• Jess breathed a sigh of relief when she realised that it was one of her own decorations, and that it had just fallen down a little.
    Shaking her head at her own stupidity, Jess walked back indoors to fix the decoration.

    She had just pinned him back up when she heard a strange thumping noise coming from upstairs...
    Jess walked over to her ladder, which led up to her bedroom in the attic.
    Peering up into the darkness, Jess couldn't see a thing.
    'Should I wait for Dad to get home before I check my room?' She thought to herself nervously.
    'But what if it's too late by then?'Jess bit her lip.She knew she was just being silly.
    'Nothing will be up there.'Jess told herself. 'It's an old house, they do make noises you know.'
    Just as Jess had put her foot on the bottom rung of the ladder, she heard a low moaning noise, and someone shuffling across the floor above her.
    'Okay, houses don't make that kind of noise.' Jess whimpered in her head, bolting back across the floor and into her sitting room, shutting every door she could on the way.
    She could hear it coming for her, stomping noisily down the ladder, murmuring to itself.
    It was coming to get her, and Jess was terrified.
    Pushing herself as far as she could into the wall, Jess waited, white faced and scared as hell.
    As the thing approached the sitting room door, Jess closed her eyes tight shut, and listening to the door creak open...
    Any second know it would reach Jess...
    It was coming for her...

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