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    Behind the Smile
    Chapter 4: Sasuke, Confrontations..
    Far off in the distance beyond all noise, the sun is high, its rays lighting up the sky, whose span was not covered by various patches of clouds; all had retreated with the rising of the giant star. The colors clashing in the sky persuaded the eyes that it was another beautiful day.
    But when the eye looks down below the blue sky, there is a blanket of smoke, hovering damaged village. Blood, weapons, mass destruction, all adorned his blown up walls, her small corridors and large streets, of which were filled with clashing ninjas. From them, screams, ragged breathing, the clashing of weapons, all were deafening to the ear. A well prepared army of Sound clashed again a hastily, unorganized retaliation of Konoha shin obi. All in a battle to the death, where no mercy is at hand. Where the only immediate rest and peace they would find was in death. That was the life of a these Shin obi fighting not on this beautiful day, but on this gruesome, horrible day.
    Naruto's fist met his enemy's abdomen in one swift movement, leaving the Sound shin obi to slam into a tree a distance away, uprooting it on contact. The blonde-haired shin obi then took out a large shuriken, simultaneously one of his clones transformed into another shuriken, falling into his open hand. Naruto crossed his arms briefly, gathering momentum to his attack. He then swiftly jumped up into the air, spinning around before snapping his arms in an outward motion as he let go of the large shuriken. The Shadow windmills crossed each other in an enormously large figure eight pattern, taking out everything in their path. They grouped back together and took out a big group of Sound nin, cutting through them cleanly.
    Naruto's sandals hardly created sound as they made contact with the ground. He was at ease, despite the countless number of Sounds that he had been fighting for quite some time. Now, the area around him was clear, mind the small massacre of bodies behind him. He had long since been inside the village clearing out its depths. He stood there for a moment, letting his calm, yet stern eyes scan the area around him. After a small moment eyes twirled as a sensation traveled through his body. He was sensing a huge amount of chakra. Traveling in his relative direction. He slightly turned around, letting his eyes scan the area. It was then that he perceived a small dot in the distance coming in his direction. As the big mass of chakra came closer, the familiarity of the chakra grew was one that he hadn't felt in years.
    He immediately stopped, his hairs standing on end.
    He watched the figure intensely, noticing that it seemed to be in a hurry, coming closer at a very rapid pace. It wasn't long before the figure was upon him, it was then that it seemed to go in slow motion as two pairs of eyes shared glances. As Naruto stood still, the figure right at his side was slightly leaning forwards in his sprint, one foot planted on the ground. This transaction only lasted a second as they to locked gazes. For that brief moment, Naruto's cerulean eyes locked onto the figure, a quick flash of Deep Red Sharingan clouding his view.
    As the figure continued to speed away, Naruto continued to stand still, his cerulean eyes surprisingly calm, yet stern, contemplative. It took a moment before he casually, yet foreboding turned his body in the direction to which the figure that passed him had retreated.
    He watched as the figure disappeared in the distance. When he was out of view, Naruto's stern eyes traveled to the ground as he seemed to contemplate something. He transitioned his gaze to look off in another direction as he could see more fighting. After another brief moment, he looked off in the the direction in which the figure had retreated to, a determined spark in the depths of his eyes.
    He took off running in the direction to which the figure had retreated.
    Hinata's pearl eyes followed the retreating back of Naruto.
    She was a bit perplexed at how he had took off so suddenly, before so he was looking behind him as if someone had passed him, but she didn't see a thing. Only the wide changed, like a breeze. But with her training, even though she couldn't see it, Hinata knew that it was something more than that.
    And because she knew Naruto was following someone, she decided to follow him. A little something more than a feeling of foreboding consumed her.
    His deep obsidian eyes held a spark of calmness, coldness. His body movements were calm, yet graceful, fast. He seemed to be looking for someone. Though at the speed he was traveling it seemed impossible to perceive any figure, caught in the blur of his movements.
