• the ever-familiar sound of the echoing footsteps came at a great speed.then the scrapes of the guards shoes.this time he had the warden with him.this had trouble for me written all over it.
    -i here by proclaim that your execution will be soon.5 hours to be correct.this will be your last meal.
    the guard put a wooden bowl on the stone floor in my cell. gruel. yum.
    -but i never heard them say that i was being executed!
    the guared slapped me on one of my worst bruises.
    -dont talk back!
    they left me to eat my last meal.
    i got to escape and not hold back.
    the window bars of my cell were loose because i did everything to weaken them.i ate the discusting gruel, then took off the bars of the so called window.

    -i have to go get my bag!it has everything i need.i have done nothing and i got in here just because i went to my house to get my money and it was the wrong house.those rats called neighbors ratted me out by dragging me here.-
    i crawled out the window and entered the passage.when i got to the wardens office some 20 minutes later he was not there.i searched my bag and found it.i checked to see if everything was there.it was.i left the office to encounter the warden and six guards down the hall.
    they came full speed.i ran out the front door.

    i ran and ran and didnt look back but i could hear them.the warden was furious, for i heard him in the wind.some think im a witch,for i handle and use fire,hear stuff in the wind,talk to animals and they talk to me,heal animals,and become them.i took out my katana and checked to see if my bow and arrows and sling and rocks were ok.the men were tired and so was i.