• "mmm..." I moaned as I took a huge bite of my icecream sunday"this is the best!" I said "you got that right" my friend Rosalie said. Rose is tall about five inches taller than me, and she has beautiful long brown curly hair, she is the capitan of the cheerleading squad she is the prettiest girl in the school. I am almost completly different from Rose, I have boy short messy pink hair I'm the best pianist(someone who plays piano)in the school and I have the biggest crush on the hottest guy in the school -sigh- anyway Rose and I are at the ice cream shop right now when suddenly my crush walks in and sits right next to me! "hey, Bell, Rose"he said. I blushed a deep crimson "h-hey, Brandon" I stammerd "hey, bro" Rose mumbled. Did I mention Brandon is Rose's brother?
    I geuss not...."hey...Bell, do you um, want to, um wanna go out with me on saturday?" he said " eek your kidding me!" I practically screamed "oh, well if you don't want to..." "NO! I mean yes! I do want to go out with you!"i blurted
    "oh! seriously?! thats awsome! see ya' later then...love you" he said, quickly blushing. I giggled and kissed him on the cheek "love you too" and went back to eating my ice cream.

    "So." Rose said on Friday while we we're walking home "your going out with my brother tomorrow" she said. It got alittle akward "y-yeah" I stammerd. It went silent for a moment. "so....are you gonna kiss him or what?!" Count on Rose to bring up a subject like this in the middle of silence. "maybe" I said. Truth is I wasn't even planning on kissing him, but now that the subject is in my head i might as well think about it...it would be so nice to sit where ever we were going and to kiss him, right then and there. I sighed happily, lost in my thoughts. "well I know your thinking about it, and if you do you HAVE TO TELL ME! i have a right to know if mt bro is an bum when he kisses a girl!" she said interrupting my thoughts. "I'll tell you for sure that hes NOT gonna kiss me." i said discourageingly. "well, I don't know about that" she said "hes been taling about kissing you all week! i'm going mad! all he talks about is you,you,you! and he doesn't even care if I'm listening or not." I was surprised. I was all he was talking about? I was all he was THINKING about? the thought made me want to jump for joy and yell 'I'M GONNA GET A KISS!' but I didn't, well at least on the outside i didn't. I smirked at the thought of him waiting so anxousily for saturday to come, to kiss me and possibly more, but i highly doubted that. For the rest of the day Rose kept repeating what Brandon had said about me.

    I hit the snooze on my alarm and quickly got out of bed and staggerd to my closet thinking 'must find something cute not dorky' after picking out the perfect outfit i ran downstairs and ate breakfast so quickly that my mom didn't even have enough time to say good morning.I ran back upstairs and brushed my teeth about half a million times before heading out the door to Brandon's house. When i knocked on the door, about two secinds after(or even less) the door was pulled open to a very happy looking Brandon. He quickly grabbed my hand and ran me up to his room. "um, hi?" I said alittle shocked on how fast everything happend. "I'm not really changed yet" he said, looking down I saw that he had his boxers and a pajama top on, and i blushed a deep crimson. "and i still have to shower" I blushed even deeper. He kissed me on the lips and got some clothes and ran into the bathroom. I waited in his room on his bed for about 5 minutes,until he came in his room with only a towel on and my blush soon came back. Had he completly forgotten that I was in his room? "..Bell... do you..want to" he looked at his towel and at my pants and back at me "you know...?" so he haden't forgotten I was in his room. "um...Brandon it's alittle soon don't you think? i mean we're only 18."i said surprised "oh, ok first date and everything ok. another time then?" he asked me "sure...i geuss" and he ran back to finish his shower

    A few minutes later he came back fullydressed and he looked alittle sad mixed with excitement. "So where do you want to go I know this perrrfect place in town called well i don't know what its called but its great..." he was speed talking, er...yelling "Brandon..."I said "...And then we could go to the park maybe have a picnic or something and then..." he completely ignored me "Brandon.." I said, alittle more volume in my voice "...and then we can go to the beach and, HECK! you could sleep over and..."he kept going "BRANDON!!!" I screamed "...yeah?"he said "I just wanted to...take you up on your offer...you know earlier" I said "...seriously?"he sounded shocked
    "um...yeah,but we can do every thing else before, if you want"i said, not sure if he was positive about it"...Yipee!!!!" he yelled gleefully.

    When I woke up all I could remeber was have and awsome night with Brandon but thinking it was all a dream, well until i got up and looked in the mirror that is.
    "wow" i said dumfounded "good morning cold shower" I said un-enthusiasticly
    "and good morning to you too"Bradon said while rolling his eyes "oh, good morning" i said "well don't you look so full of pillow feathers today" he said teasingly "oh yeah and *your* not" i said rolling my eyes. Apperently he managed to rip open two pillow and some fluffy blankets, Don't ask me how.
    -knock knock- I heard someone knocking on the door. "Bell? are you ok? I heard some pretty loud screaming last night" she said alittle scared" yeah i'm fine Rose" i said ttrying to calm her down. she opened the door and walked right in, then looked at her un-dressed brother and ran away screaming 'MY POOR VIRGIN EYES!' I rolled my eyes, not seeing any problem, well not anymore.

    a few months later I found out that I was bearing his child and I went to tell him. He was so happy that he almost hugged me to death, good thing he didn't. Later on the baby was born. It was a beautiful baby boy who had Brandons messy black hair and none of my pink hair,And he was shy like me, well like I used to be. We named him James but his friends call him Jamie.

    well that was my stpry, even though i know no ones gonna read this cuz' it's far away in the arenas I would still like to say thanks for the ppl who commented and gave me tips without you I would never have gotten this done
    THE E=MC2