• David's breath caught in his throat. His face went from beet red to stark white in no time at all."...w..what?..."
    "your too late Dave...im questioning whether i should tell you who it is...but you don't him anyway"
    "...whats his name?"
    "Daniel...hes about your age...hes just so....he makes me speechless to put it lightly."
    David's stomach lurched in disgust at how passionate and kind her words were towards him. he stepped closer to her, getting their in three strides. he stared gale in the eyes,angry at the fact that tears spiked his eyes. " Gale....look me in the eye and tell me you don't love me..." Gale began to walk away but David grabbed both her hands."...David...please don't..." tears renewed on her cheeks. Finally breaking, tears fell from David's eyes as well. gale look him in his nearly clear blue eyes. She knew she couldn't look him in the eyes and say she didn't feel something loving."...David..."she ran defiantly, tears falling as she ran." GALE!!!" he screamed, crumbling to the floor."...Gale..."he whispered.


    David walked into his father's house."Davey!!!" his father exclaimed.David embraced his father whole heartedly."hey ol' man" he flashed a fake smile that he pulled off like a politician." i have a surprise for you...a big one." David cocked his eyebrow suspiciously, but went along willingly. he showed him into the backroom where a tall male stood. he turnt around and waved a silent hi towards David and his father. " gale...calm down sweetie...ill be there ASAP ok?" Davids eyes nearly flew out his head.no...no way in hell this guy could be...David thought dangerously,cracking his knuckles." ok...bye..love you..." the male hung up the phone." hey...whose this?"David's father smiled from ear to ear in delight as he made his announcement. "David...this is your half-brother Daniel. Both of there sky blue eyes flashed in anger. "WHAT!?" they screamed. David flew at his brother, his fist clenched .