is Mysti…”
    MYSTI: “hi”
    KIARA: “I’ve also never been separated from my family before either, well I thought they were my family…”
    GIRL: “*sob* what do you mean?”
    KIARA: “well I’m from earth, I found out that I have powers and my family found me and looked after me until now….. I still think for them like my real family though..”
    GIRL: “oh well my name is Flora, my magical power is earth, um nice to meet you *smiles*”
    MYSTI: “well nice to meet you, my power is air and Kiara’s is water, why don’t you stick with us”
    FLORA: “really?”
    KIARA: “ yeah, we’re your friends now right?”
    FLORA: “yeah *smiles*”
    MYSTI: “so what is your dorm number?”
    FLORA: “umm…. (gets out paper) M15”
    MYSTI: “know way, that’s so totally freaky, we’re right next door”
    KIARA: “come on we’ll check out your room with you”
    FLORA: “GREAT! I’m gonna like it here now I have friends like you two *big smile*”
    As the three friends walk down the hallway to look at their new rooms, they heard what sounded like an argument coming from Floras room…
    VOICE: “look it’s not here what have you done with it!?”
    The door opens and there is a girl arguing on the phone, however, this is not just a plain old earth phone, it’s a phone that works on magic, no money to activate but a phone that you look into the screen and the person you want to talk to is on the screen, (it’s a bit like web cam but on a phone that you can use anywhere and you could be on it, talking to people for hours, and it would not cost anything… the girl had fiery red hair and wore a red top and red jeans, accompanied by lots of jewellery.
    VOICE: “oh… look I’ll call you back mum and find it you hear!? Okay love you mum bye xxx…clinck! Umm hi what are you doing hear?”
    KIARA: “well Flora is your roommate (points to Flora) and we’re her friends Mysti and I’m Kiara.”
    GIRL: “oh hi… I’m Ebony, I didn’t realise I had a roommate I’m glade to meet you *smiles*”
    FLORA: “ hi what was all the shouting about? If you don’t mind me asking?”
    EBONY: “oh that, well you see my fire red glam back pack had a charm on it my dad gave to me the week before he died, and its not there, you see and its very precious..”
    FLORA: “ umm do you mean this?”
    EBONY: “ OH …MY…GOD! Where did you find it?”
    FLORA: “it was out side the door I caught it with the corner of my eye as we were coming in”
    EBONY: “ oh thank you how can I repay you?”
    FLORA: “ well I hope you will be our friend as I like to be friends with people I’m sharing a room with *laughs*”
    EBONY: “ *laughs* yeah I’d like to be friend with you guys”
    *hugs all round ^_^*
    As the four friends get use to their new rooms, they find a gift basket on there beds, with a magic phone, which ebony was using from her gift basket earlier, a book on the basic spells they need as “magical people,” and the books they need to start their lessons, which they didn’t start until the next day…
    MYSTI: “wow! I knew grandma said there would be gifts but I didn’t think it would include a phone!”
    KIARA: “grandma? What do you mean?”
    MYSTI: “oh yeah I forgot to tell you, my grandma is the head teacher, her name is Mystica, get it? are names are very similar”
    EBONY: “cool! I’m friends with the heads niece”
    MYSTI: “oh yeah, we’re supposed to go to the hall, some sort of welcome assembly, come on!”
    As they all rush to the hall, Kiara begins to think that she is going to like it at crystilia…
    MYSTICA: “I would like to star by saying welcome to crystilia the new years, *clap* *clap* *clap*
    Well the only other thing I have to say is that today is a free day feel free to explore the town, and I only have one warning, do not get into trouble with the students at mischievous rock, that is all, enjoy your day, oh and lessons start at 9am tomorrow.”
    MYSTI: “come on let go into town, you’ve all got your point cards right? Oh Kiara I have yours, grandma gave it to me, only your fingerprint can unlock it, and only you can spend the point on it, the budget is 220 points a week if you bad they get taken away, if your good and do well in classes you get bonuses, you can spend your points on anything but keep some aside just in case you have to buy some thing for a lesson ok?”
    KIARA: “ok, got it “
    As they left for town, Kiara was amazed by the hovering bus that awaited.
    KIARA: “what is that?”
