• Amanda got up one morning, wondering if Matt would ever know or if she'd ever have the courage to tell him that she liked him.
    Every day, it took all her courage just to step into the school, to look his way, or to even say hi to him. She was just too shy.
    When she got up that morning she decided to wear a red t-shirt and a pair of straight legged jeans and some converses before going down for breakfast. Her mom was already there, eating and reading the newspaper. Amanda sat at the table after getting herself a bowl of cereal.
    When she got to school she went to her locker which was only two away from Matt's. She opened her locker and put her unneeded items inside before taking out her notebook and textbook for her Geometry class.
    Matt walked by her and to his locker. Amanda started to blush furiously when he smiled at her, her cheeks turning bright red. She waved hi to him before walking to her class. She was both relieved and unhappy; relieved because Matt was in her class and unhappy because another girl, Stacy, who liked Matt as well, was in the class as well and she was always embarrassing Amanda whenever Matt showed up.
    When Matt walked in, Stacy walked over to him and smirked slyly at Amanda who glared at her. Matt took his seat next to Amanda and smiled at her. "Hey." he said. "Hi..." Amanda said, shyly. Stacy passed by to go to her seat and put a note on Matt's desk before sitting behind him. Amanda took out her pencil and opened her notebook to write something down. "Hey, Amanda. I was wondering if you'd like to go to the dance with me this Friday." Matt said, looking at her. Amanda looked at him, a smile on her face. "I'd love to, Matt." she said. Matt smiled.
    When class started the teacher put the students into groups of 4. Matt was in a group with his friend, Stacy and Amanda. Matt got up to get worksheets for the group. "I hope you don't plan on going to the dance with Matt." Stacy said. "Well, he asked me so you should think of going with someone else." Amanda retorted. Stacy glared at her. When Matt came back he worked with Amanda.
    When school was out Amanda walked home by herself, avoiding Stacy. After what happened at lunch, Amanda was beyond pissed, not even thinking about the dance or Matt.
    When Friday came, Amanda had to remind herself that Matt was worth being happy over. Even if Stacy tried to ruin it. Matt walked up to Amanda when she got to her locker. "Hey." he said. "Hi, Matt. Whats up?" Amanda asked. "Um, about tonight....Should I meet you here or...?" he questioned. "Yeah. I'll be waiting." she replied. Matt smiled and handed her a note before walking off to class. Amanda was confused but put it in her notebook before closing her locker and walking to class. She sat in her seat and opened the note, reading it.
    I don't know how to say this but.. I really like you. That's why I asked you to the dance. I hope you don't think I'm annoying or anything for not just telling you how I felt but this was the only way to tell you without anybody getting on my case. I was also wondering if maybe you'd like to be my girlfriend.

    Amanda thought her heart skipped a beat when she was done reading the note. She smiled and took out a piece of notebook paper and wrote back to him.
    I really like you too and I'd loev to be your girlfriend. You're the best and I just hope that when Stacy finds out she doesn't decide to get on my case. I just hope this relationship goes well.

    She passed it to him and sighed, happily. This was going to be the best day of her life. Now, it didn't matter if Stacy tried to ruin them. She was sattisfied, knowing that Matt truly did like her.
    That was all that mattered; to both of them.