• momo:*sighs* its one of those days again isnt it kioki?
    kioki:*looks up from news paper and takes in a big gulp of air* well....depends how you see it.
    momo:*putting the time in on microwave for his soup*what do you mean?
    kioki:*wipes broth coverd chin on napkin* well....is the glass half full or half empty?
    momo:half full i guess*slurps noodles*
    kioki:by the way where is kiki today?
    momo:*reading the newspaper*i think shes in the woods behind the school. why?
    kioki:*gets defensive* oh... well i was looking for her.
    kiki:*in deep thought*
    kioki:*taps kiki on the shoulder* hey, i was looking for you. are you ok?
    kiki:*looks up* o yeah i was just pondering.*stands up*
    kioki:about what?
    kiki:just life i guess....why were you looking for me?
    kioki:*blushing*um...i was...just....cocerned...you've been gone a while now.
    kiki:*smiles*o well i've just been out here thinking i guess.
    momo:*hugs kiki*where have you been for so long?
    kiki:*blushing*just in the woods.where are we going today?
    kioki:no where. theres a bomb threat in town.it isnt safe.
    kiki:*sighs*one of those days, right?
    momo:yep.well might as well call mom and find out if shes ok.
    kioki:*on phone with his mother*hey,yeah in ok......o well, yeah shes ok as well.mom? what happend?ok,we'll be there soon.*hangs phone on reciver*
    kiki:what happend to mom?
    kioki:it isnt mom....
    momo:*interupting kioki* whatever happend we need to get there now.
    mika:*opens door* hello, look at you three.kioki,momo,and my youngest kiki.why are you here?
    kioki:mom,what happend to dad?
    mika: nothing really *nods toward the living room*he just feels.....odd
    momo:well....let us in.
    kiki:*looking in the door curiously*i see him! whats that on his neck?
    momo:*staring at kiki*what on his neck?
    kiki:it looks like a brace.
    *all three children push theire way through the door*
    momo:*in the living room in front of his dad*what happend to you?
    shi:i....was at work when the bomb went off nothing just a broken neck.
    kiki:nothing?dad that must've hurt vary badly!
    shi:*blushing*oh...it dosent...dont worry about me..you three just stay away from town.
    kiki:*whispering* momo.....momo.
    momo:*rubbing face and yawning*what ......what in the world do you want?
    kiki:kioki went into town!
    *they both jump to theire feet and run past the clock that says 4:00am*
    momo:*panting* are you sure.....he went here?
    kiki:i heard him leave i asked him where he was going he said to town.
    momo:*shaking head*tsk tsk... i thought he knew better.
    *a blinding light shines on kiki and momo,as they both look up*
    momo*gasps and puts hands on head*
    TO BE CONTINUED....dun dun dunnnn