• There’s Blood on My Ring, And Im Not Even Married Yet

    Chapter One: The beinging.
    “No,” I yelled as I jump in front of the speeding bullet. I landed on the ground with a thump, blood spilled from the wound in my stomach. “Move out of the way Rosalina.” said Belethe as he kicked me out of the way walking up to Alex with his gun pointed to the center of his head. He’s footsteps echoed threw the mountain as he took each step with his large shiny black boots. His boots blend in with the dark fallen leaves and the darkness of the night. The only light provided was the silver light of the moon which was so far in the sky it was almost sucked into the darkness. I turned to Alex, his face filled with fear. His dark brown hair was cover with the silver light his dark green eyes swelled with water. Tears soon flowed from his eyes like two rivers down to his freckles. “Run Alex!” I screamed holding onto my wound, my hands blooded from the bleeding. Alex slowly started to back up nearly tripping on a twig. “I said run Alex run now!” He made a swift turn around his hair splashing into his face; he took off in fear and didn’t look back. My eyes swollen and puffed, they turned red and I soon started to cry.
    “Hey Belethe” I managed to choke out. He turned around with a spin filled with anger, his dark red cape swishing like an angry sea of blood. I could tell in his dark brown eyes that he was mad because he had to go chase his target. “What.” He said with no emotion in his voice, but it all showed clearly in his eyes. “You know if you kill Alex… I will have to come back and kill you right?” I knew that he knew that but I wanted to hear him say it, I wanted him to say I was going to kill him if he lades one finger on Alex’s head. “Hahaha, do you really think you could possible kill the greatest trained assign in Tryanvia.” He said. “Hmm,” I said turning slowly on my way of sitting up. “I don’t know I did kill your father didn’t I, so shouldn’t you be much easier, since they all ways say like father like son?”
    “You…” He said walking furiously walking up to me with his gun pointing to my head. Then at of nowhere a flying bullet hits him in the hand. Blood went flying along with the silver gun that meshed with the moonlight. Beth yelled in pain. Then a black stallion came running with eyes of gold. The rider was Aura, the princess. Her black hair tied back into a long ponytail as it flopped with each horse jump. The horse and her black hair collide with each jump. She held her shot gun firm and steady up to her right eye and the left one was close with great force. It pointed directly at Belethe. Her face was red, with anger. “Belethe you scum how dare you enter my kingdom. I will kill you. Along with your …family if you do not leave at once.” Belethe look at her with anger and slowly turned around but walk away like none of this happened we watch him walk his way deeper into the forest until we couldn’t see him anymore. Aura lowered her gun and jumped off her horse. Then she slipped her gun in the hold strapped around her waist. “Stupid guardian you’re going to get yourself killed one of these days.” She said picking my up and draping across her horse. “It’s not me you should be worried about its Alex.” I said turning my head to face her. She hopped up on horse and put her hand on the reins. “Ha, he’s at the castle he came running in like he was being chased by a dragon.” Laughed Aura. “I’m just glad he made it there with out being killed a scribe or something.” I said with an awkward laugh. “We better get you to the castle so Merlinda can fix you up, before you bleed to death.” She snapped the reins on the horse which sounded like a whips, and the horse took off. The black hair of the horse hit me in the face as it dodges each up coming tree. Shadow showed greatly as the sun started to rise.
    When we enter the castle gates one of the guards stopped us. “Your highness, the king it quite upset with you.” He said holding his head low. “Isn’t he always?” Asked Aura playful, yet her expression on her face didn’t say that at all. When we walked into the castle doors all we could hear was. “Aura Genie LeAngle, You march yourself into the library this instant!” said her father’s coming from the library. “Father I have to take Rosalina to see Merlinda before she bleeds to death.” Was Aura response. “Merlinda is in here.” We slowly marched into the library. Sitting in the reddest, plushest chair holing his dagger in a nervous worry was Aura’s father. He took the tip of the dagger and the end and bounced it back and forth on his fingers. Merlinda holding her staff standing right next to him. I never notice how much Aura looked like her father. Both had dark black hair, Very long, pointy ears and dark brown eyes. Her father was a lot plumper, and he had no earring unlike Aura. Her ears were covered from ear to ear, filled with silverback shaped hoops with stud fill with picture of fairies in them. That floated back in fourth designed to look as if they were trying to break free. It’s covered from ear top to bottom. That went perfect with her Chinese looking eyes. She was quite in shape and had all the right curves in the entirely right place. Even her freckles seem perfectly plotted on her face.
