• Once upon a time, on a cold and shiver some night. There lived three odd cats.
    The first cats name was Boe Brave yet sneaky about what‘s in front of him. He was one
    That ignored his brothers time threw time. But never had much to say to them.
    Sadly everyone let him stay inside of his own world.
    The second cats name was Snitch. A brave and smart young fellow, but had his ups an downs when he himself, did not get his way. Thus he always got what he wanted in life.
    And last but not least, was the third cat. Priceless. He was one to not care. Simply let time pass by,
    Let Seconds turn into minutes, let hours turn into days. And then finally let months add up to years.

    * Big Knock at the door *

    “ Huh? What was that? “ Snitch called out, his whiskers tied into a knot. Trying to slowly wonder
    Who exactly would be at this door at this time of night. He became a bit paranoid, yet curious.
    Which led him slowly forward to the door. Knocks became harder, thus louder, thus BOOM!
    The singly mahogany door slammed open, grabbing the little fur ball without one breath. Only left behind was that of his scream. Thus the door closed tight never to open again.

    Priceless stared at the door, it’s golden hues not caring exactly where Snitch had gone.
    “ I guess, he went for a walk, eh Boe? “ The cat snickered, laughing under it’s breath. To only then stare down at the silent one. Who did nothing but sit and stare, at the door that had just closed. No inch nor muscles had been moved out of place from Boe.
    “ Do you have to be so silent tonight? It’s hard to even say were related? “
    Priceless wondered, purring slightly as it plopped it’s figure to the floor, landing quickly on it’s feet. The male cat waged it’s tail, until it stood on the edge from the loud knock at the door.

    * Boom Boom Boom! *

    “ I’ll take care of this..” Priceless quickly passed over to the silent one. Knowing for sure it would take a life savior to get him to talk. Thus with that thought, it stepped quietly over tours the single brown door. It sat upright yet looking and scanning over the door, and the dark figure that had cast a shadow soon after.
    “ Ahem, where not home! “ Priceless yelled, knowing for sure yet right, that hearing that line would make the person go away. He new Snitch had been playing some sort of game, and had been somewhere around the house hiding. After all it had been Halloween. But without a moment yet inch of a second cut in half, the priceless cat had been quickly snatched away. After the doors opens. His scream pasting and echoing threw the whole House.

    “….” Boe stared silently, watching the scene just where it had happen. Both of his brothers had been taken away right before his eyes. But not once did he himself move from his spot. Until the last and final knock was heard coming from the door. It becoming louder by the minute. But for the first time, Boe moved his whole body tours the door. No sound yet small foot steps and paws tapping here and there. Until he sat upright just as priceless had been moments ago.

    * BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! *


    The Cat yelled on the top of his lungs, the pounding soon stopping afterwards. And right at the door when the little one opened it. Was his brothers dressed up in small little princess outfits and signs saying trick or treat. But the one thing that struck the two as odd, was how there brother started talking.

    “ But How?! “ The two older cats asked, looking upon one another with confusion, It had bee already weird that the little girls had been the ones attacking them all night. Dressing them up with make-up and princess costumes. The one thing they could at least get out of all of this, was the answer to how there brother started talking. Boe looked at the two, and gave them both stares, until he pulled out small yet seeable green ear plugs. He laughed and yelled.

    “ Trick or Treat! “ He knew all along about what was going to happen to the two. And for that he became prepared since the banging on the door would be loud and awful to his ears. The two looked at each other and gave doubtless sighs. Knowing for sure this would be a Halloween they would never forget.

    The end..~ ^___^