• No one ever said it was easy being beautiful, I was made that way! It's not my fault that that UGLY little what her name, Veronica, or Victoria or what ever. I mean I've seen her and if I had to choose between her and a Toad, I'd pick the toad! I always hear her muttering to herself that she has BIG plans for Halloween, YEAH RIGHT! She says to me that one day she's gona be prettier than I am and that She'll sell for 1 million bucks! ha ha ha. Vicky if there was ever a chance for you getting bought before me the chances are 1,000,000,000,000,000, to 0.004
    I mean come on! I'm pretty she's ugly it's the natural order of things. No offense Vicky! And F.Y.I, my plans for halloween are to be pretty, as usualy, and be a sweetie to some little girlie and you know BE A DOLL! so yeah that little vicky is so not going to be popular, if I have anything to say about it.

    Chapter 5

    I knew it was going to be an awesome day when halloween came, It's tomorrow! I can't wait!
    I'm gonna be the prettiest doll in the world and no one will stop me! I can be a princess, or a butterfly, or a fairy! I don't know but anyway it'll work out, someone will wan't me, someone wil buy me, and someone will love me. I don't know what happened, but suddenly I heard the scuffling of shoes coming tward the clearance rack were I lay slumped over. It was the shop keeper. and hated to see me. But this time he seemed the slightest bit happier. A man and a little girl came over and said they were on a budget, $60 or less. The were rich. The man came over with his daughter and the shopkeeper picked me up and held me in the most genuine way I've ever seen. He said,"This is the prettiest doll I have, she's covered in black and is up for a SUPREMELY small price, fifty cents!" Then he whispered to the little girl,"I'm putting up this extreme offer for you!" He lied. I knew. He wanted to get rid of me so badly he would even lie to a little girl! The little girl turned so sharply that you could hear the wind swoosh as you would if you've ever swung a Tennis racket. She ran up as fast as she could to the pretty dolls and emidiatly snached it and stated, "I wan't this one!!! buy it for me NOW!" I knew that she had already forgot about me because her dad grabbed her hand and came up to the counter and bought the PRETTY doll. I knew it was to happen. But still I was hurt. I knew that after Halloween, no little girl in the world will ever not want to but me!