    The space, a room seemingly, reflected nothing but darkness, the only source of light a small, old lamp swaying gently from the ceiling at the center of the room. Its slight swaying brought on infrequent noises of creaking. In the corner of the dark room, the portrayal of a figure could be seen, his golden eyes shining brightly. A few feet in front of him, two figures easily discernable by the light reflecting off of them, stood, seemingly waiting. One's head was adorned with shiny silver hair, and after moments of continuous standing, he brought up a hand to push the glasses abridge his nose up further. The tall figure standing next to him was undisceranable, his height brining his face into the darkness, though his eyes shined gold like the ones which he was looking at.
    “I don't believe Sasuke will want to join you two, but a there are ways to persuade- .”
    “Persuade me to what?” Another figure flickered into view as he seemingly appeared out of nowhere into the dark, spacious room. His arms were crossed as he leaned against the wall behind, one leg crossed over the other; he appeared calm casualistic. His deep obsidian eyes were trained one the figure to which he demanded an answer.
    “Oh Sasuke, what a surprise.”
    “What do you want?”He asked impassively while cutting off the one speaking. The figure chuckled, obviously amused at the way he was acting.
    “You three, will be going on a mission for me. And with you will come our entire army of Sound...Konoha will be no more."
    No change occurred in any of his features, no sound came from his closed lips. He only continued to gaze directly into the snake-sannin's gaze, his deep obsidian orbs unwavering, unblinking.
    “Is that a problem Sasuke-kun?”
    “This mission of yours is not going to happen.” He responded calmly, impassively.
    “Oh?” Orochimaru inquired his tone mocking, and humorous. Even as he laughed, Sasuke neither did nor said nothing. “Sasuke-kun..” Orochimaru chuckled. “ If you don’t go, how are you going to get stronger? I believe that can only happen if I am there to give it to you yes? Power? Training? But I must be willing, and I certainly will not if you do not do what I ask.” He grinned sadistically thinking he had caught the Uchiha's attention, as well as his submission. Though it would have been impossible to see through Sasuke's emotionless facade.
    It was then that Sasuke spoke.
    “Maybe what I said was too hard for you to comprehend," He started, voice stoic, yet stern, foreboding. "I'm not going on this little mission...and neither are any of you. " He let his piercing eyes transition to Kabuto and Souto for a long moment. There seemed to be a hidden threat.
    “Oh Sasuke-kun, why would you not wish to travel to Konoha? Don't tell me you still have ties to that place you once called home... Or is it the certain people in Konoha? A former best friend? Or a an annoying kunoichi?…do tell me.” His twisted laugh slightly echoed amidst the rooms concrete walls.
    It was silent for a moment, Sasuke said nothing. His onyx eyes were hidden by his bangs, his head slightly tilted down for that sole purpose. Though he made no other movement.
    “If I find that you go,” He serious gaze transitioned to the two figures not too far away. “ Not one member of your army will come out alive."
    He began to walk out. Though he paused after a few steps, letting his head turn as he glanced over his shoulder.
    "And I could care less about that place or its people." With that, he continued walking, his hands coveted in his pockets as he casually walked.
    “Oh well that will turn out to be quite a problem Sasuke-kun…” Orochimaru seemingly kept on walking, not showing any sign that the heard, or cared for that matter.“Seeing as they are most-likely already there..”
    It was then that Sasuke stopped.
    Looking back out of the corner of his eyes, the two figures once standing before Orochimaru as disappeared in a puff of smoke similar to that of the creation and decease of a clone. Orochimaru started laughing maniacally as The Uchiha prodigy wasted no time and disappeared from view, his destination assumable.
    End Flashback
    Everything that was happening right now was due to him. He hasn't been careful enough, he hadn't watched Orochimaru closer, noticed his intentions. He didn't exactly cared about what happened here, but when his eyes caught sight of the destruction, he found an anger growing inside him; it seemed to come from more than just the consequence of a ruined plan that he had been strategizing for quite some time.