    Merlinda on the other hand look different even thought she was her twin sister. She had short dark purple hair with a bob cut, with light blue eyes that never seemed to blink and they were so wide and well lighted. She had a beauty mark on her right cheeks. Her ears only had a few earrings on them unlike her sister there were all vampire based. She wasn’t as well in shape as her sister put then again she wore skirts that really didn’t show her figure. The twins dress different too. Aura wore bright colors such as pink or red with lots of different mini skirts that were too tight around the hip and too short and she always seem to walk extra slow so she wouldn’t rip it and so she could sway her hip at t he right time. Merlinda wore black and black only, unless she forced against her will to wear matching non-black cloths with her sister. But that’s was on holidays and special occasions. She wore lots of leather capes with werewolves’ slashes in them. She also wore pants too but they were too big and baggy. Today the twin were dress the same it must have been a special occasion today. Each had a long purple silk dress on with their hair pulled back, braided, and the same earrings. Merlinda must have had to get intentions for just today.
    Aura went to stand on the other side of her father, simple dragging me along. “Young lady what have I told you about leaving the castle after midnight?’’ Said the king, giving Aura and upset look as he played with his dagger now by throwing it back and fourth, and switching hands. “Never leave the castle ground after dark or you get yourself killed, but father Rosalina was in…” An Aura started but was cut off by her father. “I don’t care if Rosalina was stuck in a well filled with demons caused by Slayer the princess of the underworld; you know better to disobey my child.” He said. Well I’m not going near any wells anytime soon. “And plus if you get eaten by a were who will marry Alex, oh yeah me.” Added in Merlinda, she smiled of the though of it. I bet she wished something bad happened to Aura; she was always fawn of Alex. You could see it in her eyes. “I’m sorry father I will never let it happen again promise.” Said Aura trying her hardest to sound apologetic. Oh for your for your infromation“were” in this realm means half animal half human creatures. In slang of course for were-and then a wolf part at the end. In case you didn’t figure that out. “No your not sorry and there only way to make you feel sorry and that to postpone your wedding.” Said her father. I was just standing there bleeding to death. I wonder if any one has notice I was turning purple. “Well postpone the wedding but you can’t leave poor Rosalina standing her dripping of her precious life now can we?” Aura said dragging me to Merlinda. “This will hurt a bit,” said Merlinda pointing her staff with the crystal ball towards me. “Noathermatalia.” A light flicked that’s all I could see until fainted.
    I woke up in my room, a pink room with red rose painted on the wall. I looked around everything was here to my bathroom door to the dagger collection. I propped my head up, I looked down I was under about two layer of blue silk sheets. I touched the spot where I had been shot, all I felt were bandages. I sat fully up, but I quickly laid back down my head the room was spinning like crazy. I heard two light knock on my door. “Come in.” I said, but it was very faint. Alex walked in his pj, there were dark blue silk and his hair was dripping wet. “I’m sorry for getting you shot.” He said as he took a seat at the edge of my bed. “It’s my job to take a few bullets for the royal family.” I said. “No you shouldn’t as a prince I should be able to defend my self, to have a girl defend me is sad.” He said but when he looked at me I could tell he wish he could take it back. “I am not just any girl Alex, I was trained for seventeen years to protect you, I have killed demon, werewolves, and things that are not aloud to be spoken of to save you and now that I got shot you think I going to go crying home to the king, no Alex I’m stronger then that, but if you think I’m so weak then next I’ll let you take the bullet so I don’t get hurt!” I said, lifting my body up and swinging my feet to the edge of the bed so they dangled above the floor. I looked at myself for a second. I realized I was in my slick black night gown with picture of daggers. “Rose, I didn’t mean it like that it’s just that I don’t want to see you hurt.” He said as he grabbed my hand. “Since when did you care I’m supposed to die for you it’s my job as your personal body guard.” I said turning towards him. “Since I realize I love you Rose.” He said and I could tell he was completely serious. “Alex,” I said putting a hand on his cheek. “You can’t love me, you have to marry Aura.” “Yes but I don’t love Aura, I love you and you’re all I want.” Alex said bending his head in so he could kiss me. At that moment Aura came bursting. “Alex, Linda said that you were in…” She said but then her face started to look confused. “Am I interrupting something?” she leaned on the post of the door. Her pink night gown touched the floor. I was sleeveless and wrapped around here chest with a cute little bow. With just a little bit of cleavage to spare. Her black hair was loose and went down to her butt. She had one eye brow up and the other one down.
    “No,” I said pulling myself away from Alex. “He was just leaving.” Alex got up and headed out of door with Aura. He looked at me one more time before being dragged out of the room. Why would Alex fall in love with me Aura was much prettier. I had dark brown hair with blonde and red hair, with dark brown eyes that sometimes looked black, with very pointy elf ears and only a few hooped earrings’, and I wasn’t surely as skinny as her. Aura I mean. I mean how could a guy be attracted to me? I was trained to kill at the age of two; I know sixteen different styles of Martial Arts. I’m a nineteen year old girl who hasn’t done anything interesting with her life, beside kill a few things. Yet not only that but I always carry a samiara sword with me even in my sleep so if anybody tried to sink up on me in my sleep they would get stabbed. Why would any body like me? Especially the prince.
