• The Twilight Gate
    “The next generation of heroes is here!!” Na, I’m just kidding this isn’t that kind of story. Meet Erin and Taylir. Erin is normal freestyle, tomboy kind of person who likes taking pictures of nice landscapes then messing around with it on Photoshop. But Erin can sometime be uptight about things but it’s mostly Taylir’s fault (she’s also a lot cooler than Taylir.) Taylir is a carefree prankster type person. She never really cares what happens when she gets in trouble and she always trying to pull a prank on someone (mostly Erin.) They both live with Erin’s mother and step father in a little town in Japan just outside of Tokyo. They used to live in Colorado in the United States. Enough of this! So now I present to you their story…

    “Taylir!!” Yelled Erin while looking for her other shoe. “What!?” exclaimed Taylir running down the stairs nearly tripping at the same time trying to put her sweat shirt on. “What did you do with my stuff?!” Said Erin putting her second shoe on. Taylir replied “I don’t know and why do you always gotta blame me?” Erin quickly replied “’Cause you’re always the one who takes my stuff!” “What are you two arguing about now?” Said Erin’s step father in an annoyed voice as he walked into the living room. Erin’s step fathers is an okay man but he get easily frustrated at the fact Erin and Taylir have always argued for the fifteen years that they’ve known each other. “Taylir took my stuff and we’re going to be…” Erin paused for a second “Never mind we’re already late!!” Taylir came back into the room holding two backpacks one being hers the being Erin’s. “Here! Now let’s just go before we get in even more trouble!” Said Taylir tossing Erin’s backpack to her. “Now will you just leave already? You both are giving me headache.” Said Erin’s mom trying to push them both out the door. Erin’s mom is nice when she wants to be she doesn’t tolerate a lot of the stunts Taylir attempts to pull off but she loves her family all the same.

    “Do you know how much trouble we’re going to be in when we get to school?” Remarked Erin “Who said we were going to school?” said Taylir in relaxed but happy tone of voice. “Oh no not this year we are not skipping school.” said Erin. Taylir replied “Well we’re already late anyway. Besides they won’t even know if we’re supposed to be there anyways. C’mon it’ll be fun and by the end of the day you’ll be thanking me.” “Fine. But if mom finds out you are so dead.” Said Erin. “Don’t worry we’re not going to get in trouble. Your mom won’t even know.” Said Taylir making it sound like it’s going to be easy. Erin replied back with an annoyed voice “That what you said the last time and we nearly ended up in Military School for that one.” They headed towards town so no one could find them…well let’s hope no one finds them. Erin’s cell phone started to ring.
    “Oh no.” said Erin in shocked but dull tone of voice. “What? Who is it?” said Taylir in curious but worried tone of voice. Erin replied “It’s the school.” Taylir replied in a shocked tone of voice “What?! What do you mean it’s the school?! How do they have your cell phone number?” “I don’t know mom probably put it on our admission forms.” Said Erin becoming more annoyed than usual. “You’re not going to answer it, right?” said Taylir. “No of course I’m not going answer it but their just going to keep on trying to call back.” Said Erin. Taylir replied “Fine answer it and say you’re a foreign person from Great Britain.” Erin answered the phone with a not to shabby British accent. She ended up pretending that she was in the airport and the security guard confiscated her phone and then crushed with her own suitcase. “That was very well put.” Said Taylir in happy tone of voice. “Thank you I think that went pretty well myself.” “Now I think we should start running.” Said Taylir in an awkward voice. “Why?” Replied Erin in a worried voice. Taylir quickly replied “Because we don’t know how things work around here and I don’t want to get caught!” Taylir forcefully grabbed Erin’s hood on her jacket and pulled her away. “Taylir let go of my jacket!” Said Erin with Taylir starting to let go. “Hey look there they are!” Yelled a voice from across the street.
    “Oh this just great now the police are after us!” Yelled Taylir. “But we didn’t do anything… yet.” Replied Erin in a whiney tone of voice. “Like I said before RUN!” Yelled Taylir running off down the street. “Wow. Who knew she could run that fast.” Said Erin watching Taylir run and turn the corner. “Hey back here!” yelled the police man from across the street. Now Erin started running like she was supposed to win the one hundred meter dash in North Dakota. Taylir was hiding in small alley way as Erin ran by she quickly grabbed her hood and pulled her off to the side. “Jeez could you have pulled any harder.” Said Erin fixing her jacket. “Hey you should be lucky. I got you out of the way.” Whispered Taylir looking around. “Ah ha!” Taylir exclaimed. “What are you doing?” Asked Erin while Taylir is holding a big wooden board. “You’ll see.” Said Taylir moving towards the entrance of the alley way. As soon as the police man came into range Taylir hit him in the face as hard as she could. Erin walked out of the alley way and looked at the police lying there unconscious. Then she looked at Taylir. “Smooth. And as if things couldn’t have got-.” Taylir stopped Erin from what she was about to say. “Don’t say it otherwise bad thing will happen.” Said Taylir pointing her finger at Erin. “Too late.” Replied Erin looking down the street watching more cops and a few camera people run towards them. “Okay let’s go.” Said Taylir slowly walking away then starting to run again. “Again with the running!” Yelled Erin starting to run after her again.