    After all these years he still hadn't found Itachi. But he knew he was getting closer each time. He knew Itachi was part of a group called the Akatsuki, he had done his research. He also remembered years ago when he and that other named Kisame had come for Naruto, for the Kyuubi. They had failed. But he had no doubt they would come again. And he was waiting for it. But now, that plan seemed useless. They would not risk exposure, and they would not come to a ravaged village, where security and many people would be alert, and in numerous places. Though they were coldblooded killers, they were not looking for war. The Akatsuki was not looking for war.
    His thoughts halted, as did his body. Although abrupt, his stance, his face, all held the unemotional stoniness as he stood there, his eyes trained ahead of him. The figure coming up behind him also slowed down to a halt, stopping a few feet away from him. Sasuke's obsidian eyes neither wavered, nor turned to look at his pursuer.
    "Naruto, huh."
    Naruto stood there for a moment, letting his stern, grave cerulean eyes examine the full grown, eighteen-year-old Uchiha Sasuke.
    “Sasuke…” His voice mimicked that of Sasuke, neither discernable tone nor emotion adorning his face. Only seriousness graced his movements, his eyes; and they slightly twitched as Sasuke moved, turning his body to face him. He unconsciously picked out the Uchiha's recognizable features, along with newly acquired ones.
    Sasuke's boyish demeanor from years ago had changed almost completely. His jawbone more defined his facial features even more handsome if possible. The familiar quality of his hair was unchanging, the stubbornly spiked locks pointing in uncannily well places; his perfectly lengthen bangs framing his face. Where the Uchiha once hovered a few inches above him, he did not, their height easily comparable to the same.
    "Been a long time...dobe.”
    “Teme... What the hell are you doing here?” His voice was calm, quite unlike the younger Naruto who would have already resorted to shouting and accusations.
    "Though I'd come here for a small visit. I see you all haven't been taking good care of the place." He was referring to the destruction that rocked Konoha, changing its landscape and perfection completely. Naruto didn't head his sarcastic remark as another inquiry sounded his lips.
    “Are you here with the Sound.. attacking your home?" The slight shakiness of his voice perspired through his hold, showing the slowly rising contempt, uneasily withheld from his voice.
    “Aa…I would bring myself down to that pity level, wouldn't I.”
    Naruto slightly paused, his cerulean eyes slightly twitching again as he observed Sasuke. He had become a lot more sarcastic, he didn't know what he was being honest about, if he was being honest at all. He gained no relief at any of his words. He remained silent seemingly guessing that Sasuke might say more if he kept his silence.
    "No. I have no ties Sound and their pathetic beliefs." Sasuke did continue, this time, sarcasm did not seem included in his arsenal of speech.
    “Then why are you-.” Naruto stopped as he caught sight of Sasuke's calm eyes traveling to look at someone coming towards them. His head turned to look in the direction behind him, slightly widening as he did so. He took one more weary glance at Sasuke before disappearing, reappearing in front of Hinata.
    She halted upon his appearance.
    "Naruto-kun!" As she said his name, her worried pearl eyes looked over in slight surprise to Sasuke. She could tell if was him from afar, but closer it almost seemed unreal.
    “Stay back Hinata-chan..” Naruto spoke in a very dangerous voice. His eyes had remained trained on Sasuke, even as he warned her. He seemed ready to drop into fighting stance at any moment, the conflict between the two former friends seemed to steadily rise, even as they calmly spoke to one another. The other already seemed to know such a thing would end in battle.
    “Hn...So you've finally got yourself a girlfriend, have you?”His humor was dry as his eyes scanned Hinata before lazily refocusing on Naruto. Unerringly, subtly, Naruto moved his body slightly in front of Hinata, a form of protection. Though the slight redness of his cheeks was noticeable.
    “You say that like you have one. Why not? The Sound not have enough women to swoon over you?" Naruto countered, his voice all the more serious.
    “Like I would care about that..” Sasuke quipped back with ease. There mere subject seemed to annoy him.