    “Hilary do you think I’m pretty?’’ I asked my best friend. We were sitting under the cherry blossom tree, eating our picnic. “Are you kidding me your gorgeous.” She said taking a bite into her wolf sandwich. My poor-poor brothering, I’m part wolf you know. “Why would you ask?’’ Taking another bite. She was Aura bodyguard. She was also much prettier than me. Long white hair, with silver eyes, regular ears with two butterfly earrings. The earrings flapped every five seconds or so. She had light aqua skin which looked like moving water. “Will what if I told you there was some guy who was having a arrange marriage, and he said he didn’t love the woman he was suppose to marry and he only wanted me.” I said taking a sip of Water I had fetched from the river of Congour when the prince and I went camping. “That’s great who the lucky fella?” grabbing a plum out of the straw woven basket. “You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.” I said taking a sip of my narf soup. She put her 45’ revolver to my head. “Tell.” She said with a serious face her index finger reaching for the trigger. “Prince Alexander.” I said starting to regret telling her even though I knew she really would shoot me if I didn’t. “Oh my lord Bandai,” her mouth hanged with astonishment. “You guys are not going to elope away are you?” slowly bringing the gun to her side. “No, who even said I like him back.” I said taking another sip of my soup, but this time it tasted bitter. “It’s so obvious you’re in love with him Rose.” Taking a bite of her plum some of the juice squirted out. “Well that’s not true I’m his body guard I’m suppose to take a dragon flame for him so defending is only part of the deal, so maybe you guys see me taking my job seriously is like loving the person and willing to do any thing for them.” I said, pushing my soup away I had lost my appetite. “No Rose it’s definitely love and you know it.”
    Bam. “What was that?” I asked reaching for my sword. “I don’t know lets go check it out.” She got up and starts walking toward the wall. When we reached the wall, Hilary started to climb up it. “What are you doing?” I asked, watching Hilary grab the veins and pull her way up. “I want to get a better look.” She was now halfway up. I started to climb up myself, nearly falling down and breaking my head open a few times. When we reached the top we swung our feet over the edge so we could face the forest. Bam. “There it is again, I don’t see anything do you?” asked Hilary leaning to try to get a better look. “Look over there.” I said pointing my finger to where trees were falling. Hilary reached for one of her butterfly earrings. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Watch.” She said the butterfly was sitting in the palm of her hand. Its wings started to flap. “Go little butterfly and show me what you see.” Hilary whispered to the butterfly. The butterfly started to fly out of her hand. It zigzagged its way to where the falling trees were. Hilary eyes started to change colors. “What do you see?” I asked leaning over to get a good look at her eyes. “Dragon a bronze, dragon.” She said.
    She laughed “We have to warn the-” I started, but Hilary had already jumped down the wall. “You’re really something you know that?” I said to Hilary slowly climbing my way down. “And I take great pride in it.” She said running towards the castle. When I got down Hilary was already inside the castle. I ran my way in. Threw the main door, in the library. I knew the king would be in there, he loved to read. He had shelf of fantasy books, books about war, humans, and mysteries, sometimes when I’m not guarding the prince I would come down here to read there always was new deliveries that comes in and no two books were the same. Just as I suspected he had his head in a book. Hilary wasn’t here she must have went to ring the alarm. “King, There is a dragon in front of the castle gates.” I said holding me head up high. “Ring the alarm.” He said not even moving the book in his hands. “Sir, Hilary is already doing that.” “Well then get ready to fight it.” He said. “Yes sir.” I said, taking off to my room to get ready for battle. When I got into the hall I heard to voices.
    “What were you two doing last night?” Asked the first voice. I leaned against the wall of the corner being as quite as possible. “Listen Aura I don’t love you, I don’t want to marry you.” I knew that was Alex the other voice was absolutely Aura’s. “What do you mean you don’t Love me, I’m your fiancé Alex we have to marry so wouldn’t you love me.” Aura said. “Well I’m not going to even though this is an arranged marriage, I’ll find away to be with the one I want to be with.” Alex said his voice sounded closer this time. “Oh yay Alex who this lover you speak of.” Aura said, she sounded really mad. “Rosalina.” Was the little word I heard from Alex’s mouth, but there was a big gasp from Aura. They sounded really close this time. Then I saw him walk down the other hall. I saw Alex coming out of the hall. Then I heard crying. I walked into the hall causally. I saw Aura sitting on the floor with her hand over face crying. When she heard my footsteps she looked up. Her face was wet, red, and upset. She stood up, and came charging at me, she had pinned me up against the wall. “You why would you steal Alex away from me?” she asked, her face was red from crying and because she was mad. “What are you talking about?” I asked her trying to sound like I didn’t know what she was talking about but I clearly did. “He’s my fiancé, my husband, and now he want’s you? I kill you for taking Alex away from me.” She said raising a fist and grabbing my throat. I grab her fist pushed her back and flipped her over my back. Just then Hilary walked down the hall. “What do you think your doing?” she asked me giving me a little shove as she went to go comfort Aura. I can’t believe I snapped at Aura like that. I need to lye down. I went into my room and lied down on my bed. I though about every thing that’s been happening to me since I got shot. It hurts, I’m so confused. Before I knew it I was a sleep.
