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    Part one

    A hummer rolled down the streets of New York. Buildings flashed by with windows broke and signs bent over. The rode was covered in trash and debris. The sidewalks were empty......no one in site. "What are you going do do when you get home" asked Private Mark.
    "Bang my wife" answered Sergent Docks.
    "Thats real nice Docks real nice" said Private Jack.
    "Oh I should be so great......what are you going to do when you get home" asked Docks.
    "I just want to hold my baby girl" said Jack as he looked down smiling under his gas mask.
    "Awwwwwww how sweet......you crying son of a-"
    "Hey drop the cussing....i don't like it" said Jack.
    "Sorry i forget you hated that" said Docks laughing.
    "Oh shut up"
    BOOM a crash hit the side of the hummer sending it flying into a flip. The hummer landed on its side. "What the hell" said Sergent Docks crawling out of the truck. Docks looked down the empty street.
    "Nothing hit us" said Docks as he looked under the truck to tell the others.
    "RAAAAAAAAAAAAA" screamed a zombie jumping off the top of the truck and landing on Docks.
    "OH SH-" Docks was stoped when the zombie bite him. More of the infected started to run from down the street, the smell of blood called to them.
    "GOD" yelled Private Mark as he grabbed his gun and started to shoot out of the flipped over hummer. He hit 3 zombies not doing any damage to them they just kept running.
    "GET OUT YOU IDIOTS" said the driver of the hummer as he rolled out with his gun. The driver started to shoot. He hit one of the infected in his legs sending it to the ground. The whole platoon rolled out of the truck and started to fire at the zombies. The zombies got closer even thow they got hit they kept running. "Let them die" said Mark throwing a grenade at the infected. A few were hit sending them flying in the air killing them.
    "Six down" said Jack as he fired more.
    "There slowing down" said Mark as he let down his gun. Then three of the infected came from behind and jumped on Mark and bite him. Jake shot the zombie but it kept eating. The other zombie came running to Jack. Jack got up and ran away. The ran faster then him. He was getting tired as he ran to a small market store. The infected kept running after him following him into the store. Jack jumped over the store counter and got on his knees. He breathed threw his gas mask as he pulled out a grenade. The zombies stopped sniffing the air. They looked for him as one got close to the counter. Everything was quite no sound just the foot steps from the infected. "RAAAAAAAAAA" yelled Jack as he threw the grenade over the counter at the zombies. There was a loud bang and Jake blacked out.

    Jack opened his eyes threw his gas mask. He looked around to see glass and paper around his body. He got up slowly and looked around to see the infected dead on the floor in front of him. He grabbed his gun from the ground and walked out from behind the counter and out the door of the store. "RAAAAAAAAAA" screamed a zombie as he grabbed Jacks leg and tried to bite him. Jack shot the zombie threw the head sending blood all around the floor. He walked out of the store and looked down the street. No one...he looked down the other street...no one. "Sigh" said Jack as he started to walk to his platoons hummer. Jack reached the hummer to see his team....his friends dead. a tear fell down his face under the gas mask that stopped the virus from infecting him. He started to walk away remembering how his friends would say he had no feelings because the gas mask covered his face no one could see his emotions. But as every person he had feelings and now he was feeling sad.
    Puff Puff Puff. Jack heard someone behind him. He turned to see Docks dead body standing in front of him.
    "GRRRRRRR" said the dead Docks as he ran at Jack showing his teeth. Jack hit Docks in the face with his gun sending him to the ground. Jack then shot his friend and loved one killing him. Then Jack heard running behind him he turned to see Mark dead and running at Jack. Jack closed his eyes and pulled the trigger of his gun. He hit the infected Mark in the legs stopping him from running. Dead Mark landed on the ground. Jack looked at Mark on the road crawling to Jack bloodthirsty for Jack. Jack shot Mark killing him. Jack looked at the body's of his friends dead, there blood on the ground. Jack turned an ran away from the body's. he ran down the lonely street crying under his gas mask. He kept running even thow he was tired he never stopped. But he stopped when he couldn't see his platoons truck. Jack fell to his knees crying. He looked at the ground and screamed "NOOOOOOOOO DAMN". Jack with tears on his face looked at the gun on the ground beside him. He grabbed the gun and held it in his hand. He pulled the gun to the side of his head. Jack gulped as he thought of him killing his Platoon. He cried as he held the trigger of his gun to his head.

    Jack stopped before he pulled the trigger. He threw the gun down and he opened his pocket and pulled out a picture of his family. He smiled threw the tears. "I'm going to come home" said Jack as he put the picture away in his chest pocket over his heart. He got up and grabbed his gun from the ground. Jack pulled out his radio and started to speak.
    "Hello this is Private Jack Hampton" said Jack into the radio. The radio let out a loud hum and then a voice came into the radio.
    "This B 2190 whats you emergency" said the voice.
    "My platoon has been attacked by the infected.....i need help" said Jack.
    "Were sorry but the bridge is blocked by a barrier....no ones allowed out" said the voice.
    "What.....Well what the hell am i going to do-" Jack was cut short by the voice on the radio.
    "Were leaving in a day.....ok no one can help you get here but if you can make it here before we head out" said the voice.
    "........I" mumbled Jack.
    "Can you make it" said the voice.
    "Ok one day " said the voice before he hung up.
    Jack put the radio away and he started to run gun in hand. He turned a block from the street he was on. He looked up to see the Brooklyn bridge. "Ok" said Jack as he started to walk the long road that waited him.