    As soon as Sasuke said this, a small group of figures appeared behind them. They were adorned in standard shin obi uniform, yet the headband bracing their head held the insignia of the sound. Subtly Sasuke's eyes snapped to them, his eyes staying trained on them as he continued to stare at them coldly.
    Slight anger flashed through Naruto's eyes as he saw this.
    As soon as he said this, all the Sound shin obi had dropped to the ground. For normal eyes, the events that had just transpired would not have been determined; though, Naruto slightly turned his head to the side as his speculative eyes slightly twitched, studying Sasuke. His trained eyes had Cleary seen Sasuke kill the Sound which had been behind him with excellent speed, with no amount of mercy or moment of hesitance. No Sound was made from the amazingly speedy event. Sasuke's voice was the one to break the silence.
    “I only came to Orochimaru for power and nothing else. Though he provided little, resulting in my discontinued involvement with him long ago.” His voice was uncaring.
    “Then why are you here?”Naruto again asked had a bad feeling about Sasuke’s intentions of coming here to Konoha. What could he possibly want now? From what he recalled, Sasuke didn’t want to be part of Konoha anymore.
    “My childish games with you Leafs are over."
    Naruto growled. The last match he had with Sasuke still was a painful memory for him, one he had buried behind him, but as he stood before Sasuke, the memory re-opened just as raw as the exact day it had occurred. Along with that memory came an image of Sakura, her hands clasped together as her emerald eyes held his.
    “Naruto I beg you.”
    “Please, please bring Sasuke-kun back.”
    This time, Sasuke did not answer his former friend. With one last cold look, he turned, walking away casually with his hands in his pockets, seemingly uncaring, and not worried of Naruto's possible attack. For him, they had already determined who was stronger, via that battle the two had took part in all those years ago. The outcome, no matter what the time difference, would still be the same.
    "I'm not going to waste my time fighting you , Naruto" He kept on walking.
    Naruto's cerulean eyes watched the retreating figure, a deep noise of agitation rumbling in his throat. Never taking his eyes off Sasuke, he brought his hand up to light touch Hinata, gently giving her a push away from him.
    "Get away from here Hinata." She looked at him for a moment, her shimmering eyes filling with worry, a brief moment of contemplation. She obeyed, looking at him one last time before sprinting away, she seemed to be in a hurry, and not for her safety or will to leave the area; an idea seemed to grace her mind.
    After contemplation, Naruto slowly reached into his weapons pouch, pulling out a headband. His eyes never once left Sasuke's retreating back. As he pulled the headband out, it shined, reflecting the glare from the sun high above, the insignia of the leaf becoming prominent, along with the long, irreparable scratch encarved in it.
    "Sasuke." He called, not waiting for the Uchiha to stop as he simply tossed the headband in his direction.
    It was then that Sasuke stopped, his back still facing him as his hand swiftly came up, catching the headband. He then brought the headband down, seemingly to look at it..
    “I promised someone that I would bring you back, and only in a fight between two Konoha ninjas.”
    "Still holding on two your twice-failed promises. Twice includes the battle that you will lose now if you still choose to battle." Sasuke's back still faced him. Naruto said nothing, his burning cerulean eyes still focused on the Uchiha. After the slight moment of silence his voice broke the air.
    “You can't defeat me. Don't kid yourself.” Though, after a moment, Sasuke still tied the headband on. He closed his eyes, tilting his head up towards the sky.
    Realizing Sasuke's acception of battle, Naruto repositioned his headband. Unlike in the past, he did not lower down into a fighting stance, he need not to.
    "Sasuke, there is still a place for you in Konoha, and I’ll make sure you realize that..."
    It was silent for a moment as the Uchiha heir took a moment to think. This fight would inevitably be like the one they had at “The Valley of the Dead", same outcome, even injuries. But there was one thing that Sasuke knew would be of them was going to die. Naruto was going to die. This time he would not walk away.
    "heh..dobe." His cold voice broke the silence.