    MYSTI: “it’s a bus, oh I keep forgetting, it’s a bus that earth will have in a few centuries, only there’s won’t run on magic, it doesn’t admit any toxins in the air, it doesn’t use oil, and its free to ride, come on”
    As the four girls got of the bus they were amazed by the magical city that surrounded them. All the streets were sparking and clean there was no litter to be seen, and the sky was a rainbow of colours.
    MYSTI: “this is my favourite café, it is the only café that makes mint chocolate smoothies, come on!”
    As they all sat down with their smoothies, two girls in purple and black came towards them.
    GIRL 1: “oh look, it’s the fruit freaks from crystilia, aren’t you supposed to be being a goody two shoes somewhere?”
    GIRL 2: “yeah a goody two shoes some where”
    KIARA: “umm and what are you suppose to be?”
    GIRL 1: “what did you say? you orange”
    KIARA: “ I’d rather be orange than look like that”
    GIRL 2: “oh my god, you’re not going to let her talk to you like that Cassandra are you?”
    CASSANDRA: “Shut up Roxy!”
    ROXY: “sorry Cassandra”
    CASSANDRA: “what are you laughing at? And you! I don’t take kindly to being spoken to like that so get ready to pay…..”
    VOICE: “hey what’s going on? Leave them girls alone!”
    The voice was a boy called Blane and with him was his three friends: Kyi, Theo, and Leon.
    BLANE: “what are you doing? You heard me leave these girls alone or am I gonna have to teach you a lesson of my own” (pulls out his electric blue sword)
    CASSANDRA: “huh pathetic, lets go Roxy”
    ROXY: “yeah pathetic”
    CASSANDRA: “ROXY! Come on”
    The two girls left swearing revenge….
    KIARA: “umm.. Thanks but we could have handled it”
    BLANE: “oh I know, but those lot form mischievous rock are capable of anything, I’m Blane, and these are my comrades: Kyi, Leon, and Theo.”
    KYI, THEO and LEON: “hi”
    GIRLS: “hi”
    KIARA: “ I’m Kiara and these are my friends: Flora, Ebony and Mysti”
    BLANE : “Kiara that’s an unusual name, but a pretty one”
    KIARA: “*laughs*”
    Then in the heat of the moment… clink clink.
    KIARA: “what’s that?”
    MYSTI: “ its my phone hold on… hello,
    Voice: hello Mysti, are you with your three friends Kiara, flora and ebony?
    Mysti: yes, oh it you grandma.
    Voice: you all need to come back to crystilia right now! I forgot some thing in the assembly.
    Mysti: okay we’ll be right there, bye ….. That was mystica, we have to get back to the school”
    BLANE: “oh well we’ll see you again some time maybe?”
    KIARA: “ yeah some other time, bye, oh and thanks”
    BLANE: “it’s okay it’s part of our duty, we’re from MT. Ember, bye”
    As the girls get back, all they can think of is the fit boys they just met, but as well as Blane, Kiara was also thinking of Cassandra and Roxy’s pledge to seek revenge…
    MYSTICA: “ oh good every one is here I forgot to give you your magical companions, please come forward when I say you name………………….
    MYSTI: “wow this is so cool I can’t believe by pet is a white phoenix, the blue feathers are so cute I think I’ll call her angel.. what are you gonna call you magical companion Kiara?
    KIARA: “ I’ll call her Allie.” what about you flora?
    FLORA: “ I don’t know I heard that the Latin name for a fox is Vulpes so I’ll call her Vulpix.
    EBONY: “that’s a great name, mine is a real phoenix that has fire wings, she reminds me of my charm on my bag, so I’ll call her Gem. Wow, I have a phoenix, flora has a white fox, Mysti has a white and blue wing-tipped phoenix and Kiara has a unicorn with a purple main, tail and wings we all have a magical creature that is similar to our personalities isn‘t that strange? ”
    KIARA: “yeah,…. Anyway its late better get of to bed ready for tomorrow, night”
    FLORA, MYSTI and EBONY: “night”
    As the night fell and the three sun set and the two moons rose, Kiara and the rest of the girls at crystilia went to sleep, when all of a sudden a noise came from Kiara’s window….
    VOISE: (whispering) “dark and fire come together noiseus mishcevious BANGUS!”
    BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be continued in chapter three….