    The group of police men was still coming after them and the camera crew was getting it all of film to air on live television. Taylir and Erin met up at a park. “This so much fun I’m glad were getting chased by cops. And getting ourselves in so much trouble.” Said Erin sarcastically trying to catch her breath at the same time. “Hey enough with the sarcasm. I get enough of that from you at home.” Said Taylir getting more and more frustrated. “There’s only one thing we really can do.” Said Taylir. “What would that be?” Replied Erin. “I can’t tell you because you’re probably not up to it.” Said Taylir trying to tease Erin. “Just tell me already.” Erin replied in a dull voice. “Nope.” Said Taylir still teasing Erin. “Tell me dang it!” Yelled Erin tackling Taylir to the ground and twisting her arm behind her back. “Tell me and I’ll tell mom it was all my idea to skip school.” Said Erin still pinning Taylir to the ground. “Fine you have three options, but first let go of me.” Said Taylir with Erin starting to get off her.
    Taylir got up and started to dust off the dirt from clothes. Then she continued what she was saying before, “Okay. You have three options. One, we can keep running, two, we can hide, or option number three, we can run then hide.” Erin just stood there and sighed then she replied “You’re such a loser.” “You still need to pick an option.” Said Taylir thinking her options are the best in the world. Erin replied with an answer “Fine option number three.” “Yes! That’s a very good choice!” Said Taylir jumping up and down. “Now start running.” Said Erin looking behind her. “Why do have to keep going right now?” Erin continued “’Cause a group of police is coming and their all right behind you.” Taylir looked behind her and saw the group of police and the camera crew people coming. Then she started to and run like a maniac being chased by a heard of zebras in the middle of East Africa. “Hurry! Into the library!” Yelled Erin to Taylir. They both hurried into the library. “Why are we here?” whispered Taylir. Erin replied “Because camera crews aren’t allowed in here and not all of those police men will come in here. So do the math.” Taylir looked around passing the bookshelves one by one. Erin started moving up and down the sections trying to seem like normal person just looking around. Taylir started spinning herself around in the middle of the room. She tried to stop herself but she was to dizzy to focus. Then she fell back and landed in one wheeled computer chairs, the chair tilted back and it started to roll down the hall. But then there was corner turn and she still couldn’t figure out what was going on, so she ended up slamming into the wall. Luckily when she hit the wall it knocked some sense back into her but the other problem was the librarian was turning the corner as well. All she did was walk over to Taylir and give her an evil glare Taylir just looked up and give her a weird awkward smile like she didn’t do anything wrong. Taylir got out of the chair and started to walk back over to Erin but she caught the cop out of the corner of her eye near the back exit. Taylir being the person that she is started to walk over to Erin but she started moving around like some sort of secret agent.
    She moved past Erin, Erin just stood there and watched Taylir be her crazy awkward self. Taylir finally stopped and walked back over to Erin. “You hit your head hard didn’t you?” said Erin saying it like she watched Taylir hit the wall. “Yeah kind of and it really hurt. But there’s a cop by the back exit who’s probably looking for us too.” Taylir replied. Erin looked over by the back exit then quickly looked away. “Quickly move over to the librarian’s desk and don’t do your stupid moves again.” Said Erin looking over at the librarian’s desk then quickly looking back over at Taylir. They both moved over to the desk. Once they got behind the desk Erin grabbed the book sitting on there, then she tapped it against the floor making it sound almost exactly like a book falling from one of the shelves in the distance. The Librarian went over thinking it came from the back of the room.