    Sasuke turned his head around, staring at Naruto from the corner of his eyes. Naruto was met with cold red eyes; the Sharingan glaring was then that Sasuke disappeared.
    Her small gasps for air were hardly discernable as she continued to run, as she had been for quite some time now. She had to find help, any help, and fast. The two were probably already battling by now, and if she no one got to them in time..
    Naruto-kun..don’t die!
    Sakura's pink-colored hair flared about as she fell down with an enemy, her kunai digging into him. As she flipped up, she ducked under Kakashi's fist as he was in the motion of delivering a punch, delivering her own punch to the one right beside her former Sensei. She was fighting alongside him, only them dealing with the countless amounts of enemies swarming their area. Kakashi held no book in his hand.
    Both their eyes, while still fighting, transitioned to look at the non-hostile figure approaching them at a fast speed.
    “Hinata-chan.” Sakura's bewildered voice greeted her comrade as she halted, breathing heavily. Hinata seemed surprised to see her as well, as if she were to continue running had not Sakura called her. Kakashi noticed the panicked look on the young woman's face.
    "What's wrong, Hinata?" He inquired before sending a kunai into another oncoming shin obi.
    Hinata seemed hesitant in telling them, or it seemed it was more so telling Sakura. She didn't know how Sakura would react to news about Sasuke.
    "What, Hinata-chan?"
    Realizing she had no time, and that Sakura deserved to know, Hinata took one last recuperating breath.
    "S-Sasuke's here! Him and Naruto are f-fighting! I'm trying to find the Hokage-sama!"
    Sakura's eyes did not widen, yet something flickered in their depths, along with the realization. Kakashi's eyes did not change, only slightly narrowed before his gaze transitioned to Sakura. She didn't say anything, so he took the liberty.
    “Further west, in a clearing that overlooks Konoha!.” Sakura's eyes seemed to cloud over again as she took in the information, and Kakashi nodded his head in acceptance.
    "Hinata-san," He started, voice cheerful. "Go to Tsunade and get help-"
    Both his and Hinata's attention was diverted as their gazes snapped to Sakura, who had just bolted from her position. It was clear where she was headed. Hinata took one last worried glance after Sakura before taking her hurried leave as well.
    It was the battle cry coming towards him that diverted Kakashi's attention away from Sakura, who had long since been out of eyes view. He effortlessly dug his fist into the enemy.
    I'll be there soon, Sakura.
    It was silent as Naruto waited for Sasuke to attack. His chin was slightly tilted down towards his chest as his stern eyes stared in front of him, seriousness directing his moves. A small breeze that suddenly whistled towards the clearing tickled the leaves on the trees not too far away. But Naruto knew better. He calmly reached into his weapon's pouch, slightly twitching his eyes as he turned to meet a kunai with his own.
    “You can’t beat me Naruto.” Sasuke’s eyes narrowed as he swiftly moved his head to dodge a punch, in turn, he aimed a kick of his own, only to have it caught in place by Naruto. Not waiting another moment, Sasuke brought up his other leg, delivering a kick to Naruto's head. Naruto fell back a few feet, barely touching the ground before using his had to execute a back flip, landing on all fours.
    "Just as I thought.” Sasuke announced, seemingly disappointed.
    Without uttering a word, cerulean eyes trained on Sasuke, he got up.
    “It’s been too long Sasuke...don’t expect to be fighting the same Naruto you fought all those years ago!” He charged at Sasuke, kunai in hand. Sasuke did the same as their weapons clashed again. Sasuke immediately punched Naruto, he flew back a tree being the only thing to break his fall.
    “Doesn’t that also mean that you haven’t fought the same Sasuke you fought all those years ago?” He did a few hand seals “Katon: Housenka no Jutsu” His chest and mouth inflated, shooting out huge fireballs that were homing in on did a few one handed cartwheels to escape them, but the fireballs were too fast so he came out with a few burns here and there.
    “Don't waste your time...or mine."