    Oh man I was Im late. I rushed to put on my cargo pants. I was late for the council meeting. I slip on my white tube top. I was supposed to be there an half an hour ago. I laced up my combat boots, and I ran down the hall. Flew down the stairs. I could feel the wind blowing pass my ears. There on the coat hanger was my leather jacket I grabbed it a slipped it on. I ran down the hall and into the other tower. I ran up to the fifth floor, I was tired my tongue was dry and my legs felt like they could give out any minute. I opened the door. There was a triangular looking table in the middle of the room. All the council members were seated with there guardians standing behind them. I saw Alex and quickly ran up behind him, and stood at attention. “Well then now that everyone is here we can start the meeting, even though we should have started 15 minutes ago.” Said the oldest council member who was a dwarf with long crusty white hair and dark purple eyes. Soon the discussions started about the war against elf and the lacrass, the gold mine fight, and the dragon flu. “So someone was surely tired last night, missed the big battle, ‘gainst the dragon Hilary’s had fun.” whispered Alex with a little laugh. But I didn’t see what was so funny. “Your wife nearly strangled me to death if you must know, and I wasn’t feeling too good either.” I whispered back. “Ummm… I don’t see that as a reason too be late but whatever makes you happy…” Alex was saying before I cut him off. “Shut-up! God don’t you see I’m goin’ threw a lot of stress right now, you confessin’ your love for me, Aura hatin’ me, Hilary being upset with me also…!” I screamed at him before he put his hand over my mouth and dragged me out the room. He easily dragged me into the restroom. “What was that about!” he yelled at me but it was in a whisper. “You know you have been causing me a lot of trouble with the confessions and the protecting you from the Beth dude and I-” I was cut off by Alex’s kiss. I melted right into his hand which held my face firm and steady. I could get use to this. Wait what am I saying?!? God I was enjoying this too much.
    When he final pulled away I was speechless. I noticed that my hands were placed on his chest. I felt his heart beat steady yet it played a fill tune. He pulled his head up higher I never really noticed he was taller than me. He studied my eyes and I studied his they bounce back and glimmered in the light. He leaned back in for another one and set his lips on my. There were wet but a nice warm wet not drool wet. OMG I’m describing it! I felt his tongue on my lip and let in without regret. The door opened and they were footsteps. “What is going on in here?!?” screamed Merlinda. She sounded like she wants an answer quick. We pulled away from one another. “I was just…” said Alex, blushing he quickly looked down at his feet. “ You just wait until I tell father, and Aura going to be heart broken.” She smiled, she really does hate her sister and I though Aura was joking. “Tell if you want, it’s not like I planned to marry Aura.” Said Alex his hands left my face. Merlinda flinched as If someone hit her. He walked up to Merlinda and put his faces close to her were there noses almost touched. “Listen Merlinda, because I want you to give this message to you sis I don’t love her, never did…” He said looking her straight in the eyes. Her eyes filled with tears, but I didn’t know why. “And you wanna know something else, I’m calling off me and hers wedding there’s going to be a new bride.” Merlinda back up slowly letting tears fall like streams she took off in a run. I was equal surprised, me marry Alex?!? Man today’s happening to fast. Of course I did what I always did, I fainted.
    “Alex…” I said looking at him. “In the flesh.” He said pointing to his chest with his thumb. “Hahaha…very funny how long was I out?” I asked we were still in the bathroom. “Hmmm abot’ an hour, I would say.” He said rubbing the back of head with a stupid cat grin. “Oh, ok.” I said yarning. My eyes started to drop. “Don’t you dare go back to sleep on me.” Said Alex waving his finger in my face. “Fine.” I said lifting my head up form the floor. “Did you plan on letting me sleep there all day are where you eventually going to move me?” I asked. “Yeah I was going to carry all the way to your bedroom screaming excuse me girl in combat boots coming threw. I mean even though I’m nineteen that wouldn’t look suspicious.” He said playful. He sometime reminded me of a cat, always playing, never really serious. “So you wanna go to the meeting now?” I asked getting up on my feet. “The meeting probably over by now, but lets go check.” Alex said with that stupid cat grin. He grabbed my hand and dragged me out the bathroom. As we were walking in the hall, the servants were staring at us and whispering. A few of them even smirked.
