• 2 Years later........ Amai was paesting back and forth. Kirei had given berth to 2 puppys all ready and only had 1 left to give birth to. After 2 hours of waiting a 3 whimpering pups had been born. Amai went into the den where Kirei was growming the last pup and nersing the 2 other pups. Amai took the pup Kirei was growming and started to clean her."Kirei, the pup is clean enough you should sleep now.",he silently told her and placed the new born puppy next to her tummy so she could ners. Kirei nooded her head and went to sleep. Amai didn't sleep that night. He was to busy trying to keep the pups quite so Kirei could sleep. That morning Kuro and kawii returned from there hunt. They had a large buck with them. Kawii was about to dig in, but before he could Amai growled at him and dug into the carcess. He took the heart and liver then brought it to Kirei.
    She ate fast so she could give more milk to her pups. Kawii was waiting to eat something and so was Kuro. Even though they where hungery they had to wait. Amai was going to eat after he feed Kirei, Kawii and Kuro had to wait for the scraps. After Kirei and Amai had there fill of food, Kawii and Kuro ate. They where half full but understood that that would be there life from now on.