    Naruto slowly stood up from his crouched position, cerulean eyes burning, yet determined. "..I made a promise to Sakura-chan.."
    For some reason, hearing his former female teammate’s name made Sasuke pause for a second, leaving him open for an unexpected punch by Naruto. He flew back a few feet before executing a back flip to land on all fours.
    "I promised her that I would bring you back. I have yet to break it, and I won't." Even as he said this, his cerulean eyes slightly squinted, almost speculatively as he realized Sasuke's former pause.
    “Sad how you still think that it possible. It may have been once, but even at that time, you and Sakura failed to do so. What makes you think you can now?” His inquiry was cold, emotionless.
    Her emerald eyes flickered with worry, anxiety as she continued to run towards the distance sound of battling. She didn't know why she had set off without thinking. She tried to reason with herself, convince herself that it was because she was worried for Naruto. It was true, she was deeply worried for him, and she didn't want him to get hurt. But the news at Sasuke being there as well, it pulled her, lead her to run without weighing her options, without waiting for help. Naruto couldn't wait for help...She couldn't wait for help.
    Her breathing was calm, her foots' meeting with the ground soft and controlled. She was trying her hardest to keep a reign on herself, despite the overwhelming sensations traveling throughout her body. All gut wrenching.
    As the trees on either side whizzed past her, the large clearing soon started inching over the long horizon of the path she was on, the loud noised of the fighting that ensued growing louder with each moment. A feeling of dread was coursing through her body, an uncanny foreboding feeling, foreshadowing to the upcoming events.
    Sasuke looked around lazily at the huge mass of Naruto clones that surrounded him. He looked annoyed, unimpressed.
    "I would have thought you learned new tricks, dobe."
    Naruto had no intention of replying. The Naruto clones all yet out the harmonious battle cries as they ran towards Sasuke. One hit Sasuke, and without waiting the clone army started to pummel Sasuke, knocking him to the ground. Naruto said nothing as he watched, he didn't look at all relieved to see Sasuke getting pummeled. Something wasn't right. He still said nothing as Sasuke stood up, he seemingly expected the Uchiha too.
    Sasuke slowly smirked, wiping the stream of blood flowing from his chin
    “I can see why that pathetic technique is yours. .” Sasuke seemed unhurt, unfazed by the attack from the small armada of Naruto’s. Naruto seemed well aware of this, even before he had summoned the clones. It was almost as if he summoned the clones to by himself some more time. More time to think, contemplate something. His mind flashed back to that brief moment in which Sasuke had paused, the moment he had mentioned a certain kunoichi's name.
    “She left for a long time trying to find you, you know."
    The Uchiha's eyes slightly squinted in speculation, and he said nothing, only bolted towards Naruto to initiate battle. Though, even amides their hand-to-hand combat, Naruto still continued to speak.
    "I never really understood why. Why she would throw away everything for a b*****d who never appreciated her. Only proved to hurt and put her down every chance he got-"
    “Are you done yet.?” Sasuke had interrupted him, he seemed greatly annoyed, though his feigned impatience was uncanny. He dogged another punch, this time swinging a fist at Naruto. “It was her fault for being too naive and stupid to realize that she was only wasting her time." Sasuke used immense speed to deliver the next punch to Naruto, the force of the blow sent the blonde-haired ninja a ways back. He landed on all fours, using friction for the ground to slow him to a stop. His cerulean eyes were almost confused, curious.
    "Was she wasting yours?"
    "I could care less about Sakura, or what she's done, or who she's been with."
    Naruto watched solemnly, silently, as Sasuke's fist splayed out towards the ground. Only when that Sasuke disappeared, and the sound of birds chirping invaded his ears did his cerulean eyes look to his side. Sasuke, with chidori revolving around his hand, was advancing on him with immense speed. Though, he wasn't surprised, and he didn't seem troubled. There was something else that perplexed him, filled him with wonder, realization.
    "You didn't answer my question.." He mumbled to himself.