    When we got to the meeting room, the meeting was over. But when we walked in there were the whole interior LeAngle family was sitting down looking redder than ever. “What is the meaning of this?” demanded the King, whose eyes were set on where Alex’s and I hands were in lock. I slipped my hand out of his, and for the first time in my life I blush. “You highness,” said Alex standing up tall and proud using I’m a man voice. “I not going to marry your daughter, I’m calling off our wedding, no I plan on marring Rosalina.” He said with a little smile on his face nodding his head feeling superior. The king obviously did not find this funny, at all. He turned redder than a tomato. “Oh, you won’t be marring Rosalina either, guards!” He shouted, now he was the one smiling. Two guards came marching into the room. “Take her to the dungeon and keep her there until its time for the excision.” “No you can’t do that.” Stated Alex. “She my personal guardian. That means my kingdom owns her, so you can’t lock her up, or for that matter execute her.” The king face dropped like a rock along with Aura’s and Melinda’s. “That’s not fair.” Shouted Aura. “She takes my fiancé and then we can’t even kill her!?!” “No your wrong,” said Merlinda. “We can kill her but we get into to trouble for it, but what you or my losing the throne to getting the ultimate revenge?” She said with an evil smile. I never did like Merlinda, and now I hate her. She was right she could kill me, but her father or his nights couldn’t. Don’t ask me how this works out, because I honestly couldn’t tell you. “You wouldn’t stand a chance, against me so why bring this up.” I said with to much confidence. I didn’t mean to say it but I did. “Do you really think so,’ asked Aura. “How about you and me duke this out?” “Fine, any time any place.” I said. Alex looked extremely confused. “The stadium at six.” She said her folding her arms. “Ok see you there.” I said grabbing Alex’s arm and walking towards the door. “Oh,” said Aura. “Bring one weapon of your choice besides a gun.” I was halfway out the door when she said this.
    “Are you really going to fight her?” Asked Alex. We were in his room sitting on his bed his arms wrapped around my waist. “Yes, if she wants a fight Im going to give her one.” I said looking amazed that he would even ask that question. “I think when we go back to the kingdom we will get your own training room, and we’ll move all your stuff to my room together.” He grinned at me and pushed some of the hair out of my face. “Hold your gun fires who said I was going to marry you?” I asked looking confused. Maybe the day was going faster than what I though it was. “Well you love me don’t you?” asked Alex staring at me yet he seemed to be still smiling at me. “Yes I do.” I answered. “There you go you said I do you are now my fiancé…” He said getting up off the bed. “Wait a minute mister; you think you slick don’t you…” I started. “I know you are but what am I?” Alex asked… He pulled me off the bed and started pushing me to the door. “See you at the match.” He said completely pushing me out the door. Then he slammed in my face, before I could get another word in. Sometimes he can be so immature. I walked down to my room. The maids had already packed my bag. Obviously the LeAngle’s wanted me out of the palace as fast as the possible could. I took a shower. I checked my clock or what was my clock 5:45. I looked threw my bag and grabbed my jersey and put it on. Then I slipped on my jeans. I grabbed my sword, hey there’s blood on it! I washed it off as I looked in the mirror I guess I saw my self for the first time. My dark brown hair was in a messy pony tail which magical highlighted my eyes. My tanish creamy caramel skin blended with the over sized orange jersey. I was pretty cute in a five year-old “I want a cookie now!” kinda way.
    Well I better get down to the stadium. When I got there all the bleachers were packed. On one side were people cheering for Aura and the other side was for me. It sounded like they were taking turns shouting our names. All you could here was- “Aura, Rosalina, Aura, Rosalina” being shouted over and over again I never thought it would end until, the king shouted silence. The stadium got so quite you could hear a cricket chirp. “Cricket, Cricket” hey you really can hear a cricket chirps. “Today you will witness a fight against my daughter, Princess Aura-”The king said but was interrupted by cheers. “And Guardian of Prince Alex-” he was interrupted again by screams of “I love you Alex!” Man… Peasant girls just eats him up! And Alex was surely enjoying the attention because he was standing up in his chair tell the screaming crowd to scream louder. “Can I get a whoop-whoop!?!” screamed Alex. “Whoop-Whoop!” screamed the crowd back. The court jester pulled Alex back in his chair and the king commanded silence. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted-” At this point the king made a glance to Alex and Alex turned away and blushed. “The Guardian Rosalina will be held in face off against my daughter, now let the match being.” Two giant wood doors opened; on an elephant was Aura in a silk pink dress. Her tied back by pink butterflies. Even her Staff was pink. But I should have expected this, I mean this is Aura were talking about her. “Ready to get your butt kicked?” she asked me jumping off her elephant and landing with a perfect dismount. “I was going to ask you the same question, considering you should know or not when you’re ready to get a beating.” I said looking her straight in the eyes. “So since I’m the one who’s actual the princess, at the moment. I guess I take the first move.” She said pointing her staff for my gut. “Before you do can you give me my wedding ring I need to know if it’ll fit.” I said putting my hand out, so my knuckles showed. Aura gave me a dirty look. But she slides the 24 carrot 6 Diamond ring off her ring finger without protest. I slide it on my finger, a little tight but it was good for now. Then Aura came charging at me screaming. I tripped her with my foot. She fell on her butt, she stuck out her bottom lip so it quivered and her eyes filled with tears. Yawn! I know she couldn’t fight but man this was sad! No wonder people always let her win the fights, I mean it’s not like she can even possibly win so why embarrass her. She got up and nearly tripped over her own feet. “Your suppose to let me win!” yelled Aura. “That’s not the point of a fight.” I said. “Hmmm,” Aura said “Then I guess I’ll just have to cheat.” She said with a wide smile. Then she let out an ear splitting whistle. I saw the little fairies cover their tiny ears. Then floated up higher. They were taking picture of the match.
