• "Jump!" Everyone jumped as the two stronger guys in our group pulled on the mat.
    "1...2...3...jump!" We did it again.
    You are probably wondering what I'm doing. Well, it's a game called Mission Impossible, you have to get everyone from one side of the gym to the other and then back again before the other groups, but you can only use a gym mat, one of those weird orange cones, a floor scooter thing, a T-shirt and 4 little floor dots, and you cannot touch the floor, or you have to start at the beginning again.
    "1...2...3...jump!" We did this all the way there and all the way back, my group was the only ones that was using this technique. We made it there and back before the other groups made it to the first side. I think it was because we used teamwork, unlike the others.
    My names Mayleena April Way, but everyone calls me May. I'm 17, I have long blond hair, gray eyes with little specks of navy blue, and I'm about 5'2'', yeah I know short. I have 2 older brothers, Gerard, who's 24 and Mikey Way, who's 21. They were all I had left, my parents are both dead. They are in the process of starting a band. They have yet to come up with a name. The members of this band are: Frank Iero, he is so cute, but shush, I never said it, he's also 20. Bob Bryar who's 22 , Ray Toro who's 24 and my brothers. I think they are very good. They are a rock band, some people may say an emo band, but if someone says that to me, I set them straight. I'm sick of people calling my brothers emo, because then I'm called emo.
    Gym was over, which meant it was time to go home. One of the guys always pick me up after school, I wonder who got stuck with me today.
    "May, hurry up!" Jenna yelled. She's in love with Frank also, I mean who could blame her?
    "I'm not even sure if it is his turn!" I yelled back.
    "Only one way to find out." She took off out the door, I ran after her.
    We searched to parking lot, but we didn't see Frank or the others.
    "I think it is Frank, he is always late." Jenna wanted a ride, just so she could stare at the back of Franks head the whole time.
    "Hey May, sorry I'm late." Frank pulled up. He's like my best friend, so I know that nothing's going to happen between us, and anyway, my brothers wouldn't let anything happen. They are like that, any boyfriend I get, they would question him like they were my father and scare him away.
    "It's cool Frankie. Oh, and can Jenna have a ride...she missed the bus." I smiled.
    "Yeah, sure." He said with a sigh.
    "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She said to Frank and I.
    "Yeah, it's nothing." He smiled. Oh how I love his smile. I love him!
    We dropped Jenna off and Frank decided to stop for an ice cream, how he knew my favorite, Mint Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles, I do not know, but that's okay, it just made me feel special.
    "Thanks Frankie." I hugged him.
    "Yeah, it was nothing..." He seemed to blush a bit. His phone started to ring.
    "Helliero." He said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah....she'll be home in a bit, we stopped for an ice cream." He hung up.
    "Gerard?" I asked.
    "Who else? Yeah, he called, he acts like he's your father." Frank said rolling his eyes. I laughed.
    "Okay, lets get you home before he grounds you." He said giving me a friendly shove.
    We got there and I got attacked by my kitty, Bob. Long story short, I was little and the guys would come over and I would make them play house with me, Bob was always my kitty.
    "Kitty!" I yelled.
    "May....ie!" Bob said in a weird way. Everyone laughed.
    "Ray! Mikey! Gee!" I ran up and attack Gerard and hugged him. He just got back from a week long trip to Mexico. We live in New Jersey.
    "Mayflower!" He gave me that nickname when he was learning about the pilgrims in 3rd grade. We kinda grew out of the nickname, but when he or I have been gone for over a few days, the child in us comes out.
    "Gee! How was your trip?" I asked him.
    "Good, but I missed my little sister." He smiled. If you couldn't tell, this group was really close.
    We all went out to eat at, the classic Mc Ds. Frank and I, are as people call us, "Veg Heads." So we got salads. That's another thing about Frank that I love, well, I love everything about him to be honest.
    "So...what did I miss?" Gerard asked.
    "Nothing you haven't seen, or heard before." Ray said.
    "That helps." We laughed.
    We got home, the guys slept over. We watched some weird movie Mikey rented. It had something to do with a guy falling in love with this girl, but what he doesn't know it that the girl is a witch, and they go on this crazy adventure and soon he finds out and she kills him. Like I said weird.
    "I'm going to bed guys, school tomorrow, big test. Love." I said as I walked up the stairs.


    Morning came, slow and dull, but it came. Since the guys slept over, I got a ride from Frank. All the guys had already graduated, so I was the last of the group to finish school.
    "Thanks Frankie." I smiled jumping out of the car.
    "You're welcome." He drove away.
    "Oh how I love him, he's so freakin' perfect!" I said to Jenna, she nodded in agreement.
    All I could think about was Frank today. I guess I love him more then I realized. I finished my big test then Bob picked me up.
    "Kitty!" I smiled.
    "Hey, don't call me that until I can give you a nickname." He smiled.
    "Fine. I'll help you with one." I laughed.
    After about an hour and the guys help, we got one.
    "Yes, I think Maylee would work. You know, I never even realized to add more of her full name." Bob said.
    "Well, I'm glad I thought of it." Frank bragged.
    "Yeah, well, I...uhnm...I...I...." Ray tried to think of something to say.
    "Don't hurt yourself." Mikey said.
    Everyone helped make dinner, we had what was almost a feast. Chicken, salads, tofu (Frank and I made that), corn, potatoes, green beans and for desert (yes we have deserts, at least when Bob and Ray are here, they make them and pig out on them.) cookies of 3 kinds and cake (chocolate).
    After we ate, we went outside and played a game of tag. Like I said, we are a childish group.
    "Okay, I'm going to bed." I said after an hour of games.
    "Night Maylee." Bob smiled.
    I laid in bed that night and I couldn't stop thinking about Frank. What is happening to me? I think I'm obsessed. And I slowly drifted off to sleep.