• I heard the sirens from the distance, I was scared, motionless and devastated. My uncle is dead I never thought he would die. Even on my birthday, the ambulance braked in front of the wreck. The medic jumped out the car and stared "Oh my god." He walked towards me. "Are you okay son?" I started to cry "He's He's dead, HE'S DEAD!! WHY" The medic started to tear up. "Come on son we have to go." The fire department came and the police came. Everyone one of them gazed at me grasping my dead uncle. Then the medics came and picked me up. "No, NO LET ME STAY WITH MY UNCLE PLEASE!!!!" I stopped trying to run to him when the glass was stabbing into me even more. The put me in the Ambulance Car and drove off. The medic who was sitting beside me started to mumble words I'd hear in a church. "O' Lord, please bring this boy a great future, so he doesn't need to suffer like this. Amen" I gazed at him. "What did the lord do during my accident? What did he do when my uncle died? How can he help in anyway?" I started to turn my head towards back window and gaze outside. "You know son when people gaze outside like that in gods words it means they are looking at there past, like dead brothers/uncles and other things like that." I started to tear up "Before the accident when we were driving to my birthday party, we were talking about my brother. He's dead. I got into argument with him and after I saw a man playing with his little brother and I thought 'Where could you be?' When I saw he was right there."

    After the ride to the hospital, I saw my parents and relatives sitting in the emergency room. "Oh my poor baby, are you alright? Where's Uncle Neil?" I looked the other way and was pushed into one of the rooms. My mom started to cry I could hear her from a distance. Her baby brother has just died.

    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!