    Taylir and Erin tried to make a run for it but they got stuck trying to get out from underneath the desk but librarian only went to other side of the desk. The librarian stood there tapping her foot looking down at them with an evil glare they both just looked up and smiled the same awkward smile. The Librarian took them outside holding them both by their necks, she went over to the police officer and just said “Are these the two you’re looking for officer.” The police man just nodded his head in agreement. “I told you they were evil.” Whispered Taylir to Erin. The Librarian hit the pressure point in both of their necks then she let go. The officer took them back to the house. Erin’s mom answered the door and pulled them both then she said “Thank you for brining them back home sir.” The officer just smiled ad walked away. She shut the door and said “What am I going to do with the both of you. Honestly Erin if you keep this up I’m going to end up putting you in a boarding school. And you Taylir I’m going to have to put you up for adoption and I won’t give it second thought. I can’t keep doing this; I can’t keep trying to keep you two out trouble. I mean look at what happen today, you broke an officer’s nose and you nearly destroyed a library. You both are lucky you haven’t ended up in yet.” Taylir interrupted “Well, Technically we didn’t really destroy a library we were just hiding there for the time being.” Erin’s mom continued. “I don’t care! Because how damage you’ve caused I’m surprised you haven’t set a record yet.” Now Erin intervened. “We actually have set a record. We’ve been keeping track for a while now.” Her mom continued with the lecture. “Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re actually keeping track! But oh well, what’s done is done, just try not to get into anymore trouble please. Now go upstairs and get ready for dinner.” Both of them started walking upstairs. “Wait we’re not being severely punished for causing so much trouble in one day?” said Erin halfway up the stairs. “No of course not like you said it was an accident right? But do you two want for dinner?” asked Erin’s mom. “Umm… I never said it was accident. And I have no idea what I want for dinner but if you make anything please make sure you don’t burn it, please.” Taylir yelled from up stairs “I know what we can have!!” she came rushing down the stairs. She came down so fast she missed a step and fell. “What’s your bright idea now?” remarked Erin. “We can have…RAMEN!!” Taylir then just stood there smiling. Erin’s mom looked at Erin then they both looked at Taylir together and said “You’re such a loser.” After that Taylir and Erin went back upstairs, they came back downstairs for the infamous dinner of authentic Japanese Ramen…
    Erin’s step dad walked through the door just coming home from work. He then looked over at Taylir and Erin sitting in front of the couch on the floor. He suddenly yelled and pointed at them. “What are these two criminals doing in my house!?” Erin looked at him and said “Well, you married my mom so that makes me your step daughter, so I intentionally live in whatever house you buy. Taylir what’s your excuse.” Taylir answered. “I’m here because you decided not to put me up for adoption, ‘cause my godparents thought I was a complete and total failure!” Erin’s step dad just stared at them confused beyond all reason. “Forget I asked. I’m going to bed now see you in the morning.” He placed his briefcase on the dinning room table and walked up the stairs.
    It was the morning of the next day. Taylir was up and was trying to get Erin up. She started poking her on the forehead and saying her name but she still wouldn’t wake up. Taylir got up and said “forget this.” Then she took a pillow and chucked at her. Erin woke up in shock. Taylir grabbed the pillow she threw and told Erin “get up its time for school.” Erin got up lazily and said “I don’t know what’s more surprising, that you’re up before me or that you’ve actually been trying to get me up.” Taylir replied “Yeah, I know but your mom woke me up and she couldn’t get you up. So she asked me to get you up, so GET UP!” Erin got up started to get ready for school. She started to get her books together and put them in her backpack but one surprisingly wasn’t hers. “Uh, Hey Taylir is this yours?” asked Erin as Taylir walked over to her. Taylir squinted real hard at it trying to see. “Put your glasses on you idiot.” Said Erin. “Alright, alright hold on, you know I hate wearing these things.” Complained Taylir putting her glasses on “Yeah I know you hate them but you’re as blind as bat with out ‘em. And that’s from too much time on the computer smart on!” Erin told Taylir as she walked back over to her. “Yeah, yeah whatever like it matters.” Taylir looked at the book again and just shook her head in disagreement knowing the book wasn’t hers either. “Hey! Wait a minute isn’t that the book you used to make that noise to distract the librarian?!” shouted Taylir. “Ow! Quit yelling I still have a headache from when you threw the pillow at my head.” Complained Erin, Erin looked at the book again. “Yeah, I guess it is. I must have forgotten I had it in my hand when we left the library. Maybe we should return it…” said Erin placing the book in her bag. Taylir quickly grabbed the book before it made it inside her bag. “No, no, no. We are not going back there again. I hate that place and that place hates us, lets just keep the thing might as well. I mean, they were probably just gonna throw it out anyway c’mon look at the thing its old and ugly no body would want to buy it or check it out. I wonder what its about anyway? The title says its called The Twilight Gate.” To be continued… More will come, stay in tune!