    His cerulean eyes reflected the staticky chakra coming towards was so close he could almost feel the enormous energy tingling his skin, all her could hear was the Chidori, and the last thought that crossed his mind.
    I also didn't ask if you cared about her...
    As the blinding light seemed to consume him, Naruto didn't seem scared, or surprised, his eyes just had a grave look to them. He had just realized something, one thing that had made him wrong about everything. Something about Sasuke he thought never possible, something the Uchiha himself may not have even realized.
    And I never said it was Sakura..
    It was then that the large explosion shook the earth, the blinding light flashing throughout the clearing.
    The clearing of the light left visual to Sasuke, fist still dug into the ground. He was still, his gaze focused on the area to the side of him.
    Naruto's surprised gaze, from his position on the ground, was focused on the pink mass of hair resting on his chest. His savior had her arms wrapped around his waist, the side of her face pressed against his stomach. She was holding on for dearlife.
    "S-Sakura-chan." She lifted her head to meet his faze, the facial expression very unreadable.
    It was then that the resounding slap could be heard.
    "You could have dodged that attack, baka! Why didn't you move, you could have.." The tears briefly twinkled at the corner of her eyes. "BAKA!"
    “Why did you come here, it’s too dangerous!” He immediately shot back. The worry clearly evident.
    "Saving your butt is what it looks like!"
    "I could have easily dodged that if I wanted to Sakura-chan."
    "Then why didn't you?! Are you going suicidal now?"
    Emotionless eyes still focused on the bickering duo, Sasuke pulled his fist from out of the ground. When he proceeded to stand fully, his eyes transitioned from them to his wrist as he used his other hand to grasp it before moving it around its socket. He then glanced back to them, his deep obsidian eyes feigning impatience as he met gazes with Naruto.
    Naruto didn't say anything as he lifted both himself, and Sakura to their feet. His stern eyes were focused on Sasuke. There was something about the way he had saw the Uchiha look at Sakura, something had flashed in his eyes for the briefest moment, he couldn't place it. It only proved to add more suspicion to an idea.
    Her emerald eyes were now focused on Sasuke. She copied his demeanor, though her eyes betrayed it all as they continued to slightly waver. They only proved to do so more as his cold gaze met hers.
    "Sakura, huh.." His tone was all the more impassive, though he feigned slight amusement.
    Finding reign on herself, Sakura let out a deep breath before steadying her eyes, making them unreadable, her demeanor, her countenance stoic, yet said nothing to him.
    "You know, you really are annoying." The stiffening of her body was hardly noticeable. Those words, the same he had always last thing he said to her four years the first thing he says to her when he comes back. Her emerald eyes stayed trained on his, she seemed glued to her spot. It was silent for another moment, and Sasuke seemed to be getting impatient at the silence.
    It was then that he despaired. Not even a second passed before he was in front of Sakura.
    She could feel the heat radiating from him as he stood in front of her, his head was to the side of hers, his obsidian eyes looking straight ahead. His breath tickled her ear as he spoke.
    "Sakura, get out of the way." He calmly said.
    All she could hear was the beating of her heart, and her calm, yet almost ragged breath. Even with his body heat, the moist and coldness of a breeze that swept by caused to involuntarily shiver.
    "Why..are you here?"
    "Interfere again, and I will kill you." Just as Sasuke was about to deliver a warning punch to Sakura, Naruto came in, aiming an attack, causing Sasuke to evade. He jumped away, landing lightly in the soft grass before him. Sakura still did not move from her spot, her eyes transitioned to Sasuke's new position.
    “You didn’t even become strong enough to protect yourself, Sakura.”
    “Sakura-chan, get out of here."
    Instead of doing what her teammate told him to do, she remained glued to her spot. Her eyes were obscured from view as she lowered her head. She could have the growl of discontempt in his throat.
    "Let me fight, Naruto." She glanced back at him, putting a small smile on her face. "Let me fight this time."