    Just then two guards came running up to Aura. “Grab her.” She said point to me. Little lights were flashing once again. The guards grabbed my arms, with argue. I squirmed to get free immediately. No luck, I tried once more, they say the second time the charm. Crap no luck again. Aura raised her staff above her head, with the tip pointing to my stomach. “Aura do you seriously want to do this?” I asked. Man I sounded like someone who wanted to be pitied! “Yay, you meshed up life and now I going to mesh up yours.” “How did I mesh your life?” I asked, seriously curious. “Well for starters you stole my fiancé.” She said, with a little bit of an angry tone. “Hey Alex never wanted you in the first place, so I don’t know what your talking about.” Oh man I didn’t mean to say that. Aura looked as if she was slapped an invisible person. “Your mean!” shout Aura pointing a finger at me. “And you’re slow!” I said back blushing with anger. “What is your problem?!?” she said slamming the staff into my stomach, crying. “My problem is your face!” I said. What is wrong with me?!? “Why are you so mean?” she said crying even hard as she hit me again. “Why are you so ugly?” I asked her, as I coughed up blood. “Hey stop the fight,” someone in the crowd shouted. “That’s cheat’in.” The court jester stopped the fight. Aura stopped hitting me. “Drop her.” Said Alex. The guards did as they were told and let me go. I fell to the ground. I blink a couple of times, the world was fuzzy. Then ever thing went black.
    When I woke up the first thing I notice was the horrible smell. I opened my eyes. I was laid upon a camel? I thought I must have still been a sleep, but no me and Alex were on a camel. I got up by sitting my hand on Alex’s shoulder and swung my legs around. I was side saddling but I didn’t care. I set my head on Alex’s shoulder so my lips were near his ear. “Why are riding on a camel.” I asked. He chuckled and turned his eye so our eyes met. “That’s a stupid question.” He said. You it’s time like these were I say to myself… What is wrong with that boy!?!? He got issues!! “What do you mean that’s a stupid question!?!” I asked. “Well when I was living in Aura castle I owned only you and your stuff, myself, and this camel, you see therefore when I leave, which is now, this is what I can only take.” He said with his eye’s shining with intelligence. “Oh I thought that you owned everything in your room.” I said, feeling stupid. “No that room was design for me from the LeAngle’s.” “Even the cloths?” I asked. “Yes the cloths too, the cloths on my back are theirs but they would be as so cold as to let me leave the castle bare.” Was his response. “Oh I though you owned all that stuff, why didn’t you tell me.” I asked. “Well that would be very princey like would it?” he said. “No it wouldn’t.” I answered him back. “Then there’s your answer plain and simple.” And just like that, our conversation was over. I looked around to check out the environment. Trees, grass, animals, the usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. I leaned up on Alex shoulder so I could see his face. He was yawning, and he his eyes kept closing and he shook his head so he wouldn’t fall asleep. “You want me to-” I must have scared him because he shook his head so hard his head smashed into my nose and knocked me off the camel. I was on the floor holding my nose because it was bleeding. The blood seeped into the grass. A puddle formed. “Oh man, I’m so sorry!” said Alex jumping off his camel. He sat his hand on my shoulder and pulled my up on my feet. He picked my up, arm holding my back, and the other holding under my knees. “I’m sorry, god I’m sorry.” He said over and over. “It’s ok I know you didn’t mean to.” I said, laughing. Today just keeps getting painful and painful. “Yeah, but I still really sorry.” He said setting me on a rock. He pulled out a handkerchief with the initials A.K.G embedded in it. “Alex,” I said taking the handkerchief and putting it to my nose. “Huh?” was his response. “What’s your full name?” I asked. “Alexander …….,” Then he stopped. “What? You don’t want to tell me you know I’m goin’ find out some time.” I said teasingly poking him in the back. “Alexander, Katherine, Gandor.” He said with a look in his eyes like he expected me to laugh. “Oh is that all, my middle name is Wolfena.” I said, I like my middle name. He laughed. “What’s so funny!?!” I asked. “Wolfena?” He said as he finished laughing. “That’s silly! What are you, part wolf!?” “Yes I am part wolf!” I yelled. He went pale. “And that was my mother’s name!!” I yelled. He went even paler. “Im sorry,” He said. “I didn’t know, plus I was just playing.” “It’s ok.” I said even though I was still mad a little. “You didn’t mean so no actual harm done.” I took the handkerchief form my nose it stopped bleeding. “You can throw that on the ground.” Said Alex, or should I say Alexander? ^^ “No that’s littering.” I said. “What-ever.” He said.
