1. Make sure you are not being observed or break line of sight.
    # Step behind your cover or into the shadows. (If possible do it silently).
    # Keep quiet! This is the key.
    # If it is possible get up high or crouch. The human mind instinctively looks left, right, and back -- but not up or down. Make sure you're not at eye-level.
    # Try to compress your body as much as possible. This will make whoever sees you less likely to associate a small shape with a human body in their brain.
    # Stay still (especially at night). The human eye detects motion before anything else, even more so at night.
    # If possible, cover yourself with your surroundings (leaves in a forest, clothes in a laundry room).
    # When hiding, it's worth noting that the human eye is based on movement. There's a much higher chance of staying hidden if you don't move. Even if they seem to be looking right at you they may no have seen you don't even move your eyes.
    # If you aren't hidden by the time they are looking, dart to the nearest place, even if it's obvious. (i.e all black clothes black gloves cover face long sleeves get on bed with pillows and then get behind all the pillows and then curl up to disguise yourself as a pillow.


    * Wear camoflage when appropriate.
    * Don't wear black at night; instead wear dark blue, maroon or grey.
    * Wearing baggy clothes will make your body shape less likely to be associated with that of a human being when you are seen, giving you the impression of hiding in plain sight.
    * Similarly, avoid wearing the same colour (i.e. no ninja style outfits). Instead you should vary shades around your body in order to break up your outline (i.e. a camoflage pattern).
    * Wear clothes that are easy to move in.
    * If you think you have been found, don't give yourself up.Chances are what you took for being found was just speculation, or a mistake by the finder. The best way to be found is to give yourself away. Sometimes if you don't move even when obviously found, the finder will think they have made a mistake. Remember; you are NEVER found until you decide you are.
    * A classic trick is for someone to glaze over you then suddenly turn their head to look at you. So basically always act like someone's watching you
    * Try not to look at the person that is trying to find you. Most people can sense when they are being watched.
    * Dont squeal and make sounds to be funny. This just makes the people you hide with angry.
    * Don hide with other people.
    * if you are lucky,or the finder is young, hide in an obvious spot where they wouldn't look.
    * If possible, WALK, don't run, to your hiding place. Running will make you out of breath, and the loudness of your breathing, as well as your chest moving, will give you away


    * If you are found, people will be able to see you more easily since you are associated with a human in their brain.
    * If you are caught, you could get in trouble, depending where you hide.
    * If you have blonde hair, it will be easy to see in a lot of environments; wear a hat. On the other hand, black hair tends to seem unusually shiny, especially when there is a small amount of light available (dim moonlight).


    * Darkness or cover
    * Camouflage (optional)
    * dark blue or black to hide in the shadows and if your small then try places you can fit
    mostly depending on your size