• "This is the best party I've been to this year!" Abby shouted over Demi Lovato singing. "In fact it's the only party I've been to this year!"

    Then all of a sudden the lights went off. Everyone was questioning "What was that?"
    There was a big BOOM! The lights came back on and everyone ran out screaming.

    BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! Klaire's pager went off. Klaire looked down at the pager and it read:
    "We need to go to Main Street Marie." Klarie said.
    Klaire started the car and they were on their way. Klaire was driving her Mustang Convertible with Marie in the passenger seat.
    "Are was almost there? I want to make some money here!!" Marie exclaimed.
    "Marie you don't get paid." Klaire said in an 'DUH' voice.
    " I know."
    Klaire rolled her eyes. They arrived. Marie jumped out of the car.
    "Hold on Marie!" Klaire yelled.
    "Sorry." Marie apologized.
    "It's OK but just chill!"
    "OK I guess."

    Chief McDonald stepped up tp Klarie and Marie.

    ---------------------------------------------------To be Continued------------------------------------------------