    “Are you really that anxious to die?” Sasuke asked, indicating more to the pink haired Kunoichi. She lifted her head up so that her eyes would be visible once more only to stare calmly at both of her former teammates.
    “Naruto…” She started, her eyes still focused on Sasuke, who seemed to be waiting for her words as well. "You don't trust me do you?" aruto only quirked his brows in response, indicating that he didn’t understand what she meant. Of course he trusted her.
    “You think that I left to take a vacation, Naruto.”
    Dead silence.
    She had grown tired of having people protect her. For once in her life in Konoha, she wanted to risk her own life for the people who cared about her. A lot of things happened over the years, she was not the same. Maybe now was the time to show them. She wasn't proving herself to them, she was showing them some things that they did not know about her, that they did not expect. That's what made this moment even more important. Naruto had had his shot at the promise, it was her turn now.
    "..Maybe you have changed Sakura." Sasuke started, seemingly interested."We'll have to see then," He paused as he took out a kunai. "How strong you really are."Regaining his composure, he smirked at his target. Sakura's emerald eyes studied Sasuke, revealing nothing. After a moment she lowered down into a battle stance, signaling he could attack.
    I never would have imagined..
    Sasuke immediately disappeared.
    Instead of remaining in battle stance, Sakura stood tall, closing her eyes.
    things would happen like this...that I
    A slight current of wind swept into the clearing, swaying the leaves of the trees surrounding them on either side, even the blades of grass danced in rhythm to the wind. Even as her hair and clothes swayed along with the wind, she stood completely still. After a few moments, her eyebrows twitched, in queue with the change in the current of the wind.
    It was then that her eyes shot open.
    She swiftly moved backwards evading the attack that was purposely aimed for her. For a split second it was in slow motion a she saw Sasuke with his arm still outstretched, and his Sharingan eyes staring at her, before he disappeared again. This time, when he appeared, Sakura aimed a punch of her own. Sasuke dodged, leaving her fist to meet the ground beneath her, breaking up a huge area of earth beneath her fist. Sasuke landed a few feet away, looking at the torn up ground before her. His amused look transitioned to her calm gaze.
    I would be fighting the man I love.
    “Hn..seems like you actually trained a bit didn’t you Sakura?"
    That I’d be the one to protect
    Somehow, deep inside, against all her instincts and morals, she believed that she could bring Sasuke back…but then at the same time she believed that no one ever could. He was different now, colder than he had ever been. But she would not allow him to leave them ..leave her.
    You from yourself.
    Maybe because I always thought that happy endings..could happen
    Another silence ensued. She was about to add more until his cold voice broke the silence.
    She looked to see Sasuke coming towards her with immense speed. He came at her with a combo of punches and kickes, leaving her only to dodge. But she was too unprepared and he landed a powerful blow to the face, sending her a few feet away.
    That friends stayed friends forever
    Blood started trailing down her chin, dripping onto the grass before her. Though her eyes remained on Sasuke as she used the back of her hand to wipe it off before slowly standing up. A smirk adorning his face, Sasuke seemingly disappeared once again.
    Her emerald eyes glanced behind her, gazing into worried cerulean eyes. She was relieved that he was giving her a chance, a change to prove herself. To fight for something she wanted, if she really did still want it. She gave him a small smile before turning back to her front, letting out a deep breath before closing her eyes once again.
    For some reason, she had always known that something like this would happen, that after all these years, their reunion would be in battle. She had worked this hard, trained this hard, all for this moment. He had changed, he was completely different, even though he was the same.
    That maybe petals could melt the ice..But I never even began to imagine...
    She had to do this. There was no other way. Her feelings didn't matter. This wasn't about her, this wasn't about Sasuke. It was about this battle. The battle to decide it all.
    That when it came down to it..you would kill me without hesitation
    The slight breeze had suddenly picked up, rustling the trees all around, robbing it of its green leaves. And when the first leave passed her face, her eyes slowly opened.
    They were not her normal emerald color, but a glowing pink.

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