    Wham! An acorn fell from a tree and hit Alex in the head. “OW,” He yelled. “Who threw that I outta’ kick you butt show yoursel’fee!” I pulled out my sword. “Sorr’ bout’ that.” What said I don’t believe it! A talking bat. She sounded like a girl and she had another bat with her. “She got suc’ that’s all” Said the other bat who sounded like a boy. They were black. The one who sounded like a girl had a stripe of purple on her back that looked like it stop at the end of her back. “My name Jennifer and this is my husband Tommy.” She said sitting on my shoulder. And Tommy sat on my lap. “My name is Rosalina but you can call me Rose, and this is Alexander, but can also call him Alex if you like.” I said shaking the little bats wing. “So where yall heading?” She asked. She had beautiful blue eyes. “We are going back to the Terian territory.” Said Alex. “Do you know how to get there?” I asked her. “Umm Terian territory, you say?” Said Tommy. “I don’t know how to tell you but I can take you there.” He said. “That won’t be necessary,” said Alex. “I mean we don’t want to be a burden.” “That’s all right.” Said Tommy. “Yup will have to stop on the way though.” Added Jennifer. “Ok.” I said. Jennifer and Alex flapped high above the trees. Then gentle fell back down. “Follow us.” Said Tommy. Alex and I got on the camel. We followed them. I fell asleep.
    When I woke up we were coming into a small town. Everyone was waving at Alex. Little girls were running up to us One of them said “Alexonawa Nowana JEtsa?” “Alexonawa conwya tesq.” Said Alex back. “What are you guys saying.” I asked. “Oh it’s Nomana, she asked me if I was Prince Alex and I told her yes.” He said. “Where here.” Said Jennifer. The camel stopped. Alex got off first and he helped me get down. It was a little shed looking log cabin. It was brown and dusty and even had spider webs and outside. When we walked in it was clean. Nice round tables People were sitting down eating and speaking Nomana. Tommy and Jennifer walked up to the front desk. “Two rooms please.” Said Jennifer. Two only two doesn’t she mean Three! “Are you and me sharing a room?” I asked. Please say yes, please say yes! “No silly I sharing it with Tommy.” She said. She grabs one of the keys and dropped it in Alex’s hand. “What wrong you nervous?” Ask Alex teasingly. “Yes.” I answered truthfully. Alex wiggled his eyebrows at me. I shuddered. I love him in all, but I’m not ready to share a room. I turned around Jennifer and Tommy was already in their room. I walked up stairs, Alex followed behind me. When we turned the corner we heard Tommy and Jennifer arguing. “Let me try.” Pleaded Jennifer. “NO I can do it.” Snapped Tommy. They were trying to get the door open with their little feet. Alex walked up to Tommy and Jennifer and turned the key. “I’ll leave the door cracked so you can open easily.” He said opening the door and handing the key back to Tommy. They flew in and Alex cracked the door. He walked towards me. Open the door, and held his arm out pointing inside. I walked and he came in behind me.
    It was a lovely white room. A nice white bed sheet on the king sized bed. The pillow had hankeder stripes on it. Kankeder is a animal with one leg and it’s a really light blue with dark red spots it so pretty. The room had a lovely book shelf, which was white what a surprise. Oh and a nice little kitchen with a small round table. Also white. “Wow this place is nice.” Said Alex. “Yeah.” I said back. He sat on the bed. And tapped the spot were he wanted me to sit next to him. I gave a little sigh, and went to join him. “You smell gross.” I said. I covered my nose with my finger and my thumb. I wasn’t joking he smelt like old people and rotten eggs. “Thank-you, you’ve made my day.” He said getting up. At first he walked in a circle then in a figure eight then he zigzagged and walked backwards. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m not sure really, I guess I just-” he said but he stopped when he tripped and hit his head. I laughed. “Ow that’s not funny!” he said. He got up and rubbed the spot where he bumped his head. “Im sorry you should have seen the look on your face when you tripped.” I said and easily started laughing again. “I don’t see what’s funny about my face.” He said sitting next to. “Im sorry, ok.” I said, I had stopped laughing. “Wanna go down stairs and eat.” He asked standing up holding out his hand. “Yeah sure.” I said, grabbing his hand.
