• It was a cold, frightning, winter night and Crystal was just headed home with her friend, Ben. The days were cold and things were getting harder for the two but that doesn't stop them from completing their task. There is only one problem, Troll is back and is stronger then ever.
    "The wind is getting stronger. If it gets any stronger, it could create a blizzard!" complained Crystal.
    "I know, but we can get thru this, just stop complaining!" cried Ben. The two were very worried. The storm was very strong and the two were shivering to death.
    "Ben! I'm shivering! Is there any shelter anywhere?" Crystal asked.
    "I'm sorry, but I can't find any shelter. Let's keep looking. Maybe there might be some shelter up ahead. Just stay calm, Crystal," answered Ben.
    "Hey! I see something. What could it be?" Crystal asked pointing to the shadowing figure in the distance.
    "I have no idea, but we'll soon find out. Come on!" commanded Ben and the two raced off to the mysterious figure. When they got there, a young teenage girl was sitting trying to stay warm. Her fingers were purple and her lips were blue. She was practically covered in tiny, white ice.
    "Are you okay?" Crystal asked filled with concern.
    "Yeah, I'm just shivering!" the teen said shivering away.
    "I'm Crystal and this is my friend, Ben. And you are?" Crystal introduced herself.
    "I'm Lisa. Nice to meet you guys," she said. Lisa is a sweet and shy girl with sunshune bright hair and fiery-red eyes. Her sheeks are as rosy as a flower with cute little freckles.
    The three continued on until a surprise attacked the three with fear. It was Troll with his horrifying army.
    "I'm ready for my revenge!" announced Troll!
    "You'll never get away with this!" the three cried.
    "But I did. I have kidnapped a few other teens just like you. If you attack, then I'll destroy them and your planet. Surrender for you have no choice!" Troll pointed out. He did have a good point. The three surrendered to save the rest of the prisoners. They were thrown with other people just like Ben, Crystal, and Lisa.
    "Am I ever goin to get out of here!" cried a winged girl, "I'm Mary and these are meh friends, Sarah, and meh bros. Lucas!"
    "Nice to meet you all. I'm Crystal and these are my buddies, Ben and Lisa," introduced Crystal.
    Mary is a very cocky girl. She loves herself and is so preppy. She dresses different every day. She has fiery- red hair, lime green eyes, and the cutest dimples anybody would be jealous for. She also thinks she is the Princess of Saturnia.
    Lucas is pretty shy. He has dark black hair, a muscular body, and bright and aqua eyes. He is angelic and extremely sensitive. He is also the brother of Mary.
    Sarah is a Goth. She has black hair with pruple highlights. She has bright skin and pruple eyes. She is so dark and mysterious, but deep inside, she is just plainly depressed.
    " We need to get out of here! I'll use my dark powers!" announced Sarah. The bars broke and they all were ready to attack.
    The army was destroyed and Troll was left without protection. Troll ran off with fear. The six celebrated with joy.
    "Let's make a team. Let's call ourselves the STG and we can have Crystal as our leader! What do you guys say?" suggested Ben blushing. Everybody agreed. This now was a great apportunity for them all. They all are now stronger, Crystal made more friends, and the STG will be stronger by the hour and best of all, there are no more worries. Until Troll returns and finds a great plan.

    This represents Sarah!
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    The End!