    We went downstairs. I couldn’t read anything on the menu so I made Alex tell me it. I chose what I wanted and so did he, we sat down at a table near the window. I looked out side so beautiful how the sun setted over the mountains. It made the little town houses sparkle. I missed living out of the castle. I use to be a peasant my self. But when I was very little, I was even too little to walk or to crawl. But that was in the past. “Yowa menayou, sye aes ofhehd.” Said the waitress. She was very pretty. And had an even lovelier voice. I had order pumpkin soup with a basilisk sandwich. What Alex had order is unknown but what ever it was it was green, slimy, and moving! But it must have tasted good, because Alex acted as if it was a five course meal. “What is that?” I asked. “Believe me you don’t want to know.” He said with a smile. “Did you notice that waitress was smok’in hot!?!” He said. I kicked him but not very hard. “Ok I get it.” He said and continued to eat whatever he was eating. Soon after we were done we went out on the balcony.
    “It’s lovely is it?” I asked him. “Yup.” Alex said. He walked up to the ledge. He picked me up by my waist and set me on the ledge. I brushed my hair out of my face. “So when we get back to the castle what do you think your parents will think?” I asked. “Im not sure but I’ll know what there face will look like.” He said, and then he made a funny face. I laughed, he always mad me laugh even when we were friends, or were we always more then friends? “If only your parents were here?” He said, he looked sad. My parent died in a fire, they use to be knights for Alex’s parents. “Yeah I’ve always wanted to meet them.” I said looking down on the little town. A tear slowly ran down my face, but Alex wiped it away before it could reach my chin. “I’ve heard such great stories about, I always want to meet them too, I know how you feel.” He said. He really sweet but he really doesn’t know how I feel. “No you don’t know how I feel but thanks for the sympathy.” I said. “Your welcome, Im tired you?” He asked. “Yeah.” I said. I hopped down off the ledge. “Want me to carry you?” He asked. “No Im good.” I said. We walked to the room. Alex opened the door. We walked in. I went straight to the bathroom. “Im going to take a bath, Ok?” I asked. “Yeah sure, whatever.” He said. I started the water, with extra soap. I like a lot of bubbles. I went back into the room. I got my pj’s, and a book. When I got into the bathroom I stopped the water. Took off my cloths and got into the bathtub. I opened up my book, it was a love story about a Princess Fairy who was in love with an elf, and it’s very romantic. I stopped reading a stared at my ring I could see my reflection in it. I was enjoying my bath until Alex shouted. “Holy crap, that a big spider!” Then he let out the horrible ear splitting girl scream. I got out of the bath tube but I didn’t take out the water. I grabbed my towel tied around me and grabbed a magazine. I came out the bathroom. There was Alex on top of the counter. He was wearing an over sized white t shirt and shorts, or a least I hope he is. He pointed to the spider. Wow that is a big spider! It was black and you could only see the beady little red eyes. Ewww! So gross! I bent over and smash it. I got a paper towel and picked it up and threw it away. Alex got down form the counter. “Nice towel, but whites not your color.” He said. “Haha very funny.” I said. I walked back into the bathroom and got back into the tub. When I was done I pulled the plug and got dress. I came out the bathroom. Alex was lying on the couch reading a book. He had his reading glasses on. “Hey I though you were just bringing you and the cloths on your body?” I asked. “I left my glasses in pocket and this is the inns book.” He said and continued reading. Is glasses were small, red, and dorky looking. They were two little glass squares perched on the tip of his nose. “You look nerdy!” I said, laughing. “I am very funny to you today, huh?” He asked, looking at me very seriously.
    I sat next to him. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well you have been laughing at me all day.” He said setting down his book. “Im just playing with.” I said. “Well stop.” He said, raising his voice. “Don’t yell at me, I don’t know what your problem is.” I said, now Im raising my voice. “Oh but you can yell at me!” He yelled. “Yeah!” I screamed. “What is your problem I can’t yell at you but you can raise your voice to me?!” He screamed. “You know what get out!” I yelled. My face was red, and Alex had taken off his glasses. “I will!” He grabbed his pillow. And walk toward the door. When he reached the door he turned around. “Im glad that I don’t have to wake up to your ugly face!” He yelled. I got mad; I threw a vase at him. It just barely missed him. “What is your problem?” He screamed. “Get out!” I said, I was crying. He open the door walked out and slammed it! I don’t know what is his problem is! Jerk!